Fashion – spring 2020 for women over 45

Regardless of the number of years lived, every woman wants to look elegant, luxurious and in line with fashion. Below is some useful information about fashion for spring 2020, which will certainly interest women who have crossed the age threshold of 45 years.


Fashion trends

Having passed a wonderful youth and turbulent youth, the time has come for a no less interesting, exciting and charming period of life. The fair sex, who have reached the age of 45, acquire a strong immunity to stupidity, vulgarity and ugliness.

In fact, at this age, life is just beginning, there is still a lot of curious and unknown to be learned. In order to create the perfect spring look, you need to know about fashion news and trends in clothing and be able to correctly combine colors, styles, and so on.

Fashion for older women has its own subtleties and nuances, given which you can independently create a luxuriously amazing, excellent image of a stunning lady. This season, trendsetters offer the representatives of the beautiful half of society stylish prints, expressive models and curious styles that can satisfy absolutely any desires and tastes.

The fashion trends of the spring 2020 collection imply concise and discreet models for women over 45 years old.

An essential part of a brilliant, impressive image are:

  • fashionable cut;
  • smooth lines;
  • expensive fabric;
  • concise cut.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Attention! The size of outfits for older women should be strictly one to one. Smaller models will disfigure even the most slender, ideal figure. Volumetric clothing is strictly prohibited for obese women who have reached 45 years of age. It will not only hide the attractive parts of the figure, but also visually fill it. Eminent fashion designers strongly recommend choosing outfits according to your figure![/stextbox]

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Color spectrum

A well-chosen color of clothes is already half the success and a guarantee that you will certainly create an attractive fashionable image of an experienced lady with refined taste.

  • Lilac, terracotta, sandy and pistachio shades allow you to “reset” a few years and refresh the appearance.

  • Red and burgundy shades give the image spectacularity and brightness.

  • Classic black and white, as well as dark green and dark blue, give the figure a slim and elegant look.

  • Orange-peach and beige shades refresh the look and help hide unattractive circles under the eyes.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Attention! Each color has its own advantages – one slims, the second is young, the third hides a small belly. Having outfits of various shades in your wardrobe, you can create unique looks every day.[/stextbox]

Actual fashion of the season 2020


The dress for every young lady is a symbol of femininity, sophistication and fragility. The trend of this season is stylish outfits, the length of which is only slightly below the knees.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Attention! Dresses, the length of which reaches the middle of the calves, visually significantly spoil the figure. If you have slender legs, then feel free to choose an outfit above the knees, but be sure to wear transparent or black tights.[/stextbox]

Stylists have developed interesting models in which the neckline is shallow and not defiant. This allows you to hide the imperfections of already elderly skin on the neck and collarbone.

For older ladies, fashion creators have prepared a huge selection of models that should satisfy all tastes without exception. Among them are the following types of dresses:

  • boxes;
  • shirts;

  • cocoons;

  • coat;

  • case.

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Business attire

A mature woman’s wardrobe simply cannot do without a business-style outfit. This season’s business suits are made of dense fabric. In no case should a woman who has reached the age of 45 wear translucent clothes, as it looks ridiculous on a respectable lady.

Masters of fashion design used high-quality material mainly in pastel shades to create business suits. Thus, a rather presentable look of the outfit was obtained, which emphasizes the high status and significance of a woman.

Trends for 2020 also offer business dresses without cutouts and catchy decor. The trend of this season is a slightly fitted or straight outfit.


Every women’s wardrobe is equipped with jeans and other types of fashionable and comfortable trousers. This type of clothing is incredibly comfortable and versatile. This season, designers have pleased ladies of mature age with very interesting models.

  • The classic version of the trousers is perfect for visiting work.

  • Jeans will become an indispensable attribute for street walks, picnics and other recreation.

  • Sporty, stylish trousers can be worn on a health trip to nature or fitness classes.

  • For the winter period, fashion designers have developed curious models of woolen trousers in a subtle cage, and for hot weather, models made of linen, cotton and silk will be relevant.

Printed outfits

A woman who has reached the age of 45 and above can easily afford to wear an elegant print or small drawings. The trend of this season is a sheath dress with an elegant print. Ruffles and bows in the 2020 collection for mature ladies are not used. According to most fashion designers, this decor is more suitable for the outfits of young girls.

Evening fashion

The spring collection of this season offers stunning evening dresses that perfectly emphasize the stylish look of women over 45 years old. The creators completely abandoned bright toilets with sparkles and sequins.

The trend has become an evening dress with a matte finish of excellent quality or with dark small stones, suitable for truly respectable ladies. An incredible breakthrough in this collection was several non-standard variations of the evening dress set, which combines a dress and a bolero.

Fashion for obese women

As the collection of the 2020 season showed, you can mask imperfections on the hips and abdomen with an interesting drapery.

For overweight ladies of mature age, an elegant dress with a vertical print or sophisticated trim is perfect. Visually, it will significantly balance the figure and increase growth. This will allow a woman of age to look younger, fitter and slimmer.

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As for trousers for full young ladies, this time the designers preferred comfortable, not too narrow clothing models. For older women, pants with a raised waist are perfect. In order to create a beautiful and stylish image of a mature woman who is of interest to the opposite sex, it is necessary to correctly combine the size and color scheme of clothes.

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