Fashion sandals 2019

Fashionable sandals in 2019 are an indispensable part of the wardrobe for any girl. They are suitable for spring and summer bows, will be a great addition to any look. Let’s figure out how to choose shoes to constantly stay in trend.


Main selection trends

In the next seasons, both stiletto heels and stable platform models will be relevant. The wedge heel is the most popular today – it flooded all the fashion shows of stylish houses. This, by the way, is not surprising, because it is comfortable, you can walk in it for a long time and painlessly, it will suit short girls. Fashion designers listen to modern fashionistas, so they create practical and comfortable shoes. For everyday life, you need to choose open sandals with a small steady heel or without it at all.

If shoes are chosen for a special occasion or holiday, then you should pay attention to the options decorated with sequins, sequins or beads – they are the most relevant.

The next spring-summer fashion trend is transparent inserts. It can be a transparent heel, clasps or straps. Some designers came up with the idea of ​​inserting flowers into transparent plastic – it looks romantic and gentle.

Of the accessories in 2019, fringe, flounces, as well as bows are popular. If you choose a model with such decorations, you will definitely be the most fashionable.

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[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! For colder weather, closed-toe sandals are suitable. Choose models with ties, with a semi-closed heel, then the shoes will look organic.[/stextbox]

Models of popular sandals

Fashion dictates its own rules every year, in 2019 new items appeared that were not there before. Let’s see what sandals will be relevant this year.

  • Ties and laces.

Such a trend can hardly be called an innovation, but this summer it will definitely be found in every girl. Fashionable sandals for the summer in 2019 must be tied. It can be as complex knots as several loops around the ankle, it all depends on how much you like ornate patterns. Ordinary ties often look boring, monotonous, so you can add beads, beads or rings to thin leather threads. They will look good on tanned legs, so they are perfect for summer.

The soles of these sandals should be flat. Daring fashionistas can try wearing elongated summer boots with ties to the knee or mid-calf. The model will look organic in ethnic bows, but is also suitable for everyday life.

  • Thin outsole.

As much as modern girls do not like high heels and thin stilettos, in summer many choose thin soles, which are most comfortable to walk on. Its thickness usually does not exceed a centimeter, so the material must be especially dense and of high quality. Otherwise, you can injure your foot on a stone or some debris.

The top of such a sandal can be anything – the option through the finger, a closed back with a zipper, or any other one you like will do. Most often, in order for the leg to be maximally fixed, the first option is chosen. So sandals resemble Greek shoes, they look simple but elegant. Decorate shoes with rivets, leather flowers, fringe.

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  • Essential slippers.

For everyday life, many girls choose ordinary slippers on a stable platform with several straps. They can be worn under any shorts, dresses or t-shirts, so they will fit perfectly into any summer wardrobe.

Sandals with thick cork soles with two massive straps became current models. They look interesting, will be a good basis for any bow. A distinctive feature of such shoes is that they look like they are a size larger due to a brightly protruding toe.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! The model is specially designed so that the leg will be firmly fixed.[/stextbox]

  • Platform sandals.

Platform shoes are suitable for parties or meetings with friends. Few fashionistas choose these sandals for their everyday look, as many find it uncomfortable to walk in them in the heat. But for a party on vacation or a trip to the city, you can safely choose this option – it looks stylish and neat. Especially platform sandals are suitable for short girls, so the image will be more elongated and solid.

In this model, you can use another stylish trend – a transparent wedge or heel. Do not be afraid to experiment: many will like the floral pattern or unusual elements in transparent plastic.

Trendy shades and prints

The most popular sandals in 2019, according to fashion trends, are made in monochrome, soothing shades. Black and white is a great combination that will never go out of style. Also, sandals of such shades are suitable for any clothes, so there will be no problems with combining things.

Classic colors are always in trend

If in summer and spring you want to add something bright, unusual, then you should choose rich, saturated colors: carrot, orange, fuchsia, eggplant or deep blue. You can also combine two trends at once: in monochrome sandals there may be a bright accent – a flower, a pattern or an unusual pattern.

The following prints are considered popular:

  • Cell. It is especially relevant in such variations as Scottish or Prince of Wales. Sandals with this pattern draw attention to themselves, so they are best worn with plain t-shirts, skirts or trousers. A cage can only become a detail if, for example, straps or ties are made using this technique.

  • Line. Striped sandals are a good, versatile choice that everyone will love. Vertical lines can visually lengthen the feet, horizontal lines, on the contrary, will make them a little wider. This print will look especially good on simple slippers.

  • Floral pattern – perfect for the summer. You can choose both a small pattern and a large one, for the entire front of the sandal. Popular drawings are lilies, roses, simple but elegant daisies. Sandals on a transparent platform with artificial flowers inside and with a floral pattern will look especially interesting.

Actual materials for sandals

The most popular, high-quality and natural material for shoes is leather. This is not surprising, since sandals from it will be worn for more than one season, they will not lose their shape and quality even after a couple of years. It is also a strong material that can be worn on a hike or sports trip. Designers can dye the skin in any shade. Shades of brown, black or blue are considered the most relevant option. Sandals of each model can be made of leather, so you just have to find the one you like. Such fashionable women’s sandals in 2019 can be seen in the photo in our review.

Summer leather sandals

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