Fashion palette from Pantone for the autumn-winter 2023-2024 season

Relatively recently, shows have died down in the main fashion capitals: New York, London, Milan and Paris. They were timed for the autumn-winter 2023/24 season. This means that even now we can study trends that will be relevant in six months. And this applies not only to clothes, accessories or shoes. The color segment is also of great importance in the fashion industry. What shades are we offered to wear in the cold months? Let’s take a look at the trendy colors for autumn-winter 2023-2024 from the Pantone Institute together.

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Actual colors from Pantone for autumn-winter 2023-2024: New York palette

The palettes presented ahead of the shows in New York and London are traditionally divided into two parts. Each includes 10 main shades, which will be the main focus, as well as 5 basic ones. In today’s review, let’s take a look at the rich and diverse, eye-pleasing New York palette. Pay attention to it when you pick up your autumn-winter wardrobe. There are suitable shades for every taste.

Tender Peach or Delicate Peach

A shade that is ideal for emphasizing sophistication and femininity. Fashionistas of all ages can safely wear it. “Delicate peach” looks restrained and touching at the same time. It will perfectly show itself in monochrome images, as well as in tandem with brown, black, white, light gray, burgundy, orange, dark blue. Not superfluous will be in the onion and a drop of green.

High Visibility or High visibility

A positive, warm, enveloping shade that will help dispel the boredom of winter looks. Despite the brightness, the color looks presentable and expensive. Without a doubt, it will become one of the main hits of the autumn-winter season 2023-2024. As experts of the Panton Institute admitted, they realize that this color is more suitable for the summer palette, but felt the need to add colors to the cold season.

Viva Magenta or Life-giving Magenta

As we already wrote in this review, Viva Magenta is the main color of the 2023 season. Moderately bright, strong, effective and self-sufficient, it will be relevant in absolutely all fashion segments, from outerwear to manicure. One glance at the “life-giving magenta” is enough to inspire the creation of bows that enchant with their boldness. This is the most fashionable color for autumn-winter 2023-2024.

Carnival Glass or Carnival glass

Menthol has been a mega-popular trend for the past couple of seasons. He, like a refreshing breeze, excites and causes a lot of pleasant emotions. In general, we can say that the color “carnival glass” will fit well into winter looks, especially if you combine it with soft natural shades – milky, light blue, amber, pale yellow, linen, coffee with milk, calm pink.

Red Orange or Red Orange

Bright and rich orange palette continues to be relevant. Including the cold months of the year obeyed her. As for the red-orange presented by Panton for the New York shows, this color in the line is considered the “hottest”. Moreover, some celebrities have already paid attention to it. For example, the singer Lizzo. Combining Red Orange is with blue, lavender, gray, blue, beige.

Persian Jewel or Persian pearl

This beautiful and calm color, just like Viva Magenta, can confidently claim the status of “the most fashionable” in the next cold season. Distinctly giving azure, it looks very impressive. And considering that this is the only type of blue that Panton experts included in their autumn-winter palette, then it is definitely worth paying attention to. Combine lapis lazuli with black, purple, sand.

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Rose Violet or Rose Violet

Very beautiful and not in autumn saturated shade from Pantone. Suitable for creating bold energetic bows. By choosing it for your image, you can definitely be sure that you will not get lost in the crowd. Pink-purple will be good both as the main color of the outfit and as an accent color, for example, it can decorate an accessory or shoes. It goes well with carmine, rich red, black.

Burnt Sienna or Burnt Sienna

We continue to sort out fashionable colors for clothes for autumn-winter 2023-2024. Next in line is a calm shade with an interesting name, which is perfect for creating basic looks. Burnt Sienna looks quite natural, which, from the point of view of Leatrice Eiseman, symbolizes a refined earthiness and a desire for unity with nature. The shade will look great on outerwear and accessories.

Kohlrabi – Kohlrabi

Bright green is on the trend list throughout 2023. Fashionable shades made in this range look very positive, always remind of spring, delight with their juiciness. Therefore, it is not surprising that Panton experts included “kohlrabi” in the new palette. Combine this color with pastel shades. And to create spectacular images – with rich purple.

Red Dahlia – Red Dahlia

One of the most fundamental shades of the palette from the Pantone Institute. Include it in your images and do not hesitate, it will look very noble. “Red Dahlia” is an elegant solution for monochrome bows. But if desired, it can also be combined with brighter shades: with purple, yellow, rich green, fuchsia. A good combination will work with beige from a calm nude range.

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As for the five basic shades from Pantone, they were named as follows: Coconut Milk (coconut milk), Eclipse (eclipse), Doe (doe), Hot Fudge (hot fudge), Silver Birch (silver birch). They can be seen in the photo below.

This is what the Pantone palette looks like for autumn-winter 2023-2024. In today’s review, we tried not only to show the actual shades, but also to tell you how to combine them when creating an image.

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