Fashion shoes for autumn 2021

Fashionable shoes are an important part of the wardrobe for the fall of 2021. In every look, shoes are the first to grab attention. Therefore, it is worth choosing not just spectacular shoes, but a quality product that will complement your personality. To make a stylish and comfortable bow for the fall, take a closer look at the current shoe models.

What shoes will be fashionable in autumn 2021

This season, designers offer girls to pay attention to the following options.


Once again, this couple was at the peak of popularity. Now there are no specific restrictions on color or shape. Therefore, you can choose any version of the cape: square, sharp or rounded. At fashion shows, experts presented models of bright patent leather. But for everyday looks, it is better to choose a more discreet option. Black over the knee boots go well with a large hoodie and an oversized leather jacket of the same color. Complement the image of a bag on the strap in the form of a chain.

Riding boots

This model is suitable for girls who are tired of standard shoes. Remember Puss in Boots? It is this version of the boots that will be trendy this season. There are a lot of models: from massive to elegant with a small heel. The main features of equestrian shoes are: genuine leather, natural colors and cuffs at the top of the boots. The length can be up to the knees or up to the middle of the lower leg. The model looks good in black and brown.

graceful shoes

For warm weather this season, fashionistas can use feminine shoes in a deliberately cute style. Such models are suitable for special occasions, informal parties and romantic dates. Basically, these are stiletto heels with a pointed toe. They can be decorated with rhinestones, sequins, chains and other decorative elements. One of the universal options is black pumps with a clasp at the ankle, cutouts on the sides and a bow on the back.

Retro sneakers

Fashionable shoes without a heel are a must-have for the fall of 2021, so stylists suggest girls to pay attention to retro-style sneakers. They are comfortable to walk in and look stylish. The most popular options are models that resemble the 80s. White flat sneakers with black and light green stripes will look good.

Boots in the style of the 90s

Fashion gurus continue to introduce novelties of the 90s into modern life. Cute strappy heeled shoes will be popular in the summer, and in the fall, rough-soled boots with a buckle and cutouts at the front will become relevant. The closed top allows you to wear a stylish model in cool weather.


In autumn, shoes should be warm, so platform boots are one of the most relevant options. Its height varies from 3 to 7 cm. Black boots without a lock with elastic bands on the sides are a universal model. It is easy to match with trousers, skirts and dresses. These shoes look especially good with loose trousers in a black and red checkered.

Protective sole

Massive outsole with a tread is suitable for autumn swamps and mud. Such models due to the aggressive bottom look quite brutal. But this season, designers offer different options. Black patent leather boots with lacing, large platform and high heels are suitable even for dates. A chelsea with a narrow shaft will successfully fit into a casual look.

Army boots

Military shoes are also in the fashion trends for fall 2021. Rough boots have been in demand among fashionistas for several years in a row. They can be combined with trousers, and with shorts, and with sweatpants. The lacing allows you to adjust the width of the instep. Due to this, the model is suitable for people with legs of different sizes and fullness. These boots also look good with dresses. For example, a black slip dress with army boots and a bright red bag.

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Heeled boots

Modern girls prefer not only stylish, but also comfortable shoes. Therefore, for autumn it is better to choose shoes with stable heels. For example, white Cossacks with almost invisible soles. They look good with feminine looks. For example, a silk beige skirt and a blue patterned sweater. Also, stylists recommend taking a closer look at the chelsea with a snake print on a wide heel.

square nose

This trend is suitable for very brave girls. Geometric ankle boots make even a casual look elegant and stylish. Wear a black turtleneck, a short skirt, and a straight-cut blazer. And red boots and a small bag will add zest to the outfit.

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Mone shoe color for fall 2021

This year, stylists prefer a discreet palette of colors:

  1. Black.
  2. Brown.
  3. Gray.

For a change, you can take shoes in coral, turquoise, burgundy or dark green shades. This is the most practical range that fits easily into autumn looks and is not afraid of dirt. If you want to make an unusual bow, you can use brighter colors. For example, patent blue-green boots with a gray heel and toe.

Fashionable shoes for the fall 2021 season are represented by a variety of models, according to the photo above, you can choose the most suitable options. Warm up in style!

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