Fashion scarves – autumn 2019

Fashionable scarves in the fall 2019 season are not just a way to warm up, but also an opportunity to diversify your look with a stylish accessory. Read about the most trendy new products in our review!


Deciding on a color

If you are in favor of spectacular bright images that disperse the autumn blues, choose incredibly trendy accessories in juicy colors. To make the image fashionable and attractive, a scarf in red, red, green, sky blue and lemon color will help. Such bright accents can be chosen for a tandem with a jacket, down jacket, coat or sheepskin coat in soothing colors.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Juicy colors of scarves are perfect for women over 50. Such tones illuminate the skin of the face and rejuvenate the outfit as a whole. Therefore, do not be afraid to let colors into your wardrobe![/stextbox]

Models of neutral shades have also taken a worthy position on the fashionable Olympus. Now the trend is a rich palette of beige, milky, gray, powdery pink and mustard shades.

Fashion trends in 2019 please with a variety of current prints. Checked accessories have been at the top of popularity for several seasons. Such a print can be sustained both in calm and in juicy shades.

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A stylish accent in a bow can be a striped scarf, polka dots, with a leopard, abstract or ethnic print. Youth scarves are often decorated with inscriptions and slogans. The most daring fashionistas can choose accessories and clothes with identical prints – this stereotype-breaking technique is now at the peak of popularity.

Long knitted scarf

Perhaps this is the most comfortable accessory among the variety of modern trends.

Such a scarf skillfully fulfills its main mission – salvation from the cold, and at the same time emphasizes the creative individuality of a fashionista.

A parka, a maxi or midi coat, a military-style raincoat, a dressing gown – this is not a complete list of outerwear that can be successfully combined with this accessory. I’m sure you’ll come up with many more ways to use it.

Oversized style

Knitted scarves are also presented in an oversized format, which is often complemented by a large knit. Now the trend is such accessories in soothing colors – cream, beige and gray.

The length is not strictly limited – some models even end below the hem of the outerwear. Such a product can be wrapped twice around the neck, thrown over the shoulders or used as a poncho on especially cold days.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Oversized models perfectly hide various figure flaws.[/stextbox]

In the oversized style, not only knitwear is presented. These scarves can be made from cozy knitwear or cashmere.

In the animal world

The cold season is a great occasion to add especially cute and cozy details to your look. Designers agree with this and offer to dilute their bows with charming scarves in the form of animals.

For example, such an unusual accessory can be made in the form of a fox, raccoon, panda or cat. If you tie such a scarf, it seems that the animal is hugging the owner or biting.

Delicate chiffon and silk

Designers offer fashionistas to opt for delicate chiffon scarves that will perfectly fit into autumn looks for warm weather. Among fashion trends, an honorable position belongs to silk. Particular attention should be paid to silk accessories in rich colors, as well as models with abstract and geometric prints. With a silk scarf in your arsenal, you will always know how to stylishly diversify your look with a trouser suit, jacket, raincoat, light trench coat, colored fur coat or dress.

Stylists are sure that a silk scarf can be safely included in the basic wardrobe of a modern fashionista. This accessory has no seasonality, and it will add freshness and chic to the image, regardless of the season.


Boho-style accessories are also promising to be popular with girls. The main sign of such an accessory is an original style, ethnic pattern, fringe and other paraphernalia of the boho trend.

Long and thin

Long narrow scarves look charming and feminine, which make any look more expressive and complete.

Such an accessory can simply be tied around the neck, creating a choker effect, or wrapped several times for fashionable layering. If a thin scarf is plain, it may well play the role of a tie in an image with a jacket.


The trends of the autumn-winter 2019 season also highlight fashionable fringed scarves. This decor can be long and short, casually hanging down or gathered into tassels, located at the bottom or framing the entire product. In any case, the fringe will give a special charm to the scarf and the bow as a whole.


Creative stitching with a waterproof surface is the choice of the most daring and practical fashionistas.

Clamp and snood

Girls who value practicality have been making a choice in favor of a stylish collar for more than a season. Such snoods perfectly insulate, especially if used as a cape on the head.

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This season, the collar has a voluminous look due to the cozy coarse knit. Fashion does not strictly limit colors – both bright and calm tones are welcome.


Fur scarves have long remained in the shadow of fashion trends, but in the autumn-winter 2019-2020 season they plan to be in demand again. The warming properties of such models are at their best – no cold will be terrible! Another trump card up your sleeve is the ability to make the image richer and more spectacular and transform boring outerwear. The unconditional favorites of this season are colored fur products. Getting into trends is ensured when choosing beige, powdery pink, white, yellow colors.

Despite the original look, the fur accessory fits well into the outfit of any style and tends to be combined with various outerwear – a jacket, coat, sheepskin coat or down jacket. The dress code of some organizations will not mind such an accessory indoors.

We compose fashion images

We have already mentioned that a fashionable scarf is a budget and win-win technique for transforming an autumn look. Now we offer to move from words to deeds and be inspired by a photo selection of bows with the successful use of the most comfortable accessory.

  • Tucking a scarf under a belt or a coat belt is the horse’s move of any fashionista, if you want to create an emphasis on the waist and add a twist to the outfit.

  • This technique can be implemented with a trench coat. Moreover, the belt on it can be carelessly tied – it’s even cooler.
  • If you are tormented by doubts about what to wear a bright scarf with, just pick up the same cheerful shoes for it. The rest of the image can be sustained in calm and muted shades – it will still turn out to be interesting and dynamic due to accessories.

  • You can also add a touch of negligence to the bow by simply throwing …

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