Fashion shoes 2019: season trends

The fashion trends of the upcoming 2019 are quite diverse, not only in the clothing segment, but also in footwear. Photos with images of colored shoes and boots richly decorated with various accessories have literally flooded the covers of world fashion glosses. Therefore, we invite you to plunge into the world of fashion and get acquainted with the current shoe trends of the coming seasons, which we have presented later in our article.


Fashion trends 2019

At the latest shows, designers presented many original styles of shoes, among which we recommend paying special attention to the models below.

  • Decorated toe and heel. Highlighting the toe or heel area on shoes is one of the most sought-after trends of the upcoming 2019. It can be either contrasting colored inserts, or from a completely different material, such as suede or even fur. But the most fashionable will be considered shoes in which the heel and toe are decorated with metal patches.

  • With bows. Today, femininity and elegance are in fashion, which designers took as a basis when creating new shoe collections. Shoes, sandals and even over the knee boots decorated with voluminous leather or textile bows will not only complete the original look, but also its main highlight.

  • No back. Another trend that literally filled the latest fashion shows. Multi-colored clogs designed for the warm season, as well as shoes or ankle boots that are more suitable for the autumn period, will become integral elements of the wardrobe of every modern fashionista. Stylists recommend wearing such shoes both on a bare foot and on a warm sock or tights.

  • With straps. Lacing, as well as all kinds of straps, are no longer just functional elements that were originally intended to securely fix the legs, but full-fledged design components. Therefore, both classic products with a small strap placed just below the ankle, and richly decorated styles with many buckles will be in fashion.

  • With rough soles. Half boots and boots with a design reminiscent of men’s are not only practical to wear, but also quite versatile. You can combine such shoes with both jeans and light cocktail dresses. As for the design, the advantage of classic leather lace-up models will be relevant, but if you wish, you can also find more creative velvet options made in bright colors.

  • With decor. Shoes decorated with all kinds of colored pompoms, sequins, tassels, stones, rhinestones and embroidery, although considered quite impractical, will still be very relevant next year. At the same time, the more decor on the shoes, the more fashionable the bow turns out.

Fashionable shoes with fur decor

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Important! Another trend that migrated from clothing to shoe design is feathers. It can be either a small feather on the toe or back, or whole armfuls of feathers that completely cover the entire product.


  • Combined. Shoes, in the design of which several different materials were used at once, became literally a hit among the fashion trends of the upcoming autumn-winter 2019 season. As you can see in the photo from the shows, in addition to the classic combination of leather and suede, decorative inserts made of rubber, fur, velvet and metal are also in trend.

  • With metallic effect. Shoes made of materials imitating a metallic coating are an indispensable element of the basic wardrobe of every girl. You can wear such shoes, boots, sandals or boots, both in combination with evening dresses and in everyday life.

Fashion loafers with metal effect

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  • From fur. Shoes decorated or completely made of fur are considered relevant not only in winter, but also in summer. The trend will be products, both from short plush fur, and with a rather long pile, which literally drags along the floor.

  • With pointed toe. The fashion for pointed toe has been going on for several seasons. But next year, products with a disproportionately long nose will be relevant. The heel here may be small in the form of a glass or even absent.

Disproportionately long toe

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  • Neon colors. “Chemical” colors are popular again today. In the upcoming season, stylists recommend wearing shoes made in acid lemon, blue, green, blue and lilac tones not only in youth, but also in classic style. As for materials, in this case it is better to pay attention to products made of plastic, satin or patent leather.

Shoes in bright neon colors

  • Transparent. Shoes made of transparent plastic now certainly do not surprise anyone. High heeled sandals, ankle boots with color piping, and even thigh high boots are a stylish addition to any look.

Transparent over the knee boots – an example from a celebrity

  • With a wide leg. Those times when the shaft had to clearly “sit” on the leg are long gone. Boots and ankle boots with a very wide shin are in fashion. As for the design itself, it should be products with an elongated toe, low stable heels, or vice versa with high heels.

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Important! The novelty of the season are transforming boots, in which the width of the shaft is regulated with the help of zippers.


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  • Unusual forms. Designers never cease to amaze us with new styles of shoes, including products with an informal design. A wooden wedge, a chain heel, as well as a decorative top with feathers in the form of a Mohawk have already managed to not only attract fashionistas, but also replenish their shoe collections.

  • On a stable heel and platform. Such shoes can rightfully be called classic, as they have been popular for more than one season and still remain in fashion. The height of the heel and platform in this case has no restrictions. You can choose the highest shoes or boots and boldly wear them, both in everyday life and combined with evening dresses.

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  • With an unusual heel. Complex and one might even say that the whole architectural structures instead of the heel will be especially relevant in the coming year. “Towers” ​​made of transparent rectangles with a metal ball in the middle, cartoon characters and statues are some of the few examples of what a heel should look like in 2019.

  • Printed. Plaid is one of the most fashionable prints of this season, which can be seen in the photo in various shoe catalogs. In addition to the classic chess pattern, a variant in the form of colored cubes is also allowed. Don’t miss out on shoes…

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