Fashion platform shoes 2021

Fashionable platform shoes are one of the current trends in 2021. Almost any footwear is complemented with such a sole – shoes, sandals, boots, ankle boots, slip-ons, flip flops. The platform managed to combine all the advantages of a heel: it adds height, slims, lengthens the legs. At the same time, this type of sole is incredibly practical and comfortable. In this article, we will talk in more detail about the fashion trends of the season for the platform, we will demonstrate the most successful options for shoes with such a sole.

What platform shoes are in fashion in 2021

In 2021, fashion designers have paid a lot of attention to platform shoes, offering stylish options for all seasons. The trend will be a platform of different heights, solid or in tandem with a heel, flat or in the form of wedges. Also at the peak of popularity will be a platform in the form of a tractor sole.

Today, the platform is associated not only with shoes and sandals, but also with ankle boots, boots, slip-ons and even sneakers. Next, we will show the most trendy models of such shoes.


This is one of the most practical options for the summer. Platform sandals are perfect for any casual and beach look. They are worn with cropped dresses, shorts. Fashionistas should pay special attention to the following models:

  • with a light ethnic touch, complemented by a sole that imitates wood or cork;
  • complemented by textile lacing;
  • with colored inserts;
  • with tapestry, floral or animal print;
  • in sports style.

To create bright and original images, you can use sandals with buckles, voluminous bows in the ankle area, decor in the form of flowers or yarn in the toe area. In this case, a wedge-shaped platform will elegantly balance the voluminous and slightly outrageous decor. As a result, the leg will look slim and elegant.

Flip flops

In modern fashion, flip flops can be worn not only on the beach, but can be used as a stylish alternative to sandals when creating an attractive look in the warm season. Such summer platform shoes take pride of place among the fashion trends of 2021. To create urban bows, flip-flops decorated with beads, twine on the sole are suitable. They wear such flip flops with skinny cropped jeans, shorts, sundresses.


Slip-ons are trendy shoes in 2021. They are worn with almost any clothing, making fashionable images in a casual style. This season, platform models are especially popular with designers – they allow you to make the image more elegant and stylish. Among the most trendy options are slip-ons in sequins, with a metal toe, with an original and unusual decor in the form of a combination of several colors, with a fringe.

Ankle boots

In the 2021 collections, such fashionable demi-season platform shoes have become a favorite among designers. With the help of these ankle boots, you can create informal city looks, as well as comfortable looks for work and romantic outfits for a special occasion. Among the fashion leaders are graceful and comfortable models with a pointed or slightly rounded toe and a chiselled sole.

Particular attention this year should be given to the finish, which will be responsible for the mood of the whole image. For example, the decor in the form of spikes will make the bow more daring and original, rhinestones on the platform, on the contrary, will soften the pressure, give femininity and elegance.

Do not forget about fashionable ankle boots with platform and heels. A thick heel combined with a tractor platform is what you need to create an ultra-fashionable outfit.


Platform shoes in 2021 are incredibly in demand. Therefore, the fashion trend has not bypassed boots. Such a sole is much more comfortable than a heel, while it is no less attractive. The only wish from the designers is the length of the shaft. The most trendy models are “under the knee” and over the knee boots.


Another on-trend shoe this season that looks great paired with a platform. Fashionistas should pay special attention to lace-up models – such shoes allow you to create a slightly brutal and very stylish bow.

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Stylish and elegant shoes will become much more comfortable and practical if they are on a platform or wedge. In 2021, lacquered, suede, metallic models are in trend. Even loafers are made on the platform – it looks very interesting.


Do not forget about practical platform shoes in a sporty style. Such models are still popular and allow you to create trendy images in the style of sport-chic.

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Trend platform 2021

According to fashion trends for 2021, the platform can be very different, designers do not make any restrictions. However, as always, fashion gurus offer some of the most trendy options that will receive trendy status:

  • decorated with twine;
  • cork or imitating a similar texture;
  • white;
  • tractor;
  • combined;
  • printed;
  • striped.

The platform on demi-season shoes looks more restrained. Whereas slip-ons, shoes, sandals and flip flops can boast an abundance of colors and original decor.

As you can see from the photo, platform shoes that are fashionable in 2021 are represented by many stylish options, so every girl will be able to choose the best option for any time of the year.

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