Fashion – summer 2019: main trends

Lush fashion weeks have died down, which means it’s time to name the main fashion trends for the upcoming season – summer 2019 in hot pursuit. Designers delighted us to the highest degree with bold and extraordinary solutions.


New fashion trends and current classics

The fashion for the summer 2019 season is very multifaceted – among the main trends in women’s clothing, both extremely original stylistic techniques and the good old classics were singled out.

Fabrics and materials are striking in their diversity. Various intricate weaves are especially popular – crochet, large knitting, cotton lace, fishing net. Obviously, handmade is in trend. All these are echoes of trendy translucency, which does not leave the number of main trends. It is also presented in weightless chiffon fabrics or cambric.

Luxurious brocade will make chic sparkling images. Moreover, the designers claim that she has a place not only at social events, but also in everyday bows. You just need not be afraid to stand out and experiment with images! Also, denim does not depart from current trends.

Trendy colors of the season are presented both in bright and restrained colors. Those who like to stand out should pay attention to all shades of coral and orange – the most fashionable colors according to Pantone. Ultraviolet, hot pink, yellow and green are also popular.

But if you choose any shades of cream or beige, you definitely won’t go wrong. These basic classic colors have definitely become the trendy must-have of the season. In any elements of clothing – from a strict suit to a romantic dress. Also very popular are pastel shades, nicknamed “marshmallow”. Among them are light pink, lavender, mint, light blue.

In addition to this, metallic colors are relevant – especially silver. In fashionable translucent models, you will even find similarities of chain mail, only not from knightly times, but from Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent and other famous designers. Futuristic silver metallic is also relevant for shoes and accessories. But gold, by the way, has receded into the background a bit.

An image for brave ladies

Recall that women’s fashion in 2019 welcomes colored total bows – when the image is created in one color from head to toe (a difference of 1-2 tones is acceptable). This is especially true for calm colors.

Variety of prints will also please even the most sophisticated fashionistas. Moreover, unimaginable mixes of several different patterns in one product are in trend. Among the novelties, architectural drawings were singled out – images of buildings on dresses, overalls, T-shirts. Both monochrome and multicolor.

Peas – this mega-popular classic print is back on the list of fashion trends. The traditional black and white coloring is relevant, but multi-colored interpretations of this print were also presented to us on the catwalks.

Among the main fashion trends for summer 2019, designers have identified leopard and snake prints – they are suitable for the most daring ladies. In the selection of photos you will find bold colors for these prints – not only in the classic version. By the way, bright and even acidic shades are very popular with the “snake”. Also, bright floral prints that literally bloom on your clothes are still relevant. And do not write off the patterns of the East – ethnic drawings in sand and brown shades.

trending decor elements have become even larger and brighter – to definitely draw attention to your image. So huge bows on dresses, blouses, tops gained popularity. Most often there are models with a matching bow, but you can also resort to an interesting contrasting combination. The most trendy option is a bow for the entire width of the chest.

Also pay attention to fabric roses of medium and large sizes. They can be located on the shoulder, neck, belt and even sleeves. In the Chanel collection, for example, such roses are presented in a soft pink shade and decorated with sequins. Sequins, by the way, are one of the current trends of the season.

And, of course, all kinds of folds, ruffles and flounces remain in the trend – sometimes of the most unimaginable sizes. This season definitely works the principle “the more the better.” At the same time, even such romantic models are perfectly combined with rough low-speed shoes.

And large patch pockets now complement not only coats, jackets, but even feminine summer dresses and sophisticated overalls. In size, they can easily compete with small handbags.

The original sleeves are very fond of fashion designers. The voluminous puff sleeves were especially highlighted, you can note them in collections from Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and other fashion houses. Such unusual sleeves perfectly complement various draperies and bold cuts. In some models, they generally resemble the wings on the shoulders of the owner.

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Note! Even the most trendy clothes should match your style and image. Fashionable original solutions in the style of translucency or shiny sequins along the entire length will look ridiculous on women 40+ or ​​50+. In this case, the classics are welcome – and trends offer many such models.


And now let’s look at the most relevant options for the main categories of clothing – what is recommended to wear this summer?

Dresses and skirts

  • Mesh dress present in many collections of the coming season. Pair them with jumpsuits or plain bodysuits. There are also models where the mesh performs a purely decorative effect – as an addition to the base material. Such models do not stun with their nudity.

  • Large size patchwork shirt dresses. It can be a combination of different textures in one dress, for example, one half of the product is sewn from cotton, and the other from chiffon fabric with lace. Patchwork is no doubt relevant this season – including patchwork.

  • extreme mini (in skirts and dresses) is a rather defiant trend, suitable for ideal figures. One thing – you should not pick up a top that is too open and tight so that the image is not defiant.

  • Flying light skirts in the style of ballet tutus. They are perfectly combined with bodysuits and feminine shoes or sandals with tie ribbons. Simply megaromantic image!

  • Romantic pleated pleated skirt Well, they don’t want to leave the trends. The most popular length is midi, it is universally suitable for any figure, age and style. They can also have trendy flirty cuts. Models with a mini-petticoat are also relevant, where the remaining length remains translucent.

Pants and shorts

  • Cycling shorts conquered the fashion industry this season. Their length ends just above the knee, such models sit clearly on the figure – fit the hips. Cycling shorts are suggested to be used in everyday, business and even secular images. Combine such models with jackets, blouses, shirts, elegant tops.

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  • Cropped trousers with a straight cut -…

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