Fashion shoes – autumn 2019

What shoes are the most fashionable in the fall 2019 season? We are ready to tell you about these hot news!

Colors and prints

  • Designers are persistently hinting that this season you can not do without shoes with animal print. Decide for yourself which option you will bet on – leopard, snake, zebra or crocodile. If you choose shoes in such a luxurious design, you will make even the simplest everyday bows more stylish and presentable.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! Animal print shoes with characteristic embossing are in trend. These examples look really cool![/stextbox]

Leopard print

  • Tartan is the key theme of fashion shows for the 2019-2020 season. The trend also included shoes with other varieties of the checkered print. Shoes with a houndstooth print look especially strict and solid – this fact can be noted by girls who adhere to a business style.

  • Despite the grayness of the cold season, the designers decided to focus on bright colors. Juicy colors of orange, pink, blue and yellow can prolong the summer and set the most cheerful mood in the image.

  • Bright colors of fashionable shoes made friends with abstract color prints and spectacular watercolor stains. Designers did not agree to half measures and decided to combine shoes with these prints with equally bright clothes. Bold and so much fun!

  • Among the trends were neon shoes, which breathed life into gray and black ensembles.

  • Models with a feminine floral print in all their manifestations also look great.

  • Futuristic themes still have a strong influence on the world of fashion trends. That is why the metallic coloring of shoes did not think to lose its relevance. Such shoes can be made of silvery leather or be richly decorated with shiny stones. Any option is striking in its magnificence.


Designers presented the most autumn shoes with fur decor. Such models look warm and cozy, and at the same time very extraordinary. Often such specimens were supplemented with lacing, spikes or rivets, which makes them even more original.


We unequivocally declare: “Combination is the hot trend of the 2019 season.” He brightly showed himself not only in the design of clothes, but also in shoes. This technique is a real find for those who cannot decide on their favorite material and color, because you can choose several at once! Also, these shoes will be appreciated by girls who love original things that attract the attention of others.

A stylish display of the trend for combinations – shoes with transparent plastic inserts. Suede or leather can be adjacent to PVC.

Designers also like to combine calm and bright colors in shoes. This is how leather shoes are made from multi-colored pieces like a patchwork quilt. Often trendsetters combine white or dark color with some kind of contrasting insert in one model.

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The cozy stitching effect has moved from clothes to shoes with a light touch from designers. The pattern may be different – a strip, a square and a rhombus are seen at key shows.

Shoes with a quilted surface look bold and original, and thanks to the association with outerwear, they are also cozy – just what you need for the autumn season!

Despite all the advantages of the stitch, it has one insidious drawback – the ability to increase the leg in length and width. To cheat this feature and still stay on the fashion wave, you can choose shoes with frequent stitching, which to a lesser extent creates the effect of volume.

total look

Designers give a hint on how to make an ultra-trend look at no extra cost. It’s simple – you just need to choose tights of the same color for your favorite colored shoes. Not so bold, but also a stylish option is to create a monochrome look with shoes in an identical palette.

Straps and buckles

Another sign of trendy shoes is all kinds of straps and buckles. Some girls appreciate them for their practicality – such decor securely fixes the shoes on the leg and is responsible for a more confident gait. But some fashionistas know much more – the straps create an elegant accent on the female ankle and emphasize the beautiful line of the instep of the female leg.

Among the new products are announced shoes with buckles at the ankles and a T-shaped fastener in front. Several thin straps, lacing and exquisite textile ties will be relevant.

No matter how sophisticated and stylish such shoes are, they are still not suitable for everyone. Straps have an insidious property to visually “cut” the leg into pieces, which is undesirable for full and short girls. But the slender and stately beauties are lit by the “green light”.


Another unmistakable criterion for the relevance of shoes is the presence of decor in the form of chains on it. If such jewelry seems too rough in splendid isolation, you can prefer a great combination with imitation pearls, which are also at the peak of popularity now. But if you are looking for fatal shoes that attract attention, bet on brutal chains combined with spikes or inscriptions.


Who would have thought that feather decor would so confidently migrate from the spring-summer season to the winter one. But it happened and now magnificent feathers flaunt on the most trendy shoes, being responsible for its originality and chic.

Of course, shoes with feathers are unlikely to come in handy when compiling office bows, but in an image for a special occasion, they can play the role of the most luxurious accent.

pointed nose

With or without decor, fashionable shoes in the fall 2019 season may have a narrow toe as in the photo. Interestingly, this time this model was preferred by most designers, admiring its grace and style.

A narrow nose can be traced in comfortable shoes without a heel or on an elegant “glass”, it also serves as an adornment for stunning shoes with a self-sufficient stiletto heel.

Which heel is in trend?

Charming glass heeled shoes are the undisputed trend of autumn 2019, and this is great news for fashionistas who love fashionable shoes with a retro vibe. The length of the “glass” is not strictly regulated – the designers offered options for both small and medium height.

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[stextbox id=’info’]Note! This form of heel is not suitable for overweight women, because it creates dissonance with the large proportions of the figure.[/stextbox]

  • A stable trapeze heel or a column heel is able to create a strict and stylish mood in the image. Such solid forms have been featured on shows for several seasons, so they simply confidently continued their triumphal march through the world of fashion trends. Shoes with such heels are a favorite among business women for whom comfort is paramount.

  • A thin and sharp hairpin has also become an attribute of many shoes. Such an elegant heel is indispensable in emphasizing the curve of the foot and creating a confident graceful…

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