Fashion prints for spring-summer 2023

Bright and extravagant, graphic and concise, intricate and classic prints – this is something without which it is very difficult to imagine modern clothes. Prints make male and female images more meaningful, help to express themselves, stand out from the crowd, give a special zest to the chosen bow. That is why they remain relevant from season to season. And even the trend towards monochrome, which can be traced in the world of modern fashion, could not spoil the love of fashionistas and fashionistas for drawings on clothes. Let’s look at fashion prints for the spring-summer 2023 season.


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The main trends in the print segment: spring-summer 2023

The spring-summer season is distinguished by variegation and love of life. After all, not only nature, but also people want to wake up from hibernation. That is why, with the first rays of the spring sun, a real cacophony of color begins on the streets of cities. Tired of the winter dullness, ladies try on bright and bold looks, many of which are worthy of attention largely due to prints. Next, we list the top designs on clothes for the spring and summer of 2023.



  • Label prints. An absolute novelty of the coming season. But it is rather difficult to call it mass. One of the first to turn to the idea of ​​such prints on clothes was the Russian avant-garde brand Red September. The creators invited fashionistas and fashionistas to remember the labels of our favorite chewing gum, chocolate bars, drinks and other goodies from the 90s. It is worth recognizing that it turned out to be very original. Label prints evoke a lot of nostalgic associations.


  • With flowers. Spring and summer bows are hard to imagine without a floral pattern. Especially in 2023, it turned out to be incredibly popular. In the trend are both large single buds, dotted decorating the outfit, and a hypertrophied scattering of small flowers. The novelty from the fashion trend generator Dolce & Gabbana will refresh summer looks very much – a bright print consisting of poppies alone or poppies mixed with carnations. The novelty can be safely included in beach bows.



  • Multicolored bright stripes. Vertical and horizontal, curved and angled multi-colored stripes – this is what you should definitely pay attention to in the spring of 2023. Feel free to look at the brightest and most contrasting colors. Raspberry-light green, like Versace, or black and white, like Carolina Herrera, stripes will make your spring-summer looks more dynamic and original. Preference should be given to wide, noticeable stripes.


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  • vichy cage. Studying fashion trends in the print segment: spring-summer 2023, it is impossible to ignore the feminine, concise, cozy vichy check. This is usually found on kitchen aprons, tablecloths, curtains and rugs. But today she is in the center of high fashion. Acne Studios, Carolina Herrera, MSGM were among the first to turn to this uncomplicated but attractive print. The main feature of the Vichy pattern is the intersection of light and dark lines within the same palette at a right angle.


  • bright gradient. Beautiful and harmonious gradient color transitions always look great on fabric. In the summer season 2023, stylists recommend that we turn to shades of sunset, when scarlet turns first to orange, and then to dark blue or purple. You can choose other colors that are suitable for the subject, v.t. number yellow. A gradient print on a skirt, tunic or dress, made in bright natural colors, will look great in evening, casual and beach looks.


  • Abstraction. If you want to create a creative look, turn to intricate, sometimes inexplicable abstract or art prints. But we warn you – this is a solution for very brave fashionistas and fashionistas. This direction is distinguished by its extravagance and unpredictability. So be prepared to draw attention to yourself wherever you are. And in order not to cross the line from outrageous to bad taste, choose clothes of the simplest cut for art prints.


  • Polka dots. What other prints will be in fashion for spring-summer 2023? Of course, feminine, full of touching charm polka dots. It will decorate sundresses, dresses, swimwear, trouser suits, blouses. In clothes with polka dot print, you can go to work and on a date. Peas can be barely noticeable or vice versa expressive. Brands have turned to a wide variety of options to give fashionistas more choice. But for overweight women, small peas are still provided.


  • Geometry. All kinds of rhombuses, zigzags, circles and squares suddenly burst into the spring-summer 2023 fashion. Their graphic and conciseness made the bows atypically strict for the hot season, but quite interesting and not devoid of femininity. Geometric patterns look stylish on clothes, fit perfectly into business looks, and are suitable for both women over 50 and young fashionistas.


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Will remain popular in the spring-summer in 2023 and original patterns made in the boho style.


This is how the fashionable prints of the spring-summer 2023 season look like. In today’s review, we listed the main trends in this segment and shared photos of images that can serve as an example for you when creating bows.

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