Fashion pants – spring 2020

Spring 2020 is fast approaching and it’s time to think about what women’s trousers will be fashionable in the upcoming season. Therefore, it is these representatives of the basic wardrobe that will be discussed later in the article.

Fresh Runway Trends

If we talk about which models of women’s trousers will be the most relevant, below we have presented products that every fashionista should honor with her attention this spring.

  • Narrow. Models that completely fit the leg are again becoming in demand. It can be banal leggings or skinny trousers made of dense fabrics. There are also no special restrictions on the length of the legs, since not only classic or shortened styles are acceptable, but also short bike shorts.

  • With cuffs. Trousers embellished with cuffs are the hit of the upcoming cruise season. Both fitted models and very wide ones, for example, a palazzo, will be in fashion. As for the cuffs themselves, they can be classic, with an elastic band or in the form of a drawstring.

  • with asymmetry. A novelty that promises to be a real breakthrough in the fashion industry. Asymmetry on trousers can be present in the form of uneven harnesses, an imitation of a double belt or a beveled fastener.

  • Leather. The warm season is not at all a reason to refuse products made from leather of natural or artificial origin, which designers have been tirelessly proving to us for several years now. Not only black, but also color options made of patent or matte leather remain relevant.

  • With slits. Next spring they will be back in trend. The style of the trousers here does not matter, since any model will look beautiful with cuts. The leg can be exposed partially, literally by a few centimeters, or almost completely, when the incision reaches right up to the thigh line.

  • With lamps. This decor can be called immortal, because despite the forecasts of stylists, trousers decorated with contrasting stripes on the sides remain in fashion.

  • On a high landing. The most versatile products that will suit absolutely all women and even those who are already over 40 years old. This is because such trousers successfully hide the flaws of the figure and at the same time emphasize its elegance and femininity. In addition, they easily fit into any look, including sport-chic ones.

  • flared. Sophisticated trousers that have become leaders in the fashion trends of the spring-summer 2020 season. These products have a high waist and flares from the knee or hip. But the length of these trousers can be any, ranging from options to the floor and ending with hybrid cropped styles.

  • Beige colour. Another wearable model that is in no hurry to leave the catwalks. Both classic styles with arrows and more informal options in the form of cargo pants or safari-style products will be in demand.

  • Printed. Agree that nothing attracts attention like stylish trousers decorated with bright prints. Animalistic stripes and spots, geometric motifs, floral themes and, of course, the shawl pattern so beloved by everyone will be in fashion.

[tds_warning]Interesting! Take a closer look at the trousers with a print in the form of wide vertical stripes. They will help not only create a spectacular image, but also visually stretch the silhouette, making the figure more slender.[/tds_warning]

  • Shortened. Length ⅞ returns to normal again. It can be classic trousers with arrows, tight-fitting skinny pants or trendy culottes and palazzos.

  • From denim. A classic that has enjoyed considerable popularity among the fair sex of all ages for decades. As before, straight models, mom, flared, shortened and boyfriends remain in demand. The design of such products should be minimalistic.

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fashion styles

In addition to design, no less attention should be paid to the features of the cut of trousers, since your future image directly depends on this.

  • Culottes. Cropped trousers with wide legs will continue to be in trend. It is better to give your preference to models of white, milky, pale pink or blue, as well as printed options. You can combine culottes with crop tops, classic fitted shirts or light blouses.

  • Palazzo. Chic style, the main feature of which is a very wide cut of the legs and a high waist. Such models are made mainly from light fabrics that flow during movement. The palazzo should be combined with a simple top, as the main focus should be focused directly on the bottom of the image.

  • Bananas. Not the best version of trousers for overweight women, as the wide top and narrowed bottom style, in addition, decorated with tucks, will add unnecessary volume to them in the hip area. But thin they will be just right. Bananas should be worn with fitted shirts and blouses, jumpers and heeled shoes.

  • Riding breeches. Another pair of trousers featuring a wide top and a narrowed bottom. They differ from bananas in that there are no tucks on the riding breeches. Otherwise, the two models are very similar and have the same limitations.

  • Classic. Trousers with arrows, which were previously considered exclusively representatives of office style, are now a great everyday option. In the spring of 2020, the combination of classic models with jumpers, t-shirts, blouses, crop tops and low-cut shoes such as loafers, ballet flats, sneakers and even sneakers will be in fashion.

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  • Chinos. A kind of alternative to jeans, as chinos are no less comfortable to wear, but unlike their “brothers”, they are allowed in the office dress code. In addition, absolutely any top fits chinos, which makes them a very versatile style.

  • Cargo. To create an ultra-fashionable spring bow, you will be helped by cargo pants that have returned to us from the distant 90s. These can be wide models, decorated with cuffs from below, as well as more strict fitted options with buttons. The color palette should be light. But if you want to stand out, stylists do not forbid wearing bright products made from glossy fabrics.

  • Skirt-pants. A rather unusual model that is suitable for all women, including those over 50. You can recognize these trousers by a very wide flare that visually creates the effect of a skirt. They can be made from simple “breathable” fabrics, such as linen or cotton, or from more dense materials.

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  • Pipes. Straight trousers, which have received considerable love among modern girls, will also be relevant in the coming season. The trend continues to be monophonic models, designed in dark or light palettes, as well as printed options, decorated with cuffs, patch pockets, fringe and decorative…

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