Fashion sunglasses 2019

Fashion sunglasses can be safely called one of the most important elements among women’s accessories. In 2019, designers presented many new products and noted key trends. Such glasses will not only protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, but will also emphasize your individual style – they will make the bow brighter and more complete.


Choosing the right glasses

Unless you’re buying glasses purely as an aesthetic detail, pay close attention to the issue of quality. Will they fulfill their protective function to the fullest? Poor-quality glasses can harm your eyes – they will let in harmful ultraviolet radiation. There are four categories of sun glasses. Starting from zero, the level of protection increases. This means that the fourth category of glasses will most reliably save your eyes.

Narrow glasses in retro style

[stextbox id=’info’]Important! The fact that you choose the darkest glasses lenses does not affect their protective function. This is not a guarantee of protection from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation, which can lead to visual impairment. Pay attention to the category of points.[/stextbox]

Fashion glasses with colored lenses

Round glasses with different types of frames

When choosing the right model, convenience plays an important role. You don’t need to buy glasses that are tight with the thoughts “yes they blow”. The frame does deform a little, but this does not mean that they will eventually sit perfectly on your face. When turning the head and walking, glasses should not fall off or slide.

Fashionable glasses with ombre color transition

Even the trendiest sunglasses in 2019 should fit perfectly with the shape of your face. A cute option from a photo on the Internet or from fashion magazines does not guarantee that it will suit you. You should not blindly order an accessory that you visually like – glasses must be tried on in front of a mirror. Only the right glasses will make your bow win-win.

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Let’s take a quick look at matching glasses for different face shapes:

  • The oval face is considered the most versatile for the selection of glasses. Such lucky women can pay attention to absolutely any form of glasses – from narrow to oversized.

Owners of an oval face can experiment with any trends

  • A round face needs visual “stretching” – square glasses, oversized or cat’s eyes will perfectly help you with this. For a full face, thin frames are not suitable – they will make it even larger.

Spectacles with mirrored lenses

Stylish large glasses

  • The triangle will perfectly smooth glasses of a round or oval shape. Butterfly-shaped glasses are strictly contraindicated.

Sports style glasses

  • For a square face, oval or slightly rounded frames are suitable. They will make the shape of the face softer.

Creative shape of the accessory and unusual decor of the frame

The most trendy options

Fashionable women’s sunglasses are a valuable attribute for creating a fashion look in 2019. Whether it’s a trip to the office, to the beach or a romantic meeting, it doesn’t matter – you can create your own stunning look, while emphasizing facial features favorably. The most relevant models were called:

  • Spectacles with massive horn-rimmed glasses are a trendy and well-established option among the trends. An unimaginable variety of shapes and colors will allow you to choose this accessory for absolutely any style.

Extravagant frames

  • Narrow glasses have become the undisputed trend of this season, which is confirmed by fashion shows and bows of models. The futuristic model in the Sci-fi style is especially distinguished. That’s really like the heroine of the “Matrix”! Perfect for confident girls who are not afraid of experiments. But if the relevance of such an accessory is not in doubt, then practicality is worth thinking about … Too narrow glasses can weaken one of the most important purposes of glasses – protection from the sun. Be careful.

Fashionable narrow glasses with black lenses

  • Oversized remains a popular trend in fashion even when choosing sunglasses. Here you can choose from a variety of shapes – square, round, butterflies and other interesting options. A very practical accessory that will perfectly protect your eyes from the sun, wind, sand or dust. By the way, due to large glasses, this form of glasses will help visually rejuvenate the face.

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Large glasses that cover half of the face

  • The round shape of glasses has become one of the hottest trends in 2019. Sometimes they are called “Harry Potter” glasses. In this case, you can pay attention to both a large frame and more sophisticated options. The color of the glass can be absolutely anything – from transparent to bright shades. Remember that round glasses are particularly “capricious” and are not suitable for every facial feature.

Round glasses with delicate decor

  • Aviators or droplets that year invariably win the sympathy of girls around the world. Lenses of various bright colors are especially popular. Recently, some models of aviators managed to become even more interesting – they received a double frame, a gradient effect and transparent lenses.

Stylish aviators

  • Cat-eye glasses are the choice of many fashionistas in the new season to create unique bows. They will dilute any everyday look with a touch of playfulness and coquetry, add a feminine face. They are often decorated with stones, beads and other elements.

  • Butterflies – in their form they really resemble these beautiful light-winged insects. This model has replenished the collections of such world brands as Prada, Michael Kors, Valentino. Butterfly glasses in a massive frame look very futuristic.

  • Wooden frame sunglasses are a great way to spruce up your accessory hoard. High-quality wooden glasses are considered very durable and perfectly resist moisture and dampness. In addition, they are understandably called an ecological accessory. Typically, such a frame is made from maple, plum, cherry, sandalwood and other woods.

The most fashionable trend of 2019 will be the lack of frames

Frame and lens color

When choosing a fashionable frame, you should pay attention to bright and extraordinary colors – blue, red, green, pink and others. Photos from fashion shows confirm that animal prints are back in fashion – crocodile, leopard, python.

As for lenses, a very stylish solution is to choose a combination of several colors with a smooth transition. Ombre effect glasses look unusual and original. For the most daring, we note that glasses with red lenses have also become especially relevant in the 2019 season.

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Bright red frames

sports frames

You can safely look at several models that will suit a particular bow. Stylish sunglasses have become a real must-have for creating any look, not only in the summer, but also in the winter.

Which frame is more…

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