Fashion shoes spring-summer 2019: new items with photos

Fashion is always very changeable, flexible and is approaching us by leaps and bounds. It also didn’t snow, and the first examples of women’s fashionable shoes for spring-summer 2019 appeared on international catwalks (photos can be seen below).

What happened to the classics?

In the coming season, finding classic shoe models will not be so easy, because every designer wanted to put something unusual and memorable into the usual pumps.

And ordinary stilettos were presented in only a few collections, and they were paired with warm “male” socks. If you do not like this style – refer to other options. For example, there are models with:

  • metal inserts;
  • additional shine;
  • creative decor of rhinestones, shiny pebbles, beads and tinsel;
  • lace, “scattered” over the entire surface of the shoe, as well as with thin patterned socks. It looks very feminine and romantic.

All of them are made in solid colors, and only decorated elements may differ in color and texture.

“High” shoes for small women

The platform has long supplanted the usual heel in the international market – it is believed that it is more comfortable, practical and stable. In the coming season, this statement may not be entirely appropriate, but fashionable shoes for women for the spring-summer of 2019 will allow you to become a few centimeters taller (see the photo below).

The presented shoes look quite massive, and the unusual shape of the platform and a very high heel undoubtedly attract attention.

At fashion shows met models:

  • everyday (the sole is not too high, plain or combining two colors, suitable for both classic skirts and tight jeans);
  • sports style (they look much more feminine and attractive than the high platform sneakers that were presented at this year’s shows);
  • “freaky” style (very bright, unusual, made in unusual colors, interspersed with “childish” creativity);
  • in punk style (massive heel, decorative chains, rhinestones around the perimeter and the use of genuine leather;
  • Japanese motifs (high flat soles, colorful patterns, the use of ribbons that perform both a decorative and practical function, not flashy, but original colors).

Flat soles are a great alternative

Bold ideas and “combat” coloring are not for everyone. Therefore, the next version of fashionable shoes for spring-summer 2019 for women (whose photos are below) are designed for more modest and conservative fashion lovers.

We are talking about shoes with ordinary flat soles. But even she will not be lost in a series of bright new products. And all thanks to the interesting decor and various variations. And first of all, they include:

  • “gilded” sandals with coins and “snakes” decoration that wrap around the entire leg;
  • models decorated with plain beads and other “hanging” elements that resemble beads. They shimmer slightly in the sun and create an interesting effect;
  • exposed flip flops with a strap that fixes the leg well. It can be thin, thick, made in the form of decorative stones “under silver” or resemble interesting weaving;
  • for publication, flat-soled shoes are presented, but with a very small heel. These sandals are decorated with feathers, gilding, decorative flowers or interesting patterns. Some models combine sports and evening styles.

Slippers for the beach and a “fashion” outing

Not a single summer season is complete without its main shoe symbol – slippers. They are great for going to the beach, for running to the store in comfortable shoes, and now – to look stylish and interesting even in the most familiar way.

And with a strong desire, you can always find a pair that will look great with an evening dress and even with office clothes.

So, among the fashionable women’s shoes for spring-summer 2019, you can find models of slippers for any occasion (see photo below):

  • decorated with a tinsel bow, with metal inserts and a sole that shimmers in the light;
  • with a beaded pattern that resembles flowers or other “botanical motifs”. Most often performed in black and white, so as not to hit the eyes with brightness;
  • minimalistic design also comes into fashion and gives the whole image restraint and conservatism. These slippers fit any style and perfectly complement it, and do not merge with clothes;
  • and, of course, you can not do without your favorite beach slippers. They are made in a rather simple, one might say “childish” style of good material that does not allow moisture to pass through. They will add to the image of ease, and interesting patterns will cheer you up.

Boots for summer and spring – there is nothing easier

In previous seasons, it was summer boots with fur trim that occupied a special place at fashion shows – it seemed that after such fashion connoisseurs it would be difficult to surprise. But the coming year has its surprises in store.

And now, in a hot summer, nothing will be easier than to see a girl in:

  • stocking boots with thin soles or low heels;
  • boots on a massive platform and thick heels;
  • grunge low-top boots.

All of them look more than outrageous and at first glance it’s hard to believe that they can really wear the entire summer season. Some models seem too warm even for spring, but this is a misleading impression – the designers have thought through everything to the last detail.

And they paid special attention to boots in the form of stockings, which are decorated with bright patterns, interesting engravings and, most unusually, reach their maximum length.

At first glance, it may seem that girls are offered not fashionable women’s shoes for spring-summer 2019, but tight heeled tights (photo can be seen below). But such an idea was enthusiastically accepted by the public and fashion critics.

Weave and straps – as much as you like

Strap shoes have become a real fetish for the coming season. In almost any collection you can find both everyday and evening versions of the presented model.

They come in low heels, flat soles and thin heels. There are shoes that are only decorated with straps, but other models consist exclusively of this decorative element.

They have a T-shaped clasp and an unusually shaped heel – thanks to this, such shoes are quickly remembered and take root in society. Especially among young girls who always liked to try something new.

By the way, special attention was drawn to the options for women’s shoes that do not have backs – this idea looks very interesting and fresh, especially when you consider that it is made of smooth patent leather, as well as material that imitates reptile scales.

Fashionable shoes for women for spring-summer with straps in 2019 are also presented in evening style (photo can be seen below).

She is adorned…

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