Fashion prints for autumn-winter 2023-2024

A printed thing looks much more interesting than a monochrome one. With the help of a pattern on the fabric, it is easier to express yourself, mask the flaws of the figure, look brighter, and harmonize the image. Patterns on clothes are a special aesthetic. They can be catchy, concise, gentle, bold, simple, complex, with or without meaning. There are drawings on the fabric that unite us with nature, there is an original ethnicity, there is graphics, abstraction and even a hypnotic effect. What fashionable prints will be relevant in the autumn-winter 2023-2024 season? We will answer in today’s review.

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Actual prints on clothes: autumn-winter 2023-2024

One way or another, prints were present in all the collections for autumn-winter 2023, demonstrated as part of Fashion Week in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Next, we list the patterns that couturiers offer us to focus on when creating autumn-winter looks.

  • Animalism. Exotic prints continue to be truly popular. However, it is worth shifting the focus of attention from the leopard spots that have long become familiar to tiger stripes (which were found in the collections of Roberto Cavalli and GCDS), zebra stripes, as well as the novelty – diverse snake colors. The images in which the listed prints will be present will turn out to be spectacular, with a bit of audacity and extravagance.

  • chess cage. One of the hottest prints for the autumn-winter 2023-2024 season. It can be seen in the collections of many famous brands. For example, Undercover, AWAKE Mode and Jil Sander. Graphics, large cells and achromatic colors – all this will become the key to style and good taste. The chess cage looks great both on outerwear and on dresses, accessories, jumpers. This print will brighten up your everyday looks.

  • Abstraction. Patterns that have nothing to do with reality will also be quite popular in the cold season. Bright abstract prints are quite a significant fashion trend that will help your fall 2023 looks to be more dynamic and interesting. An intricate pattern in the form of multi-colored strokes, spots, strokes, lines can decorate dresses, the bottom of a skirt, coats, scarves, shawls and stoles. The Weinsanto brand paid special attention to abstraction.

  • Diverse stripes. A vertical stripe is the most suitable print for obese women, because, as you know, it is slimming. Both graceful thin and expressive wide stripes are in trend. Designers paid a little less attention to the horizontal strip, but this does not mean that it is not relevant. There are also diagonal stripes, for example, like Valentino. You can observe a striped print on all basic things: business suits, jackets, coats, short fur coats.

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  • floristic. The autumn-winter months on the calendar do not mean that you need to abandon floristry. Flowers should please a woman all year round, and nothing that they are only on clothes. Moreover, many trendsetters willingly included them in their collections. For example, Blumarune, Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Antonio Marras, Zac Prosen, Etro did it. A beautiful floral pattern can be expressive or slightly blurry, but the main thing is that it should not be large.

  • To set the mood. What other prints will be in fashion in the fall-winter 2023-2024 season? Fantasy. These are: hearts, brand inscriptions and logos (yes, they are still relevant), herringbone (herringbone), dolmatian spots. Also, prints that are difficult to attribute to a specific trend include three-dimensional images of animals like Nina Ricci, real landscapes on canvas like Paco Rabanne, stars like Cormio. A creative image with such patterns is provided to you.

  • Diverse cell. Scottish, Glencheck, Vichy are popular types of checkered print. And all of them were equally often met in the collections of brands. So we can say with confidence that the check is the main and most stylish print of the autumn-winter season 2023. Balenciaga, Christian Dior, Carolina Herrera, Saint Laurent, Philipp Plein and many other trendsetters have paid attention to her. The cage is a universal print. It is also suitable for women over 50.

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What other patterns on the fabric will be in trend: polka dots, modern pop art, geometry, hypnotic patterns, Scandinavian motifs.

This is how the fashionable prints of the autumn-winter 2023-2024 season look like. We have listed the most important trends, showed photos from the shows. It remains for you to determine for yourself how relevant the named patterns are to your images.

Author: Mizyukalina Olga

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