Fashion styling 2023

We tell you how fashionable to style your hair in the 2023 season, so that in your piggy bank of stylish ideas there are actual looks for any occasion!

wet effect

The 2023 styling trends welcome the creation of an expressive wet effect on the hair. Reception is appropriate both on loose strands and as part of hairstyles. There are no contraindications for the texture of the hair either – the trend is worth a try for girls with straight hair and curls.

side parting

Fashionable styling 2023 is often complemented by a side parting. This is a simple technique that brings newness to the usual image and adds volume to the hair. If the latter property is not necessary, you can embody a smooth styling with a side parting – an interesting trend of the 2023 season.

Side parting for short hair 2023 looks especially stylish.

With accessories

An important trend in hair styling 2023-2024 is the use of fashion accessories. Stylish accents of hairstyles are hairpins with beads, invisible, headbands and ribbons in the hair.

Want to create a spectacular bow and collect all the compliments? Then do not limit yourself to two accessories – against the backdrop of laconic styling, a whole set of hairpins looks stylish.

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The main styling trend of the 2023 season is emphasized volume with a natural wavy texture. It was possible to consider the trend if it is possible to create the effect of wind in the hair.

Women’s styling for medium hair with a voluminous effect and natural curls is obtained with the help of a salt spray. A light bouffant of the root zone will also complement the fashionable image – this technique was also seen at fashion shows in 2023.

Feminine volumetric styling is also embodied with the help of brushing. Large curls fit especially beautifully on a multi-layered haircut silhouette. The perfect pair is a cascade and styling for brushing.


And the most elegant hair styling of 2023 is not going anywhere – a variation with smooth waves. Minimalistic and yet sophisticated style fits beautifully into the evening look.

The actual wave, embodied with the help of an iron or a large curling iron, is rightfully considered a universal styling for everyone. In addition, it is difficult to imagine an image that such a hairstyle does not fit into.

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Hairstyles for long hair 2023 look amazing with a wave in retro style. Textured large curls will complement the feminine look.

beach curls

Fashionable styling in the 2023 season does not accept elastic curls and an abundance of styling – the most natural curls in a beach style are in trend. The criteria for actual styling will be slight negligence and mobility of the hairstyle.

Achieve a fashionable effect easily with the help of a sea salt product. So, a lifesaver for quick styling will be a spray for textured waves.

Straight hair

Fashionable in 2023, a haircut with a perfectly even cut goes well with a smooth and straight styling. Repeat the trend on medium and long strands.

Life hack from hairdressers! Fashionable styling is easiest to implement with a gel, spray or wax for smoothness and shine. It is important to choose a good product that does not stick the strands together.


Along with smooth styling, the trends of the 2023 season showed textured hairstyles with a characteristic volume. To achieve a fashionable effect, first create light curls and only then proceed to create an image. Relaxed weaves and casually released strands will only decorate the stylish styling of 2023.

On one side

In the 2033 season, laying on one side is also recognized as an unconditional trend. The desired asymmetry is fixed not only with styling products, but also with accessories – for example, hairpins with rhinestones or beads.

Haircuts and styling of the 2023 season are a powerful portion of inspiration for creating fashionable and beautiful images. Fashion trends offer models for daytime and evening style – it remains only to decide on a favorite!

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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