Fashion one-piece swimwear 2019

One-piece swimsuits have become a hit in the summer of 2019 – they perfectly emphasize the figure, and in addition to this, they always look bright and spectacular. The summer season is getting closer and it’s time to think about your beach bows by choosing a stylish and trendy swimsuit model. What options should you look at this fashion season?


A treasure trove of benefits

Why in 2019, it was one-piece swimsuits that were noted in the trends? They not only look very stylish, but also have a lot of other advantages:

  • They shape up – such models hide the stomach, beautifully emphasize the chest, and some styles can literally “draw” your waist. Even for a rectangle shape! Also, these swimsuits definitely lengthen the legs.

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  • They look just as sexy as bikinis.. One-piece does not mean closed, and every season designers delight us with dazzling novelties. Daring cuts, the most bare back, lacing, frank neckline – girls in such swimsuits will definitely not go unnoticed.

  • Closed models hide skin defects – various scars, burns, stretch marks.

  • Comfortable and practical to wear – no need to worry that something will get loose or fly off from a strong wave. Dive even like a swallow, you are not in danger of being naked.

Very beautiful swimsuit

But do not forget about one nuance – there is less space for tanning. But if you don’t care too much, feel free to purchase fused models, they are in trend! Or alternate such swimsuits with separate ones, then the tan will lie more evenly. Stylists are advised to have several models of different styles in their arsenal.

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Idea! One-piece swimsuits can be used not only for beach bows. They will look greatIt can also be worn with jeans or shorts with a high waist. Start in this matter from the style of the swimsuit.


Such a swimsuit can be worn not only on the beach

Fashion prints and other highlights

In 2019, fashion trends for one-piece swimsuits do not limit us to colors. It can be bright colors and pastel colors. With a tan color, the white color of a swimsuit always looks advantageous. Coral and all its shades are incredibly relevant. The trend is also burgundy, ultraviolet, olive color.

From gentle options, choose light pink, light yellow, peach, mint, lavender, blue. Also pay attention to metallic colors, for example, silver – it is very relevant this summer.

But the most trendy in 2019 are still extraordinary prints. It is in one-piece models (especially one-piece swimsuits) that they are expressed most clearly – the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe swimsuit allows you to show more imagination. Tropical patterns and geometry remained the most popular. Be careful only with horizontal stripes – in one-piece swimsuits, they greatly expand the figure.

A very interesting option.

A greeting from the 80s was polka dots – a very relevant pattern for this season, and not only in the classic black and white version. Such retro images look amazing and in a multi-colored design. And also, the animal print literally “burst” into the ranks of trends, attracting everyone’s attention. These can be leopard or tiger spots, unusual snake skin patterns.

Of the decor this season, large ruffles and flounces are incredibly popular. Usually, the top of the product is decorated with such elements – they can contrast with the main color or go in tone. Diagonal ruffles are also popular. One-piece swimsuits can also be decorated with lace, tassels, fringe or shiny sequins.

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trend models

Among the fashionable one-piece swimsuits in 2019, you will find a real abundance of models of different cuts, colors, and styles. In our selection with photos, we will present the most relevant options – in such swimsuits you can conquer all the beaches of the world!

  • One-piece swimsuit in linen style – a very popular trend that came from the world’s catwalks. This model resembles an incredibly spectacular lace underwear. Most often they are translucent and trimmed with flirty lace. By the way, contrasting lace will most emphasize the underwear style.

Some variations of these swimsuits resemble mini-pajamas – their top is sewn off with a bodice on the straps, from where the light fabric falls to the very panties. These styles are called tankini.

  • Mesh swimwear. Have you already heard about the sensational models of women’s dresses, skirts, fishnet tops? This ultra-fashionable trend has also reached swimwear – here it pleases us with its marine mesh motifs.

Fashionable translucency is created in a variety of ways. Typically, such models look like a bikini, connected from top to bottom with a mesh. But there are other options: it can be horizontal or vertical inserts on the stomach, on the sides and even on the chest (in decent measures). Very stylish models generally have long mesh sleeves.

By the way, any handmade work is in trend – knitted one-piece swimsuits were also included here. They look very romantic, and most importantly exclusive! To create such swimsuits, a special yarn is used, which steadfastly withstands all exposure to sunlight and salt water. In our photos you will find various yarn patterns, including crochet.

  • Swimsuit bandeau it is sewn off without straps and looks like a corset. Its cups perfectly support and emphasize the bust. The bodice can be decorated with a mesh, have the shape of a heart, or have a regular cut in the form of a strict strip. Also in stylish models, the cups can be connected to each other using metal rings or lacing. Another bonus of such models is that there will be no tan lines on your shoulders.

  • Monokini – one of the most popular variations for one-piece swimsuits. In such models, panties and bodice are connected by a strip. In our selection of one-piece swimsuits with photos, you will find various variations of such a connection: lace, metal ring, mesh. In the trend, by the way, all kinds of cutouts on the stomach. Including asymmetric ones.

  • One-piece swimsuits with a deep V– neckline – sometimes right up to the middle of the waist! The incisions can taper towards the bottom, or they can even diverge to the sides. Such models are complemented by high-waisted panties – cutouts end on them.

  • Swimwear with open hips – another variation of fashionable nudity within acceptable limits. In such one-piece swimsuits, you will find very high cutouts on the hips, which, by the way, greatly lengthens the legs. They are completely exposed, covering only the inguinal zone. Most often in such models panties-thongs are presented.

  • Denim swimwear – who would have thought that denim would go so far in its popularity! Of course, this is not a real jeans, but an imitation for this material loved by all. Otherwise, swimsuits would have to dry for a very long time! Such…

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