Fashion prints spring-summer 2021

Fashion for spring-summer 2021 will delight you with a wide variety of interesting and attractive prints. The trend will include floral and animal prints already loved by many fashionistas, timeless polka dots, checkered and striped patterns, tropical motifs, as well as the original Tie Dye. In the article we will talk in more detail about the features of each of the prints in the context of the new season.

Trendy prints 2021

Floral motifs

Spring and summer are the time when nature blossoms, so you want to join the general atmosphere and dress in stylish things with floral prints. In 2021, a wide variety of patterns will be in trend – from naive small flowers covering the entire surface of the product, to beautiful and luxurious flowers. At the same time, the drawings can resemble children’s creativity and look like arbitrary strokes of paint, or they can resemble photos taken in a botanical garden. Both options were widely presented on fashion catwalks in the collections of famous designers.

Floral motifs in the new season will appear on skirts, trousers, dresses, tops and even spring raincoats.

Animal print

Clothing that resembles a tiger, leopard, zebra or python in color has been popular with both designers and fashionistas for several years. In past years, the colors of predatory animals were mainly in fashion. The new season is more tolerant and tolerant, so a wide variety of colors will be in trend. Designers and herbivores have not forgotten. Among the fashion trends for spring-summer 2021, you can find attractive and original stripes, like on a zebra.


Cute, romantic and dreamy, peas are just what you need to create light and airy images in the warm season. This print will also be appropriate in the spring – decorating light and bright raincoats. In the new season, the trend will be not only the classic black and white version of polka dots, but also brighter options. Fashionistas should pay attention to polka dot peas and combine several types of peas within one model at once.

Checkered and striped

These prints are suitable for creating original images at any time of the year. Interestingly, in the new season, these two well-known rivals were able to agree and no longer compete. So, in spring and summer, the cage will decorate mainly suits, jackets, and be present in outerwear. Whereas the stripe will be the most relevant print on dresses.

As for the type of cage, the world’s fashion gurus suggest using in clothes not only the Vichy cage, traditional for the warm season, but also look at prints such as tartan, houndstooth, Prince of Wales and others. At the same time, despite the bold trends and love for everything bright, black and white check prevailed in the spring-summer collections.

The strip in the new season will be very diverse, not only in color, but also in location. The trend is horizontal, vertical and diagonal stripes. The last two options will be the perfect color for overweight women – they will not only create a stylish and attractive look, but also visually reduce volumes.

optical illusions

Such prints are a real fashion novelty for the spring-summer 2021 season in clothes for women. They are able to create an intriguing and trance-inducing image, invite others into the fascinating world of illusions. The trend is intricate intricacies of lines and geometric shapes, waves and other patterns. Such clothes look very cool and stylish, but fashionistas should learn how to correctly compose an image with things of a similar color. Optical illusions should become the main detail of the image, the rest of the things – the basis that does not attract attention.


Tropical patterns are able to transfer a fashionista to hot countries, create a mood of vacation and travel. Women should pay special attention to bright and catchy prints depicting palm trees and fantastic tropical plants. It’s great if colored parrots, elephants and monkeys on vines can be seen in the green thickets.

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Tie Dye

This print will be the most fashionable on summer t-shirts in the summer of 2021. Thanks to the interesting “tie and dye” technology, original and unique patterns are obtained that allow you to decorate and refresh any outfit. In the new season, the trend will be both bright variations of clothes with a Tie Dye print, and trendy interpretations in recent seasons using a pastel palette and a large number of color shades.

It is impossible to understand what is depicted on clothes decorated using the Tie Dye technique. Here the pattern consists of randomly arranged blots, divorces, waves and zigzags – it looks very creative and original.

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Now you know what prints will be in fashion in clothes for spring-summer 2021. Going shopping to update your wardrobe for the new season, be sure to arm yourself with the knowledge gained, this will help you be in trend.

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