Fashion sandals 2020

Fashionable sandals of the 2020 season delight with a variety of models. Let’s get acquainted with the latest trends!



Summer 2020 fashion trends offer fashionistas a wide range of sandals made of various materials. The favorites of the designers were suede, leather, textiles and denim. In the new season, the popular technique of the 2019 season has also smoothly migrated – transparent inserts. Such elements facilitate the design of sandals and make them stylish and extraordinary.

Among the trendy materials, one can also single out leather with imitation of crocodile or snake embossing. Such novelties look especially elegant and expensive.

In addition to the classic plain models, printed sandals occupy a worthy place among the trends. The palm still belongs to the cell, flowers, peas and geometry.

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Bright colours

The onset of the warm season often inspires fashionistas to add bright and juicy accents to their usual looks. An excellent and extremely relevant idea would be the choice of sandals in actual colors. In the first place in popularity were azure, yellow, orange, red, hot pink and light green shades. If your summer wardrobe has enough neutral laconic things, then this novelty will be a great shake-up for them.

If you are not a fan of bright colors, you can bet on pastel colors in a fairly saturated design. Such shades will wonderfully emphasize the summer tan on the legs and a beautiful pedicure.


Espadrilles with fabric uppers and woven or cork soles can boast that they have not lost momentum in popularity for several seasons in a row. Fashionistas fell in love with this model for a relaxed summer design, versatility and comfort. It is still a win-win for everyday life and for vacations.


Sandals for the summer of 2020 may have long straps that can wrap around the ankles several times. If the weather is cool, you can embody the most curious trick among the trends of the season – wrapping straps right over wide trousers.

Of course, such sandals will not be appropriate in office outfits, but they look great in summer everyday and vacation bows. If a girl wants to visually increase her height, she can successfully combine straps with a platform. Such an up-to-date model will perfectly make friends with a flying dress, jeans, a skirt, loose t-shirts and shirts, as well as relaxed summer trousers.

Many brands also offer to try on exquisite gladiator sandals with many thin straps. Such a model in itself looks quite extraordinary, and therefore requires a neighborhood with fairly concise and restrained things. For example, you can choose a minimalistic shirt dress or a light oversized model for them.

Stable heel

A pleasant novelty of the 2020 season are sandals with a low stable heel. This model does not allow compromises, because it guarantees a combination of femininity and comfort. Even if the heel is presented in a non-standard form, the legs in such shoes will not get tired for a long time.


If you are looking for the most elegant and romantic shoes among the trends of the 2020 season, then you will definitely fall in love with ribbon sandals. Such novelties look as charming as possible if they are executed in light pastel colors. The ribbons themselves can be not only satin, but also textile, suede or leather.

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Emphasis on the thumb

Many of the listed models are familiar to readers from past seasons. But our trends guide has not done without fresh creative ideas from designers. For example, sandals with an emphasis on the thumb are such. As a rule, such models have a fairly minimalist design, which means they will successfully fit into any outfit.

Stylists suggest that such a model is easy to make friends with any fashionable clothes, whether it be a floral midi dress, actual leather items or loose trousers. Experiment and you will surely continue this list!

Closed heel

Fashionable in the 2020 season, women’s heeled sandals can be presented in a rather restrained style. Typically, this direction of design involves a closed heel. These shoes look elegant and feminine, which means they can easily fit into the office style. Such novelties can be made according to the principle of color blocking, that is, they can consist of several colors.

[stextbox id=’info’]Sandals with a closed heel will easily serve faithfully throughout the summer, as they are appropriate in both hot and cool weather.[/stextbox]

With ropes

Ropes of various thicknesses are considered a creative element of shoe design in the 2020 season. They can serve as ties or as an extraordinary decoration.


The trend for minimalism has captured almost all areas of fashion, including the design of actual shoes. Sandals that support this direction have a laconic style, a minimum of decorative elements and a solid color. The main feature of minimalism is its versatility. Such simple and stylish sandals can really fit into almost any bow, be it a trouser suit, a bright dress, a skirt or shorts of your favorite cut.

Without heel

Fashionable in the 2020 season, sandals without a heel can serve as an integral part of everyday summer looks that are not devoid of elegance and elegance. Since modern fashion puts practicality and convenience at the forefront, sophisticated sandals can also be presented at a low rise. Trends have multiple options!

Such a model can be stylistically sustained in a sporty direction with a characteristic high sole and leather straps. This trend can be easily combined not only with shorts and jeans. In 2020, you should definitely try eclectic styles in practice – for example, a combination with a pleated skirt or a romantic dress with polka dots or flowers.

Sandals in a sporty style with Velcro look spectacular and expressive. Such models are often complemented by a massive sole, which is quite light and comfortable to wear. The advantage is also considered a reliable fixation on the leg.

On a wedge

On a full foot, stylists recommend that you definitely select a model of shoes with a high rise. At the same time, a hairpin is far from the best option, because it will create dissonance with the proportions of the figure. The best solution is a stable wide heel or wedge. Among the latest models, there are especially many interesting new products in the 2020 season.

[stextbox id=’info’]The wedge heel is usually made of dense, but at the same time of light material – this provides additional comfort.[/stextbox]

on hairpin

Despite the huge popularity of the stable heel, the stiletto heel is also not going to go out of fashion …

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