Fashion phone cases: trends 2021

Fashionable phone cases are accessories without which it is impossible to create a full-fledged stylish look in 2021. After all, we often do not let the smartphone out of our hands, so it catches the eyes of all passers-by. To keep up with the times, it is not enough to buy fashionable shoes or a trendy outfit, the gadget must also be “dressed to the nines”.

Protection first

About 15 years have passed since the appearance of a fashionable device in our pockets, and from the very beginning we took care of our phones, putting them on a cord around our neck and hiding them in reliable cases. Now a smartphone is not a luxury item at all, but it is still necessary to protect it from falls and negative environmental factors. An important nuance is the gluing of shockproof glass. But it will not be able to completely protect the body of the gadget. But properly selected cases for phones perform several functions at once:

  • Protect against scratches and microcracks that may occur upon contact with sharp objects (keys, cosmetics, etc.);
  • Prevent damage from possible shocks and falls;
  • Protect from dirt and dust ingress into technical openings;
  • Expand possibilities. “Smart” cases can be used as a stand, a fixer for a magnetic panel in a car, and even a box for underwater shooting!
  • Decorate. Stylish models for women can perfectly complement both a festive and everyday look, refreshing it and adding originality.

5 popular new products

New items appear on the market of protective covers every year. We are in a hurry to present you the fashion trends of 2021, which are already popular all over the world. They cannot leave potential buyers indifferent – everyone will definitely find what he likes.

Silicone pads

This is one of the most versatile and affordable types of cases. It not only protects the rear surface of the case, but also prevents the glass from hitting the floor directly due to the fact that its sides protrude a few millimeters in front of the screen. But with all the comfort of use, the level of protection of such a cover is quite low, since in the case when the phone falls on an insufficiently smooth surface, for example, asphalt, it most likely cannot avoid damage.

Another similar model is a plastic bumper. It sits a little tighter on the body of the gadget, and, with about the same probability, it protects against impact, like silicone. When choosing such a case, you should ensure that all the holes in it correspond to the inputs and keys on the smartphone. This cover has a nice addition – anti-slip coating. Having bought such a model, you can not worry that the phone will fall out of your hands during use.

Well, perhaps the main advantage of silicone overlays is compatibility with sublimation printing technology. This means that a pattern of any complexity can be applied to the coating, which will hold tight. Moreover, you can buy a ready-made fashionable phone case for the girls of the 2021 collection, or you can use the individual printing service.

In any case, bright and unusual cases with “predatory” coloring are very popular this season: leopard or tiger. She also touched on accessories for smartphones and logomania: a trend for large inscriptions of stylish brands.

Leather bumpers

This accessory looks unusual and definitely expensive. A high-quality leather case will be impregnated with a special compound that protects against fading and exposure to frost. The budget option can quickly lose a beautiful shade of genuine leather and crack.

The color palette of such bumpers is not too wide: from light brown to black. You can highlight your smartphone with the help of the original cut of the case with inserts, stitching and embossing.

Models in which the protective function of the case is combined with the ability to use it as a wallet look original. Typically, these bumpers fit 2-3 bank cards.

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“Smart” protection

Fashionable phone cases are not only beautiful; for example, “smart” accessories with built-in additional features are perfect for teenagers. There are models with separate displays that allow you to control the time, select music or pick up the phone in one motion.

Cases with a built-in ring can be attributed to the same category. It not only keeps the phone in hand during games and calls. This ring can be used as a stand when you need to watch a movie, or you can attach it to a car dash to use the JPS navigator.

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Superhero Cases

  • Armored cases – a godsend for those who often fall out of their hands. Such models have additional protection, securely fixing the gadget and preventing any damage (whether it’s just a fall or a car collision).

  • Another trendy option aqua box. This is a waterproof option that not only limits the ingress of moisture, but also withstands the pressure that is created when diving to great depths. The best option for extreme lovers of underwater photography.

Of course, when buying a new gadget, you need to take care of its protection. But even such a necessary purchase can become a favorite accessory if you choose it wisely! We hope that the photos above helped you choose reliable and fashionable phone cases in 2021!

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