Fashion prints autumn-winter 2019-2020

Do you want to know which prints are the most fashionable in the fall-winter 2019-2020 season? Then read our review soon!



Sometimes it seems that the checkered print will never go out of style. If something changes, we will definitely inform you, but for now, the cage remains the main favorite of leading designers. Clothing in this design is simply indispensable for the cold season, because it is wonderfully combined with many plain things.

Tartan and chess will be especially relevant. Among the fashionable and versatile color schemes, there is a tandem of red and black, as well as white and black. We invite you to look at a photo selection that clearly demonstrates how to wear a cage this season.

Are you thinking about buying such a checkered one for the new season? We have already done everything for you – we have studied the main trends and are ready to present a rating of the most relevant things in this color scheme:

  • dresses with a straight or flared cut;

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  • jacket and jacket;
  • a jacket in combination with a skirt is a fashionable solution for a working look;

  • trousers;
  • classic coat.

Goose foot

This trend is a real lifesaver for fashionistas who want to stand out but don’t want to opt for bright colors. Graphic vicissitudes of black and white colors look stylish, original and at the same time very restrained.

This season, this pattern is fashionable to mix with red, fringe decor, and also come up with interesting combinations with other prints. Also, fashionistas can take a closer look at tweed things in this color.

The beauty of this print is that it has practically no contraindications for the type of figure. If the cage is not always suitable for obese women, then its fashionable variety – the houndstooth – perfectly corrects the silhouette due to diagonal lines.


Yes, yes, this beast of prey tamed by fashionistas is still with us! Some girls think that wearing a leopard print and not looking vulgar is an art. This is true, but the good news is that this art is easy to master.

For example, a win-win way would be to combine a spotted pattern with basics in black, beige, milky and brown. Clothing in these colors is usually more than enough in the autumn-winter wardrobe, so buying a piece with a leopard print will be a stylish way to dilute simple everyday ensembles.

A fashionable highlight of the autumn wardrobe can be shoes in a leopard design. It is also easy to pair with solid colors.

Other animal prints

Not only the leopard is designed to decorate the autumn images of fashionistas. The snake, crocodile, zebra and tiger will also cope with this mission.

These prints will be present literally everywhere – from cashmere coats and jackets to suits and dresses. Especially popular are shoes in animalistic colors, which are complemented by a characteristic embossing under the texture of the animal.

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The most advanced fashionistas (sometimes unconsciously) prepare for autumn in advance, buying things with a sophisticated floral pattern. Among young people, bright red roses are especially in demand, which adorn not only dresses, but also collars and sleeves of blouses, trousers and even shoes.

Wildflowers, which are held in high esteem by older women, look unusually touching. Plants in delicate watercolor technique, a scattering of small buds and floral abstraction were also seen at fashion shows.

The novelty of the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season is flowers in dense brocade. This texture perfectly protects from the cold and at the same time looks stylish.


Another favorite of designers this season is the original patchwork print. With this technique, you can create truly exclusive things with a combination of several patterns at once. Usually they amaze with a bright colorful palette, but a calmer color scheme is also possible.

The patchwork print does not tolerate competitors and is beautiful in proud solitude, so do not even try to combine it with other patterns. Laconic monophonic things and accessories are his best allies.

Turkish cucumber

The print “Turkish cucumber” triumphantly returned to the fashion catwalks. This original ornament will easily create a highlight in any outfit.


The most versatile print – the stripe – is back in fashion, and this is great news for all readers! Girls adore stripes for their wonderful property to stretch the silhouette and visually add harmony.

If the strip varies in width and direction, or alternates with another pattern, it perfectly corrects figure flaws. Today, the stripe can most often be found on dresses, shirts, trousers and skirts. Cozy turtlenecks with this print look very interesting, especially if it is made in several colors.

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Another trendy manifestation of geometry is a retro diamond print. Usually the choice in his favor is made by creative people who are not averse to creating an original autumn bow.


The most stylish way of self-expression – inscriptions in clothes – still occupies a leading position among fashion trends. Letters and words can be placed on scarves, bags, dresses or sweatshirts. The most win-win option is a large brand name, because in the 2019 season, designers have cast aside all constraints and love to declare themselves that way.

Another stylish idea is to wear clothes with some slogan or motto that can tell the world about your worldview. Also in this way you can convey your mood, for example, love or sadness.

Combining things with inscriptions is easy. The most practical option is the selection of complementary things or accessories to match the letters.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Before buying a thing with an inscription, be sure to translate the meaning of the words so as not to get into a stupid situation.[/stextbox]


The infantile polka dot print remains in the focus of attention of fashionistas. So feminine and romantic, it will not allow you to make the images for the cold season boring and dull.

We take into account actual colors

The most fashionable prints of the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season should certainly take into account the trend colors according to the Pantone Institute. They turned out to be surprisingly juicy shades, which were recently considered uncharacteristic for autumn and winter. It is very pleasant to follow such trends, because they perfectly improve mood.

So, meet the leaders of this season:

  • spicy “Chili Pepper” in the image is like a pinch of spices in a dish;
  • a maroon shade with the interesting name “Red Bicycle” will make the outfit more saturated and complete;
  • “Peach Cream” is responsible for the romantic mood of the season;
  • warm and delicious “pink peach” looks fresh and gives the skin a healthy glow;
  • the color “Rocky Road” is the most solid and deep color of the cold season;
  • responsible for the juicy notes in the onion…

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