Fashion sunglasses 2022

Sunglasses for women have become the most fashionable accessory in the collections of 2022. This season, the trend will be models of an unusual size and shape, with an original and spectacular frame.

What sunglasses are in fashion in 2022

Sun glasses are a versatile accessory, perfect for both hot summers and cold winters. A well-chosen model can become a real highlight of a stylish look. This season, leading brands offer women to pay attention to such popular models:

  • Total black. In 2022, glasses with black frames and opaque lenses are present in all leading collections. The trend of the season will be models with square, trapezoidal and rectangular glasses. They will not only protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays, but also fit perfectly into any stylish look.

  • Sports. An increasing number of fashionistas seek to protect themselves from the bright sun in winter. Sports glasses are a great choice for outdoor enthusiasts. In order not to lose an accessory while skiing, it is worth buying a tape that will help you carry them around your neck.

  • Color contact lenses. In 2022, women’s fashionable sunglasses with bright lenses will be especially popular. Green, pink, lilac, blue, red and yellow lenses will be in fashion. Such accessories look very catchy and will be a great addition to a bright outfit. Stylists recommend that women of fashion create monochrome bows, choosing clothes to match the glasses.

  • oversize. Large models on the floor of the face will still be in fashion this season. They help not only to protect yourself from the scorching sun, but also to hide signs of fatigue on the face. The most popular model will be square-shaped glasses with a dark frame. They go well with both feminine and elegant dresses, skirts, blouses, as well as tracksuits, shorts and T-shirts.

  • Glasses with white frames. In the cold season, designers offer girls to give preference to the novelty of the season – glasses with a white frame. In 2022, not only white clothes and shoes will come into fashion, but also accessories. Stylish glasses in a light frame will help you create a 100% fashionable look.

  • Futuristic. Inspired by science fiction stories, leading brands have created separate collections with futuristic clothing and accessories. The trend of the season will be space models. They will appeal to fashionistas who love to attract the attention of others with a non-standard appearance.

  • Stretched shape. A fashion favorite in 2022 will be glasses with a rectangular or oval shape. Such models are suitable for chubby women. They will help to adjust the proportions, stretching the oval and balancing the cheekbones.

  • “Kits”. In 2022, retro style will become popular, which will also affect accessories. Sunglasses resembling a cat’s eye came into fashion in the 50s and 60s of the last century and have been a special favorite of fashionistas ever since. This season, “kitties” are presented in the collections of Dior, Lanvin, Vivienne estwood.

  • Unusual shape. Sunglasses in the form of hearts, stars, butterflies, angel wings look unusual, but very impressive. They will perfectly fit into the youth image and are suitable for summer holidays, chatting with friends and going to the club.

The choice of sunglasses should be approached very carefully, focusing primarily on the shape of the face. In order for the accessory to reliably protect against ultraviolet radiation, you need to choose models with a high degree of protection.

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Sunglasses that are always in fashion

In order not to spend money on buying sun glasses every season, you can choose one of the following models:

  • Aviators. These glasses can be seen in the photo of the leading collections every new season. They not only look very impressive, but also go well with summer and winter outfits.

  • Wayferers. Girls who prefer the classic style of clothing should purchase just such a model. It goes well with office skirts, trousers and blouses, as well as casual feminine dresses.

  • Round. Sunglasses of this form are versatile. They are well suited for women of fashion with different types of faces.

  • With mirrored glass. This timeless fashion trend is a great option for creating a youthful spectacular look.

  • Browliner glasses. Such an original model came into fashion in the 80s and all this time it has been one of the most beloved by many girls.

According to stylists, it is these models that will remain in trend even after many years.

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Fashion frames 2022

Modern trends suggest that the fair sex give preference to stylish and beautiful sunglasses with a colored frame:

  • white;
  • black;
  • brown;
  • red;
  • blue;
  • green.

Lovers of the classics will not be disappointed, as elegant horn-rimmed glasses will still be in fashion this season. But women who like to look creative and catchy should take a closer look at the original models in a transparent plastic frame.

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As you can see in the photo, various sunglasses will be fashionable in 2022. Even the most demanding fashionistas will be able to choose an option for themselves to taste.

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