Fashion one-piece swimwear 2021

For those girls who are already starting to prepare for the next beach season, we want to present a selection of one-piece swimsuits that are fashionable in 2021. If you are a fan of just such a style, then you will definitely have plenty to choose from for your beach outfit.

One-piece swimwear: fashion trends 2021

One-piece swimsuits have long ceased to be simple and boring as they were originally invented. Today in designer collections you can find a huge number of original and different models, in one of which you can shine on the beach this summer.

For trendy one-piece swimsuits, we include:

  • with ruffles. Lovely, romantic ruffles and ruffles on swimsuits look no less appropriate than on dresses or blouses. The image in such a beach outfit turns out to be flirty and interesting, and you will definitely be in the spotlight.

  • With ties and bindings. This model is decorated with ropes that are intertwined and tied in the most interesting ways. These bindings can be located in front, on the sides or on the stomach. There is also a style where the front of the swimsuit seems to be completely closed, but the bindings in it occupy the entire back.

  • With rings. Rings made of metal or plastic are often used in swimwear as an interesting decorative element. They can connect the two parts of the swimsuit on the sides or at the level of the abdomen, and are also often located on the straps.

  • High hip. In such a swimsuit, your hips are completely open and, therefore, your legs seem even longer. This prem also allows you to focus on the waist and visually makes it narrower.

  • On one shoulder. Asymmetric swimwear is one of the top swimwear trends for 2021. Baring one shoulder, you make a complete look playful and very attractive.

  • With a deep neckline. Brave girls can take a closer look at the dress, which has a very deep neckline. On some models, the neckline even reaches the navel.

If you can’t decide which swimsuit to buy – one-piece or two-piece, then take something in between. A one-piece swimsuit with cutouts at waist level is perfect for this role. These cutouts are very small, and there are also very large ones, creating the illusion that this outfit is actually separate. A very interesting option for those who like experiments.

What one-piece swimwear for obese women will be in fashion in 2021

A fashionable one-piece swimsuit in 2021 is one of the most ideal options for overweight women. He will very effectively adjust the figure and hide all unnecessary. Due to the fact that there are a lot of interesting and original models, you will not look bored.

For example, a technique very successfully corrects the silhouette, in which the upper part of the swimsuit has a light color, and the lower part is dark. Another way to deceive the eyes and make the figure more correct is to choose fabrics with vertical stripes, a pattern diverging in the form of rays from the waistline.

A good choice would be the so-called swim-dress model. It is a one-piece swimsuit with a skirt that looks like a dress. In such a swimsuit dress, the stomach is perfectly hidden, and you will feel much more confident.

If you have a beautiful waist, then you can emphasize it with some kind of accent. It can be a real belt or an imitation belt in the form of a strip of a different color. The neckline will be emphasized by bathing suits with a V-neck.

For women over 50, swimsuits made of dense and high-quality fabrics that create a beautiful silhouette are best suited. It is also best to choose models with a built-in bodice to support the chest.

Trendy colors and prints of one-piece swimsuits 2021

Choosing the color of a swimsuit is quite simple, because in the summer you can afford almost everything. Let’s start the selection of fashionable colors, perhaps, with the undying classics. This includes white and black colors. Swimwear in these colors will always be relevant, so you will not need to buy yourself an outfit for the beach for several years in a row.

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No less popular are pastel shades like beige, peach, cream or pale pink. Beach dresses of such shades seem to merge with the skin and create the impression of tenderness and sophistication.

Now it’s worth talking about those shades that are especially relevant in 2021. Mostly, they are bright, juicy and saturated:

  • yellow;
  • Orange;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • blue;
  • pink;
  • green;
  • olive.

Swimwear with prints is very popular. Actual prints are those that correspond to what is happening around. These are plant and tropical motifs, more appropriate than ever on the beach.

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In addition, a large number of outfits on the catwalks were decorated with a vertical stripe – black and white and color, because it perfectly slims. And another actual print was an animalistic pattern – imitation of the fur of a tiger, leopard, zebra.

You can see all the most fashionable one-piece swimsuits of 2021 in the photo. Each of them is special in its own way and the designers have invested a piece of themselves in each. Choose the beach outfit that is closest to you and go on a well-deserved vacation!

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