Fashion – Spring 2020

Spring 2020 is still not so soon, but designers have already presented their fashion collections. Further in the article, we will just consider the most relevant products of past shows, as well as get acquainted with the trends of the upcoming warm season.


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Despite the fact that this year the couturiers have given fashionistas complete freedom of choice by offering them items designed in completely different styles, we still managed to highlight the top main trends in the women’s clothing segment.

  • Crop length. Cropped blouses, shirts, jumpers, sweatshirts and sweatshirts that open the waist area will help not only create a stylish look, but also demonstrate a toned belly, thanks to numerous workouts.

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  • Cutouts. If the crop length is a rather complicated trend that does not suit everyone, then cutouts on clothes are considered a universal decor that has no restrictions. They can be present on the sleeves, the back of the product and even at waist level.

  • American armhole. Elegant or casual dresses, blouses, tops and shirts, in which a significant part of the shoulder is exposed, will become an indispensable clothing option for the second decade of spring.

  • Asymmetry. This trend has been at the peak of popularity for more than one year in a row. Skirts and dresses with an asymmetrical hem will be fashionable, as well as jumpers, shirts and sweatshirts with a bare shoulder or with one sleeve, decorated with all sorts of ties or straps.

Asymmetrical designs are also allowed, exemplified by dresses with a silk scarf sewn to one shoulder.

  • Bare shoulders. The trend for a deep neckline, fully opening the shoulder area, is still relevant. It can be blouses, shirts, t-shirts and dresses that are already familiar to everyone, as well as stylish overalls, which, in addition, also visually look younger.

  • Cape. A small elegant or rough bulky cape sewn to clothes is today the highlight of not only evening dresses, but also everyday ones. In view of this, the designers decided not to stop there and, in addition to the main things, they also presented models of coats, raincoats and jackets with a cape.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! Clothing with a cape adds extra volume, so for obese women it is categorically contraindicated.[/stextbox]

  • Multicolored denim. In addition to the basic denim items in classic blue or light blue, this spring, multi-colored denim items decorated with all kinds of prints should be present in the wardrobe. It can be small divorces, elements of geometry and of course, a plant theme.

  • Bows. A kind of novelty of the season, returned to us from the distant past. Bows should not be small puppet bows, but voluminous, since only bulky decor, according to the couturier, can make the image intriguing and dramatic.

  • Ruffles. All kinds of ruffles and flounces will continue to be incredibly in demand. They can be present not only on the hem of dresses or skirts, but also on jackets and even outerwear, in the form of a decorative edging.

  • vertical lines. The striped print was replaced by things in which vertical lines are present as cut elements. These can be skirts or dresses with an asymmetrical bottom, resembling sharp wedges, or products with a wide and very long belt at the waist.

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  • Net. In the spring of 2020, mesh materials will be in fashion. In addition to layered dresses and skirts, designers also presented sets and sweaters with mesh as the top layer.

  • Pintucks on trousers. Original trousers in retro style, decorated with pintucks, will become an elegant highlight of your bow. Importantly, they are suitable for almost all the fair sex, including women over 45 years old.

  • Safari style. Dresses, suits and other items made from natural fabrics and decorated with numerous patch pockets will add variety to any wardrobe. As for the color palette, in addition to the beige scale characteristic of this trend, blue, orange and milky products were also offered in the collections.

  • Corsets. One of the most long-awaited trends is finally back in fashion. These can be light models that perform an exclusively decorative function, as well as full-fledged corsages that slim the waist and thereby visually slim. You can wear corsets not only on the head of the body, but also worn over blouses and shirts.

  • Fringe. Long thick fringe should continue to decorate clothes. Standard jackets in the style of the Wild West are allowed, as well as more feminine items with this decor.

  • “Zebra”. Animal coloring is in no hurry to leave the top of fashion trends. However, this spring, instead of the usual leopard spots, zebra stripes will be on trend. They can have absolutely any color and direction.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! In the footwear segment, in the spring of 2020, leather Cossacks, elegant pumps and practical sandals, decorated with numerous straps, ties and metal chains, will be fashionable.[/stextbox]

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We update the wardrobe

As for the must-haves for the upcoming cruise season, below is a list of things you absolutely cannot do without.

  • Leather coat. Exquisite coats of a straight or semi-fitted cut, made of natural or artificial, matte or patent leather, will become the main option for outerwear for the first warm days.

  • Cloak. At the latest shows, not only classic beige models made of raincoat fabric were demonstrated, but also styles made of velvet, denim and even mesh. The design of such products can be both simple and rather artsy. Flounces, patch pockets, eyelets, cape and inserts from other materials are allowed as decor.

  • Jacket. In the coming spring, shortened styles of jackets will be fashionable. As for the design, these representatives of outerwear can be decorated with fur inserts, fringe, all kinds of stripes and embroidery.

  • Blazer. It should have an exclusively straight or oversized cut. Stylists recommend wearing jackets not only in everyday looks, but also in combination with properly selected trousers, a skirt or dress, in evening bows.

  • Bright sweatshirt or hoodie. Although such a top is considered an element of sports style, you can still combine it not only with sweatpants. It can be so beloved by all combinations with jeans and even with classic trousers or culottes. The hoodies themselves can have a simple minimalist design, or be decorated with logo designs, provocative inscriptions or plant art.

  • Dresses and skirts. Despite the fact that mini length is in fashion now, we still included in the list of basic things …

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