Fashion pedicure ideas for summer 2019

With the onset of summer, every girl remembers that not only her hands need care, but also her legs, fortunately, this season of 2019, the masters have prepared a whole arsenal of new products among pedicure ideas, which can already be seen in photos from fashion magazines.


Fashionable pedicure will allow women not only to keep their toenails in order, but also to make them trendy and beautiful. Undoubtedly, a pedicure that can be done at home should be present for girls all year round, but the most relevant season for creating a stylish nail design is summer.

[stextbox id=’info’]Now, well-groomed nails are not a luxury at all, but the usual desire of a girl to be fashionable in everything.[/stextbox]

A stylish pedicure, the trends of which today are one of the most relevant topics in nail art, testifies to the well-groomed girl. Having made a beautiful pedicure, any representative of the beautiful half of humanity will feel confident in open shoes.

Pedicure for young girls

If you are thinking about what kind of pedicure will be relevant in the warm season of 2019, how to combine it with manicure, what fashionable novelties will affect nail art this year, we recommend that you read the advice of professional nail service masters, and also look at the photo ideas on the pages fashion magazines.

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A monochromatic coating on nails is a classic that is suitable for all occasions. In the current season, a plain pedicure is the most optimal solution for stylish nail art.

Classic pedicure

Definitely, you can’t think of anything easier than a plain stylish coating. It is worth noting that the color of the varnish on the legs does not have to repeat the shade of the manicure, since such an exact combination of tones is considered too simple and boring.

[stextbox id=’info’]To complement a monochrome pedicure that completely repeats the design of the nails on your hands, you can use a print on one or more of your toenails.[/stextbox]

Do not be afraid to experiment and combine a monochromatic coating with bright shades, for example, coral, blue, yellow or red. You can choose the most successful combinations by consulting with a professional master or by looking at photos on the Internet.

Solid red finish

This summer combination looks very fashionable, especially if this design goes well with your style of clothing.


In 2019, it is difficult to imagine a trendy nail art without a pattern, since even a plain pedicure can make it much more interesting.

[stextbox id=’info’]However, this season, you should forget about boring complex patterns, choosing simplicity, conciseness and thoughtful combinations.[/stextbox]

Graphics and floral motifs

The fashion trends in nail art include:

  • floral drawing;
  • geometric patterns;
  • bright prints and abstract design;
  • marble pattern.

In addition, often a trendy pedicure is created through a combination of two techniques, for example, a monophonic design and a floral one, or a French pedicure with unusual patterns on a pair of nails.

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The location of the stripes on the sides visually lengthens the nail plate

Since spring-summer is considered the most relevant time for a pedicure, stylists recommend starting from the styles popular during this period, using not only floral patterns, but also a marine theme, polka dots and various romantic prints.

Nail decorations

Many girls mistakenly believe that various nail decorations in the form of rhinestones, pebbles and beads are only suitable for creating an evening manicure. But this is absolutely not the case, because the design of a chic pedicure for evening dress also cannot do without decor.

Yellow is always relevant in summer!

A fashionable pedicure with rhinestones or stones neatly laid out on the toes will be a great addition to a sophisticated evening look.

[stextbox id=’info’]Trendy nail art 2019 in black, beige or red shades will go well with rhinestones.[/stextbox]

An unusual design can be created by laying out decor elements in a certain shape. At the same time, this version of a pedicure with rhinestones will look more elegant if you lay out rhinestones of various colors and shapes.

Design on trendy red cover background

For example, a colored pedicure for a celebration with pebbles can be made to match the shade of the dress. The laconic fashion trends of 2019 include a monochromatic coating, a jacket or a moon design, complemented by rhinestones.

geometric design

Another stylish summer pedicure idea is a geometric design that looks trendy and unusual.

An interesting design option for an evening out

Bright and original geometric nail art can be created using neon and bright varnishes, and a concise and discreet design due to pastel, dark blue, black shades.

[stextbox id=’info’]Trendy geometric design is performed using one or more colors of gel polish – lines, stripes, geometric shapes.[/stextbox]

Delicate design

One of the most popular design options in the summer of 2019 will be a trendy and concise white finish.

To give such a discreet pedicure some zest, it can be combined with other tones, for example, red or blue on the thumb.

Delicate flowers on white and black background

In the current season, it is worth remembering the moon design in white, which, in combination with a golden hole, looks very stylish. This pedicure idea, which is relevant in 2019, can be made even more original if you decorate white nails with various fashionable patterns, examples of which can be seen in the photos of stylish bloggers.

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Fashionable pedicure ideas for the summer of 2019 are a hot topic among well-groomed girls, since trendy new items in nail art can perfectly complement the image, emphasizing the entire palette of your mood, and photo ideas will help you choose the most appropriate and stylish design.


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