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The shirt dress captivates with its convenience and versatility so much that fashionistas willingly turn to it from season to season. Another advantage of this model is practicality. Most of the styles of shirt dresses included in the trends of 2023 look great on different types of figures. Yes, and you can wear them at any age, which is also considered an indisputable plus. And with this thing, you can make bows in different styles: from office to evening.

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Shirt Dresses: Fashion Trends 2023

At the very beginning of this fashion trend, the dress looked like an elongated men’s shirt with a row of buttons and a stiff collar. Of course, over time, the model has changed, acquired more feminine features. Today, in stores you can find many beautiful variations of shirt dresses that will satisfy even the most demanding taste.

We will tell you which styles of shirt-cut dresses will be considered the most stylish this year.

  • Safari. A shirt dress in this style looks very impressive. It can be any length, and the colors vary in shades from khaki to sandy. Distinctive details of this dress are voluminous patch pockets and the presence of a matching strap to the base. A safari-style look can be complemented with a wicker hat, glasses and sandals. Great choice for summer 2023.

  • Maxi. Long shirt dresses look very elegant and fashionable. Stylists recommend giving preference to floor length or ankle length. Depending on the material, color and details of a particular dress, it can be casual or designed for evening outings. In any case, it is appropriate to combine maxi-length shirt dresses with sneakers or boots, as well as with stilettos.

  • Mini. The opposite of the previous trend, a short shirt dress is perfect for hot summers and holidays. Of course, the best mini will sit on slender girls. But, if you don’t consider yourself as such, and you really want to wear a short shirt dress, then you can use it as a tunic, combining it with jeans or leggings. The solution is both stylish and versatile.

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  • Denim. The denim shirt dress is the new trend of 2023. Of course, due to the density of jeans, such a model is more suitable for the spring-autumn period, although it will be comfortable in a cool summer. Denim this season is popular in all types and designs, so the appearance of such a trend should not be surprising. See for yourself, denim shirt dresses look stylish, and, of course, they are very practical and comfortable.

  • Chemise dress. The main distinguishing feature of this dress is the absence of a collar. There is a special highlight in styles without sleeves and on the straps. They look extravagant, but feminine and at the same time light and free in summer.

  • A-line. Most often, models of this cut have a midi length. A-line shirt dress is suitable for both slender and full, because it visually stretches and helps to hide many figure flaws. And such a thing is a godsend for owners of wide shoulders. Due to the trapezoidal cut, expanding downwards, the figure is balanced, looks more harmonious.

  • Leather. Of course, a dress made of such material is not suitable for the summer. But in autumn and winter it will be quite comfortable. In addition, it will be an excellent base for a stylish business look. Stylists focus on leather shirt dresses in dark shades: burgundy, black, brown and blue.

  • Striped. A fashionable vertical striped shirt dress will not only help visually hide a couple of extra pounds, but will also be an excellent basis for a summer look. In the warm season, stylists recommend giving preference to stripes of bright juicy colors, and by winter, switch to something more restrained. Models made in muted colors are suitable not only for every day, but also for a business meeting.

  • With a corset. This option of wearing a shirt dress is a fashion novelty in 2023. It is worth considering that oversized models are best suited for this trend. Firstly, the corset favorably emphasizes the waist. And secondly, such an elegant element is easy to combine with different fashion styles. If you put on a shirt dress and a corset with sneakers, you get a practical outfit for every day. And if you combine it with boots or stiletto sandals – a cocktail option for going out.

  • in a cage. A checkered print shirt dress is quite original. You can wear it as an ordinary dress, or, without fastening, throw it over a top or T-shirt. It can also be safely combined with classic jeans, trousers or leggings.

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We advise you to pay attention to the floral print – a trend in all segments of women’s and even men’s clothing in 2023. A shirt dress with a floral ornament will add femininity and brightness to your look – just what you need in summer!

We talked about the main trends of shirt dresses in 2023, according to the attached photos, you can easily choose your favorites and outline plans for your next shopping. In general, the shirt-dress is considered a must-have for every fashionista this season. Therefore, buying one of the options we have proposed above is a win-win solution!

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