Fashion show autumn-winter 2018-2019: photos

The fall-winter fashion show is a great opportunity to organize your wardrobe for 2018-2019 and draw some interesting ideas. And to make it easier, we will look at the main trends that were shown in Milan and New York.


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Top 10 trends of this season

World designers have presented a lot of interesting and self-sufficient images, in order not to get confused in them, we have chosen a dozen trends that deserve your attention.

Trend #1 animal print

Animal coloring has been at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row and clearly does not plan to give up its positions. That is why animal print clothes are a must have for every girl who closely follows the trends of the fashion industry.

The photo shows images from the shows of Max Mara, Dolce & Gabbana, as well as Bottega Veneta and Michael Kors.

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Animal print in the collections of famous designers

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Note! If you are a leopard lover, then this year you can give yourself free rein. The main thing that look looked very organic, was not overloaded with details and, most importantly, did not look vulgar.


Trend #2 More Logos

If earlier things with logos were vehemently refused, then this fashion show turned everything upside down. Now logo mania is back in fashion. You can safely take out your things with colorful brand names and feel the most stylish.

This trend was supported by many couturiers, namely:

  • Emporio Armani.
  • Max Mara.
  • Michael Kors.

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Trend #3 Capes

Winter will come very soon, and therefore you can’t get away from buying better clothes. And we recommend paying attention to capes. After all, it was this type of clothing that dominated the catwalks.

Feminine and, at the same time, spacious capes were presented at fashion weeks in the UK, USA, Italy, France. The best models of such clothes were presented by Nina Ricci, Givenchy and Saint Laurent.

You just look at what elegant images turned out.

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Trend #4 Layering

Of course, when it’s -10 or even more outside, we all turn into mega fashionistas who put on several sweaters at once, but in this case, we mean a slightly different layering.

This year, designers such as Gabriela Hearst, Marni and Givenchy offer to combine several completely different textures, materials, colors in one look. For example, leather with velvet, nylon with cotton and more.

Trend #5 Leather Dresses

In this case, neither styles, nor colors, nor textures are important. The main thing is that in the wardrobe there should be a dress that will perfectly emphasize the refined taste of its owner and all the dignity of the figure.

The most successful solutions in such clothes for women were presented at the shows of Alexander McQueen, Huishan Zhang, Tod’s. Agree that leather dresses help create a really stylish look.

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Trend No. 6 Metal elements in the wardrobe

Looking at the collections of Alberta Ferretti or Giorgio Armani, it seems as if the images came to us from the dance floors of the 80s. Now everything can be in a metallic color: coats, jewelry, dresses, skirts.

Metal trends – hailing from the 80s

Trend #7 Pleating

Once upon a time, this trend has already “break through” on the fashion catwalks, but did not last long there. But now a new life has been “breathed” into it, and what a new one. Fashion trends from Balenciaga suggest wearing feminine and delicate pleats with terry sweaters.

And Valentino considered that in the 2018-2019 season it would be boring to wear such skirts just with sweaters and suggested wearing trousers under them, and Sacai – leggings in rich colors.

Trend #8 Tweed

In winter, more than ever, you want something warm and cozy. And especially to create such a mood, designers offer tweed items. If you still have not bought a coat, skirt or suit made of such material, then this means that it is time for someone to buy new clothes.

And the ideas of images of Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada and Marc Jacobs will help you to be inspired to buy new things.

Trend #9 Ocher

It is yellow, orange colors that are associated with the onset of autumn, but if you want to keep the autumn mood in winter, then ocher shades will help you with this.

Stylish colors – shades of yellow and orange

Trend #10 Silk Dresses

Although it is a lightweight material, it is great for creating an autumn-winter look. Especially if you add it with a beautiful coat, jacket, as well as over the knee boots.

What shades will be relevant this season?

The autumn-winter collection is rich in bright colors and shades, and therefore the autumn melancholy will definitely not come if you follow the advice of fashion designers such as Yudashkin, Dior or Roberto Cavalli.

This season, the following colors will be popular:

  • Yellow – will help create unusually bright images that can definitely attract attention. If you are not ready to buy outerwear in such a cheerful color, then for a start you can limit yourself to a hat, suit or sweater.
  • Purple is very versatile, as it will be appropriate in a business image, and in a more informal one. It goes well with almost all fashionable shades of this season. An image in which purple clothes are worn with yellow shoes looks interesting.
  • Blue is a calmer color that suits all, without exception, girls.
  • Gray is a timeless classic. Any shades are combined with it, and therefore creating a stylish look is not a problem.
  • Noble beige and brown colors are good, both in leather products and in knitwear.


What outerwear to choose?

The designers took care of each girl and offered a really wide choice, and therefore everyone can easily find what she needs.

Sheepskin coats

Perhaps the warmest option. After all, such outerwear can actually warm. In addition, such sheepskin coats look good with trousers, dresses, skirts and jeans, and therefore there will be no problems when creating an image.

Leather Products

Leather this season is at the peak of popularity, and therefore it is not at all surprising that she “got” to outerwear. Mostly the shows were presented in black, but sometimes models appeared in green, purple and red jackets. Alexander Wang offered the largest selection.

Quilted jackets and raincoats

This outerwear was presented by the most famous fashion house Chanel. The show was dominated by earthy, beige and brown shades. Large pockets, hoods and fur coats were used as decor.

In contrast to the calm models of Chanel, Emilio Pucci offered bright images, an example can be seen in the photo below.

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Coat with fur collar

Such outerwear is considered a sign of luxury and looks…

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