Fashion – spring 2019 for women over 40

Fashion for women after 40 has its own specifics, but this does not mean that it should be boring. Take, for example, the spring of 2019, which we are all looking forward to. Here, all self-confident ladies can count on: interesting styles, expressive prints, stylish models that emphasize the dignity of the figure and age, the most fashionable colors. And most importantly, no shapeless clothing of repulsive shades, which only adds age. It should not be in your wardrobe this season! This is the main anti-trend that every fashionista over 40 should be afraid of. Remember? Great! Now let’s talk about what ladies of Balzac age should wear with the onset of heat.


Basic rules in choosing clothes for women after 40

What does every woman over 40 strive for when choosing an outfit? Of course, in order to look younger. And you can’t really blame her for that. That is why we have prepared for you a series of practical tips that will help you look stylish, fashionable and attractive at any time of the year, in any situation. Be sure to read them in as much detail as possible and let them become your compass in the world of modern fashion.

  • As we said a little above, avoid shapeless outfits. Thinking that they will hide the presence of extra pounds is a mistake. But to demonstrate the lack of taste with the help of them, you will probably succeed.
  • Try to keep things in your wardrobe mostly stylish, elegant and fit well. Give preference to clothes with a twist, even if they cost a little more than you are used to. You will only benefit from interesting models, while simple, faceless and cheap things will turn you into a woman who looks older than her years.
  • Refrain from over-exposing your legs or breasts, even if they are very beautiful. At 40, it will look vulgar. But it is possible, and even necessary, to emphasize the merits. And here things with an accent will help you, for example, a mid-length skirt with a slit, or a blouse with decorative elements in the chest area. But, no mini and open necklines!

    Stylish outfits

  • As for the choice of color, it is better to give preference to things of lighter and softer natural shades. And it is better to completely abandon the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcompiling a wardrobe in an absolutely dark range. She will also add a lot of extra years to you, while light, on the contrary, will rejuvenate you and make you fresher.
  • In no case do not neglect accessories. On the contrary, for women over 40, additional decorative elements, in moderation, are a great opportunity to make the image more expressive and fashionable, especially in spring.
  • And one more advice, the most important. When choosing clothes, first of all control your thinking. Do not even think about aging. If you see some featureless thing and want to buy it just to hide behind it, run! This is a priori a utopian choice that will lead you nowhere.

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Important! When creating an image for spring-summer 2019, do not forget about shoes. After all, it should also fit perfectly into your bow.


But, don’t go to extremes and choose a stiletto heel just because it will make you look younger, or rough boots because they are comfortable. Everything needs moderation. Therefore, take a look at mid-length square-heeled shoes, or elegant wedges. Both of these options will be in trend all season.

Fashionable clothes for those over 40

What will be the fashion for women over 40 in the spring of 2019? It is this question that we will try to answer now in as much detail as possible, and here you will also find a lot of photos and useful tips from stylists. So, having familiarized yourself with them, you will know absolutely everything about stylish bows.

Building a basic wardrobe

So, below we will introduce you to the basic wardrobe of every woman after 40 years. This is a real must have for all occasions, so we advise you to pay special attention to the next selection.

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In the coming season, you must remember one rule: the more dresses, the better. This is especially true in spring and summer, when outerwear does not prevent fashionistas from demonstrating their outfit. But, ladies over 40 should be especially careful when choosing a dress. And the following models are suitable as options for them.

  • Sheath dress. Ideal for working in the office and creating a strict restrained bow. The sheath dress has always been famous for its elegance, restraint and good fit. Thanks to this straight model, you can easily hide some figure flaws without looking too wrapped up.

  • A-line. Another fashion trend of this season, which will look great on middle-aged women. And there are no tricks here, everything is extremely simple – this style is young and hides the figure well. By the way, you can also play with the length. It is relevant from midi to maxi. Very often, evening dresses for ladies of the age are sewn just slightly flared, as in the photo below.
  • Dress shirt. Great option for everyday wear. For example, for going to the store, meeting with friends, walking in the park. Such a dress will not constrain movements, it will be stylish and feminine. It is for this that forty-year-old fashionistas love him so much.

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Important! Dresses for spring do not have to be plain. Avoid prints too. However, women over 40 can afford far from everything.


So, contrasting inserts that visually lengthen the silhouette will look most advantageous. Fits well with everyday bow and cage. Flowers, patterns and geometric shapes are also suitable. The main thing is that they are not large.

business suit

Indispensable when creating a basic wardrobe for the upcoming season will be a women’s business suit. The main requirement for it is sophisticated elegance. The jacket should be slightly fitted, and the trousers can be classic with arrows, or pipes. (The second option, of course, will be more youthful) But the color will depend solely on your preferences. Both bright and dark colors are allowed here. A light blouse of a free cut will perfectly complement a business suit.

If you are not very fond of trousers, then be sure to look at a business suit with a skirt. In fact, everything is the same here: a fitted jacket and an elegant style. Only instead of trousers, the bottom will be complemented by a medium-length straight-cut skirt. Often, to make the model look more interesting, the skirt is made with a slit.

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Important! When buying a suit, and any other thing in the wardrobe of a woman over 40, be sure to pay attention to quality. It must be the best. This is an unspoken rule that all middle-aged fashionistas follow.




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