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Overalls in 2019 have become one of the most fashionable representatives of the basic women’s wardrobe. Indeed, in addition to the fact that they are easy and comfortable, the finished bow with them is also very stylish. Therefore, designers at their shows vied with each other to present all the new models of women’s overalls, the most relevant of which we will consider in our article.


Fresh trends

Today, the range of overalls is incredibly large: these are, like simple styles with a minimalist design, and rather elaborate products. However, among all this diversity, we have identified the top main models that will be most popular in 2019.

  • Greek style. Light flowing jumpsuits, sewn from translucent fabrics, will definitely appeal to modern fashionistas. The cut of such products is predominantly fitted with a flare from the hip and a high fit. But the top can be both classic in the form of a bustier with straps, and in the form of a top.

  • Asymmetrical. Overalls “on one shoulder” in the coming season will be no less in demand. Their main highlight is the cut, because, unlike strapless models, such products fit perfectly on the figure and do not slip while walking, but the shoulders remain open. Asymmetrical models are sewn from light fabrics, but denim options can also be found.

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  • From stitching or lace. Exquisite jumpsuits made of fine lace or cotton stitching are a hit for the coming summer. They are easy, comfortable and most importantly – not hot. And thanks to the texture of the fabric and minimalist design, these jumpsuits are also very versatile, as they can be successfully entered into a casual or evening look. As for the styles, they are mostly plain products in white or beige, decorated with a shirt collar, straps or a deep neckline.

  • Denim. Denim models are back on the fashion pedestal. Moreover, in addition to standard styles with suspenders, closed options will also be in the trend. The design of these products is quite simple, and only small scuffs are allowed as decor.

  • Imitating overalls. Overalls, the design of which completely repeats the design of overalls, have become the favorites of world couturiers this season. A baggy cut, a large number of patch pockets and fasteners are the main characteristic features of these products. And in order to make the bow with such a jumpsuit as feminine and elegant as possible, it is better to wear it with a belt at the waist and classic high-heeled shoes.

  • Leather. Another fashion trend is women’s leather overalls. Their advantage is versatility, as such models are suitable for wearing, not only in cool spring, but also in hotter weather. In the first case, it is better to give preference to closed overalls with a bright design, for example, in the patchwork style. But for the summer, already open models with straps are suitable. You can wear such products with blouses or T-shirts, but they will look especially impressive when worn on a naked body.

  • Futuristic. Silver jumpsuits, made from fabrics imitating a metallic surface, are the perfect option for creating a trendy silver bow. At the same time, you can combine them with shoes designed in the same color scheme and design. But accessories here are better to choose contrasting, for example, red or white.

  • Snow white. White overalls have long become an indestructible classic of the genre, which is especially relevant in the summer season. Indeed, in addition to the fact that it fits perfectly into any style of clothing, such overalls are sewn mainly from “breathable” fabrics, which is very important during the heat. As for the models, it can be both basic styles on the straps, and options with a shirt top.

  • Printed. Playing with simple abstraction, captivating floral motifs, strange pop art patterns and trendy multi-colored stripes, jumpsuits are the perfect base for a bold and self-confident girl. The styles here can also be different, ranging from free oversized products to fitted options, as in the examples of the photos presented in the article.

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  • Cutout back. Although a deep neckline was previously considered a privilege of an exclusively evening style, now this cut element is also used in everyday life. The cutout on the jumpsuit itself can reach the waist line and be decorated with all kinds of ribbons in the form of intricate weaves. Another option is a backless jumpsuit model. The front in such products can be kept at the expense of a ribbon around the neck or tied back on the back into a beautiful bow.

  • Silk. Pajama style and this spring is still relevant. Therefore, it is quite understandable that the designers offered models of overalls made of satin or fine silk. The styles of such products should be conservative and have a semi-fitted cut with a shirt-like top. But there are no special requirements for colors and both plain and printed options are allowed.

fashion models

As for the features of the cut and style direction, among all the models of overalls presented for women, the most fashionable in 2019 will be the products that we have listed below.

  • Sports. These are closed styles of overalls that must be worn with tops, such as sweatshirts, T-shirts or trowels. The bottom of such products can be different, ranging from short shorts or cycling tracks to an option in the form of voluminous sports trousers.

  • Classic. The peculiarity of these models is that their upper part has a classic cut and is made in the form of a light blouse, shirt or even a jumper. The lower part is also decorated in this style, therefore, the cut of shorts or trousers here is straight or flared.

  • Casual. Volumetric styles that can be worn both on a naked body and combined with shirts, T-shirts or knee-highs. As for the colors, there are no special restrictions here and both plain and printed options are allowed. The same applies to design.

  • Rompers. But this style has been popular for more than the first season and this spring does not lose its relevance. Basically, these are short models with high-waisted shorts. The top of such products can be classic or designed in the form of a top or blouse with flounces or contrasting inserts. The colors of rompers can also be different, including printed ones.

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  • Evening. Exquisite models that can be a great alternative to an evening dress. Such overalls are distinguished by a fitted or semi-fitted cut, as well as the fabrics used for their manufacture. The design of these products can be both simple and concise, and quite…

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