Fashion season autumn-winter 2018-2019

The main fashion trends of the autumn-winter 2018-2019 season are interesting and self-sufficient. You can combine them with each other or choose only some stylish details that will earn a place in your bow. We have compiled for you a rating of the most important trends that will certainly inspire you to create your own unique outfits.


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Color palette

Before choosing stylish images for the new season, every girl asks herself what color to choose in order to pass for the most fashionable. We assure you that in the fall and winter of 2018-2019 you will have plenty to choose from!

  • Feel free to get scarlet things out of your wardrobe – this is the choice of brave and self-confident fashionistas. It is perfect for any style look. Decide on scarlet clothes made of dense materials, and everyone will be delighted with your amazing outfit.
  • Deep dark green decided to linger in trends after the autumn season. Not all girls decide on it, but one has only to purchase a thing of such a self-sufficient color once, and the love for dark green appears once and for all. The coolest combination is obtained by combining dark green with scarlet.
  • Luxurious gold will not let you get bored in winter.

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Note! Today, the texture of the precious metal is not guessed in glitter or sequins. It has found its application on even materials and artificial fur. Designers are simply delighted with the black + gold tandem. Feel free to copy this combination in your looks.


  • We prescribe orange and tangerine clothes to all those who do not have the mood and inspiration for creative outfits. Take several times a week, the duration of the course is the autumn-winter season 2018-2019.
  • The whole family of wine shades will allow you to look spectacular and noble in the cold season. Choose interesting expensive textures for such clothes, and you will win doubly.
  • Romanticism and tenderness of fashion trends are reflected in the relevance of pastel shades. We are sure that you will be beautiful in clothes of pale pink, mint, sky or cream colors.
  • Designers were not afraid to use pink not only in its soft version, but also in the provocative shade of fuchsia. He so often flashed at fashion shows that he automatically became the main trend.
  • Ultraviolet is the recognized leader of 2018. For women who are hesitant to add it to their winter wardrobe, a calmer lavender shade is presented.
  • Blue (yes, not simple, but the brightest!) Also got into the rating of the most relevant colors.

Fashionable palette for the cold season

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  • A hit in the colors of new clothes is a gradient. Designers got bored with the use of the ombre effect only in knitted cardigans, which at one time ended up in the wardrobe of almost every fashionista. Today they are experimenting with smooth transitions of shades even in outerwear. This is a great reason to abandon black down jackets and opt for a more interesting model!

  • The predatory print has become a favorite of many fashionistas. However, it is completely different from previous seasons. Its calm options in pastel colors are welcome, as well as the addition of pink, lilac and light green colors to the animal print. The leopard print in black and yellow is rapidly gaining its popularity.

  • Fashionistas simply have to pay attention to the floral print. It reveals femininity and beauty in the best possible way. Floral motifs have taken root not only on dresses, but also on jackets, coats, trousers and sweaters.

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Do you know which plaid print is the most fashionable this season? Absolutely anyone! Fashion trends do not place restrictions on the color, size, direction or type of cage. Therefore, with this print it is impossible to make a mistake. It is enough to choose your favorite kind of checkered ornament and automatically be in trend.


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  • Abstraction is relevant not only in contemporary art, but also in the colors of fashionable clothes. Unusual patterns and ornate ornaments are also welcome.

Main styles

  • At the peak of popularity, minimalism with its incredible combination of conciseness and chic. Simple cuts and soothing colors will emphasize your elegance, while discreet accessories will tell everyone about your impeccable taste. However, if you don’t like simple combinations in the image, then other fashion trends of the fall-winter 2018-2019 season will surely come to your taste.

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  • The completely opposite direction of fashion trends is layering. Moreover, we advise you to go beyond the banal combination “shirt + jumper” and create interesting multi-layered bows that you want to look at again and again. The main feature of such combinations is that if you take off one piece of clothing, you still look stylish and beautiful.

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Rejoice all fans of military style – it is back! Designers actively use it in outerwear and proclaim the overcoat, uniform and tunic to be relevant. Also popular are jumpsuits, jackets and jackets with elements of a paramilitary style, as in the photo.


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  • It’s hard not to notice the triumphant return of 80s style. It is presented in flared trousers, wide shoulder pads, kitten heels and a contrasting top and bottom in one look.


The main fashion trends of the fall-winter 2018-2019 season offer a variety of outerwear options.

The choice of self-confident fashionistas is leather and lacquer raincoats. Designers offer to play with their colors and choose the brightest colors.

A more classic version of outerwear is elegant capes. The trends include both calm and saturated colors.

The most fashionable down jackets and jackets are models with a coupler. Asymmetry, metallic colors and midi length are welcome.

Quilted jackets

The best antidepressant for autumn-winter melancholy is an artificial fur coat in bright cheerful colors. Autoladies today choose short styles, and the most daring women of fashion are not averse to experimenting with oversized cuts.

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An elegant beret can bring a touch of French charm to your look. It became incredibly popular in the fall of 2018 and just as confidently retains its fashion positions in the winter of 2019.

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Also, among the fashionable headwear, we noticed caps, beanie hats, wide-brimmed hats and faux fur hats.


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