Fashion sandals: trends 2021

Sandals can easily be recognized as one of the trendiest footwear options in 2021. They combine two very important qualities for women – convenience and brightness. In the warm season, there will be many unusual models of sandals in the trend, among which you will definitely find your own option.

What sandals will be in fashion in 2021

Photos from the shows of the most famous designers show that flat sandals are in fashion today. They strike the perfect balance of style and comfort and are perfect for any summer look. The trends of this season include the following models:

Egyptian style. This style is simply indispensable as a beach option, and at the same time it is perfect for the city. Most often, such models consist of a flat sole and several straps, but bold designers are not afraid to use different decor in the form of beads, bows, buckles, flowers.

Greek and Roman styles. Lightweight and sophisticated sandals made in this style will complement the summer look and give it femininity. The main thing is to correctly combine things in images, while creating your own individual style.

Evening models. These sandals are most often made of genuine leather, and may contain details with reptile skin. Do not be afraid of such elegant shoes, because in them you will attract a lot of attention.

Sports. Sandals in themselves are practical shoes, but among them you can find directly sports models. They look more restrained and simple, but are easily combined with different clothes.

“Gladiators”. In another way, these sandals are called summer boots, because their length can reach the knee and above. Speaking about the color of the “gladiators”, it must be clarified that not only shades of genuine leather will be fashionable, but also pink, mint, peach and blue.

In general, as you can see, flat soles and originality are in trend. Fashion 2021 gave the first place to flat sandals, because these options are the most practical, especially for active girls. They easily fit into different images and are combined with any clothing.

Decor and colors

Decor plays a very important role in how the final shoe will look. To draw even more attention to the legs of beauties, designers use this sandal decor in 2021:

  • Chains and pendants. This is one of the hottest trends that could even replace ribbons and leather straps. The chains on the sandals give the look a certain lightness and elegance that fit perfectly into summer bows.

  • Feathers. The decor, made from the feathers of unusual birds, also adorns the most fashionable sandals in 2021. These shoes look bright and attractive.

  • Spikes and other metal decor. For real rebels, this style is what you need. Although some well-known designers took the risk of adding some metallic elements to the delicate images, and they did not fail.

  • Wicker and knitted. Braided options in a variety of styles can already be seen on the feet of models from famous shows, which means that you should buy yourself such shoes. Sandals with macrame elements, openwork models and woven straw sandals are at the peak of fashion.

  • Metallic. Shoes with a metallic effect look unusually beautiful under the rays of the summer sun, which attracts attention.
  • Embroidery and eyelets. Bright shoes, decorated with embroidered flowers and unusual eyelets, will also be in trend this summer.

  • Fringe. At the same time, it should have an attractive shade and an impressive length.

Complementing the many new models of sandals are thin lacing, large clasps, unusual prints and transparent inserts. The trend for transparent shoes has also touched sandals, so they can be completely transparent or contain only some elements.

True fashionistas will definitely not be able to pass the whole summer in one-color sandals. This year, the legs should be decorated with a lot of colors, original shapes, decor and unusual design solutions. The most trendy colors for sandals in 2021 are as follows:

  • white;
  • blue and blue;
  • mint;
  • light green;
  • scarlet;
  • Orange;
  • pale pink.

No need to limit yourself in shoes! Pick up several models at once in the most trendy colors and experiment with your appearance. If, for example, you are not tall, you can find platform sandals for yourself, which will also be fashionable in 2021.

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What to wear with the most fashionable sandals

It is not enough just to buy a fashion item. You need to be able to properly combine it with other clothes in order to create a holistic image. Here are some tips regarding the appropriateness of sandals in different looks:

  • Gladiator sandals go very well with shorts and a pencil skirt. To draw even more attention to such shoes, some designers suggest wearing white knee-highs under them.
  • Silver sandals with a flat sole are ideally combined with black skinny trousers, a white shirt and an elongated jacket.
  • Sports sandals, contrary to stereotypes, can be worn not only with jeans or shorts. They look great with oversized trousers and even loose-fitting dresses.

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Sandals that will be fashionable in 2021, you can see in the photo from the shows of famous designers. Based on the outfit combinations you see, you can create the perfect summer look for yourself. And sandals are a must.

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