Fashion scarves for autumn 2020

Fashionable scarves for the fall of 2020 will help to concisely complete the image or harmoniously complement it. Fortunately, you can choose from a huge variety of models, textures and colors presented on the catwalks. How to replenish your wardrobe for autumn and how to create a stylish bow with a scarf, we understand below.

Hit of the season – hypersize scarf

In addition to the warming function, the main task of such a huge scarf is to make the image of a girl or woman even more fragile and tender. Give the bow a special grace. Regardless of the material of manufacture of a large hypersize scarf, it warms in any weather: both during slightly cool autumn days and during a steady winter cold. A hypersized scarf is recommended to be wrapped several times around the neck in a loose, casual style. Such an accessory will look especially beautiful with a raincoat, with an oversized coat, with a quilted jacket.

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In the youth direction, the scarf-snood has proven itself perfectly. It is a kind of hybrid of a hat and scarf. It can also serve as a headdress if necessary. Snood has no beginning or end. Looks great with a jacket, coat, with an elongated loose jacket.

A distinctive feature of the snood is textured bulk knitting. For such a scarf, it is better to choose a perfectly soft and delicate yarn. Then the accessory will fall in beautiful free waves.

To create a trendy look with a snood scarf, add boots or boots with rough soles to a mid-length coat. Complete the bow with gloves to match the scarf. Wear a stylish beret if necessary.

Please note that thin knitted snood scarves are also on sale. They look mega stylish with a classic knitted dress or pantsuit. In general, with the help of snood, it is possible to create beautiful street style or casual bows.


Scarves in chunky knit

This is not the first season in the trend of fashionable knitted scarves, and the fall-winter 2020 is no exception. The obligatory requirement here is the largest possible knitting. With such a product, neither a dank autumn rainy day, nor a snowy winter one is terrible. A coarse knit scarf should have an impressive length. At least 2 m. This will allow you to beautifully wrap it around your neck twice and leave the ends lowered. In this design, a large-knit scarf looks as elegant and stylish as possible.

It is recommended to choose the color scheme of the accessory to match the gloves, the shade of the dress, under the coat or shoes. Make sure that the color schemes in the image when using a knitted scarf have something in common.

Cashmere and wool: the perfect material for an autumn scarf

If you do not want to overload the image with voluminous details, wear a scarf made of fine wool or cashmere. From time immemorial, these fabrics have been famous for their nobility and have been one of the favorites of the nobility of all time. Scarves made from such fabrics are especially suitable for overweight women, because even in the case of three turns around the neck they look elegant.

A cashmere or thin woolen scarf will perfectly complement a business, office or romantic look. Such an accessory in a mono shade looks concise and at the same time sophisticated. With a thin scarf made of wool or cashmere, you can dilute a trouser or skirt suit, an elegant knitwear dress. Complete the look with suede boots and a tote bag.

Silk elegant scarves

Silk scarves will help create a particularly noble image. The delicate texture of the fabric, graceful overflows, the perfect combination with classic, business, noble or romantic styles make a silk scarf indispensable in the autumn wardrobe. This product is ideal for women of all ages, including women over 50.

With a silk scarf, you can boldly complete an ultra-stylish urban look. Today, a silk accessory is fashionable to wear with sweatshirts, cardigans, sweaters, blouses and tops. Therefore, a silk scarf will become especially indispensable for early autumn.

The most fashionable trend of the autumn season is a silk scarf tied around the neck with a bow.

Volumetric stole

In general, a huge voluminous shawl is not a novelty of the season, but the principle of wearing it is yes. A huge tippet can not only be thrown over the shoulders and wrapped around the neck, but also worn as a pretty poncho. Try throwing the stole over your shoulders in a free version and gird its edges with a stylish belt. Ready. An interesting option for outerwear for a cool autumn day is provided to you.

The stole can be luxuriously combined with a classic coat, with an oversized coat, with a trouser and skirt suit, thrown over the shoulders over a warm dress.

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Fur scarf

Together with the fashion of the 70s, such a product as a boa returns to us. An elegant classic scarf made of natural or faux fur will perfectly complement a classic look or Street style bow. Natural and artificial fur goes well with leather and cashmere outerwear. Looks great on the shoulders as a cape for an evening dress.

If you want to create a stylish look with a fur scarf, put on a midi dress, pumps and a boa. Complete the look with a small elegant clutch.

Quilted scarf

Quilted scarves are designed for the especially eccentric and daring for the fall of 2020. Outwardly, the texture resembles a familiar down jacket. You do not know how to wear such an accessory. Everything is very simple. Pair it casually and confidently with a faux fur coat, an oversized coat or a puffer jacket in a contrasting shade. Interesting stylish models at their shows were offered by Dries Van Noten, Max Mara and others.

Custom scarf

If surprising and shocking with your images is your life credo, then pick up an interesting non-standard scarf for the fall. The creative novelty of the season is a scarf-sleeve. Outwardly, it looks like the sleeves of a knitted sweater were sewn together. This solution is well suited for the beginning of autumn, on dry cool days. Try pairing a scarf sleeve with chunky low-soled boots.

Logomania is trending

Along with the fashion of the 70s on modern catwalks, the passion for logos from the 90s is returning. Today it is fashionable to wear a large scarf or stole with logos printed on it. It is advisable to choose an accessory in which the presentation of printed letters, quotes or brands is delicately pushed aside by a sense of humor. Don’t take logos too seriously.

The oversized logo stole goes well with avant-garde style, sportswear and street style.

Bright multicolor scarves

This version of the accessory is a special find for those who cannot decide on a color. A scarf made in the colorblock technique allows you to add dynamism to the image. There is only one rule – everything else in the bow, besides the accessory, should be done in muted shades. For colorblock scarves, there are no boundaries and no hard and fast rules: colors can be mixed together in a gradient order, diagonally or horizontally, mixed in unequal blocks or double-sided…

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