Fashion rules for going out

Regardless of whether the girl is going to a gala event or not, she needs to know the fashion rules for going out. Some will come in handy for a regular visit to a restaurant or theater, while others – for an exhibition, museum or corporate event.

Look at others and show yourself: the rules for going out

If you have been invited to a special event at least once in your life, such as a wedding, a theme or corporate party, theater or cinema, then you definitely remember your first feelings:

  • Nothing to wear;
  • What to wear – I do not know;
  • And how to behave properly;
  • Do your own make-up or have a make-up artist;
  • What hairstyle to choose, etc.

This is where fashion rules would definitely come in handy for going out. Therefore, let’s get answers to all questions together now. And in the end, we prepared the most interesting: the rules of secular exit from Tatyana Polyakova.

Rule number 1: do not save

To some, this advice will not seem reasonable: the dress is only for one evening. And why invest in it? But it all starts with an inner sense of self: respect yourself, like yourself, be proud of yourself – all this will be felt by other people. And then only delightful glances will be directed at you.

Rule number 2: choose the right fabrics

When it comes to an evening dress, the best thing you can do is to choose a dress from:

  • Velvet;
  • Chiffon;
  • Fine wool;
  • Lace.

What model of dress to choose? Trends from fashion houses will help you here:

  • At the peak of popularity of sequins? Then your dress should be with sequins;
  • Are metallics and gray tones in fashion? Evening dress should also be like that;
  • Do you recommend golden colors and shades of crumbling leaves for October? Then choose a dress in gold and brown tones, with glitter and a combination of matte colors.

Rule number 3: the purpose of the event

If you are invited to the theater, do not wear a dress with sequins. Something more conservative, from high fashion, is suitable here. See, for example, how royal families dress. Discreet tones, closer to pastels, graceful lines and, of course, pumps with thin heels.

Takeaway: Find out more about the event you’re invited to. After that, finding the right clothes is much easier.

Rule number 4: makeup matches the evening and the image

There is nothing wrong with doing your own makeup. Especially if you have all the right skills for it. But do not forget: what an event – such a make-up. Smokey ice is suitable for a party, but for an exhibition and theater it is better to choose something more delicate.

Rule number 5: neat hair

If you were invited to a party, this does not mean that you need to do a wedding hairstyle on your head. Beautifully styled curls look very easy, unobtrusive, and most importantly – you can focus on a dress or makeup.

Now let’s talk a little about the rules of etiquette. They will be useful to you not only for going out.

Rule number 6: no “put on my knees”

  • Put the clutch bag on the table;
  • Hang a bulky bag on the back of a chair, put it on the floor or on a high chair, which is often given out in restaurants;
  • We put the portfolio only on the floor.

Rule number 7: moderation in spirits

Perfume is a delight. The enjoyment of fragrance, the enjoyment of a woman. If you do not have them, then be sure to choose your flavor. If you have them – do not pour a lot on yourself.

Rule number 8: tickets are given by a man

Came to the theater or to a concert with a man? He gives the tickets. A life partner will help you take off your coat, put it in the wardrobe, and the number will also be kept by him.

Rule #9: Don’t be late

Only a woman can be late for a couple of minutes, and then on a date. Do not be late for scheduled events, this is a sign of bad taste.

And now, as promised, we will share the advice of Tatyana Polyakova, an international etiquette specialist.

Rule #10: Watch Your Speech

No matter how bright you look, speech creates 35% of the impression about us.

Rule #11: Non-Verbal Actions

65% of impressions are our posture, gestures, look, how we behave and the attention we give to others.

Rule #12: A lady is a compliment

If you heard this compliment in your direction, then you won respect: you left the right impression from the first appearance, shook hands correctly and exchanged a social kiss, were able to start and maintain a simple, casual conversation.

Rule #13: You’re not in the disco

Going out is not a trip to a bar to a disco. Therefore, agree in advance with a dance teacher to give you a few lessons: how to move correctly, how to hold your back, arms.

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Rule #14: Learn how to have a conversation

A conversation is not a question: “How are you doing.” Small talk can have its own plan, be built and brought to a single logical conclusion.

Rule number 15: gloves or mittens

The lady does not take off her gloves, even when she says hello. But gloves, yes. Gloves are part of the costume.

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We hope that these fashionable rules for publication did not seem too complicated to you. As you can see, each situation has its own laws of behavior, and in some countries they are completely different. Therefore, the best advice in this situation is to study in advance the specifics of the event to which you are invited. And if everything happened spontaneously, then try not to worry and behave naturally.

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