Fashion mules 2021

In 2021, mules will be an extremely fashionable type of women’s shoes. In this regard, designers vying with each other in their collections present a variety of models, the most interesting of which we will consider in our article.

What mules to buy in 2021

If you still haven’t bought stylish mules for yourself, we recommend that you do it immediately, paying special attention to the models below.

  • White. The most versatile are white mules, which will be in the top this summer. But the style depends directly on your lifestyle and the bows that you are going to make with these shoes. For example, for everyday life, options with a flat sole or a small, stable heel with a pointed or round closed toe are the best fit. For the office or special occasions, models with an open cape with high heels will be appropriate.

  • Black. Black mules can be another everyday option. Like white, they are perfect with jeans, dress pants and skirts. But black mules will look especially impressive with light chiffon dresses.

Important! Pay attention also to the colored mules. They are not as versatile as white and black. But at the same time, they look much brighter and more interesting in the images.

  • With a square cape. In the summer of 2021, square-toed mules will be fashionable again. Moreover, it can be not only the usual closed models, but also open leather or suede options.

  • With pointed toe. Fans of the classics can stop their choice on models with a pointed toe. They can be wedges, heels, stilettos, or even flats. As for materials, as before, leather and textile options with a minimalist design are still in trend.

  • Wicker. Mules with a braided top will help you create a stylish and at the same time comfortable summer bow. They are mainly presented in basic white, beige and black colors. But you can also find bright multi-colored models.

  • “Glass”. It has long been proven that the heel “glass” outwardly is not inferior to the hairpin. However, such shoes are much more comfortable to wear. Therefore, having decided to buy yourself mules with heels, take a closer look at this particular style.

  • With fur. In 2021, mules without heels, decorated with natural or artificial fur, will be fashionable. The pile itself can be short or long, have a natural color or bright acid. The fur decor can be located on the front of the product or on the back. Unlike other models, fur mules can be combined not only with summer clothes, but also with autumn ones. For example, with a double-breasted coat or a wool jacket.

  • On a heel. If we talk about high-heeled mules, the first place, of course, is occupied by stilettos. After all, it is with such shoes that the image turns out to be sophisticated and feminine. But for everyday life, models with a wide steady heel are more suitable. They also lengthen the silhouette, but at the same time are much more comfortable to wear. Fans of more non-standard solutions can stop their choice on mules with figured heels.

  • On a flat sole. Low speed mules are a great option for every day. In appearance, they are more like practical flip flops, in which you can go both for a walk and for work in the office.

  • Animal. Do not rush to throw away the mules left over from last year, decorated with leopard spots and tiger stripes. You will still need them, as animal prints are back in trend this summer.

  • Transparent. Mules with transparent silicone inserts located on the front of the product or acting as an additional ribbon will look no less interesting in your outfits.

Important! In the summer of 2021, mules with various decors will be fashionable. These can be options decorated with voluminous bows, straps and multi-colored embroidery.

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What to wear?

Mules go well with almost any clothing from the basic wardrobe. Our selection of stylish images will help you to make sure of this.

  • culottes. Mules are the kind of shoes that should be shown off, not hidden under the pants. Therefore, the length of the culottes should in no case be lower than the level of the ankles.
  • Jeans. This is just a win-win combination, as all styles of mules will go well with denim trousers. The jeans themselves can be anything. We recommend wearing flared jeans and boyfriends with mules.

  • Skirts. For a stylish formal or evening look, you can opt for a pleated skirt or a sunburst. Shoes must be high heels. For everyday bows, a straight skirt, pencil or denim mini will do. Under such a bottom, you can wear mules with wide heels, wedges or flats.
  • Trousers. Mules will be combined with both classic cropped styles with arrows, and more casual options in a casual style.

  • Dresses. You can safely wear light chiffon, satin, silk and linen sundresses, as well as shirt-cut dresses with shoes such as mules. But with strict office models, you should be extremely careful. It is better to combine classic heeled mules with them.

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We hope that the photos, with examples of mules fashionable in 2021, presented in the article, will help you decide on the desired model.

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