Fashion sunglasses 2023 for men

Sunglasses are a thing that once had the sole purpose of protecting the eyes from bright sunlight. But, like many practical and useful things that are used often and with pleasure, they have turned into a stylish accessory. Today, tinted glasses are used not only for practical, but also for aesthetic purposes. They successfully complement their images of both men and women. Let’s discuss men’s sunglasses for 2023, because they are also subject to the fickleness of fashion trends.



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Trends for 2023

Like any accessory, glasses become part of an integral, well-thought-out image. Therefore, they must fit into a specific style, adopting characteristic details from it and meeting the necessary requirements. In 2023, designers did not neglect any of the fashion trends, and made it possible for every man to feel confident wearing what he likes. Therefore, the representatives of the stronger sex will have the opportunity to choose sunglasses for themselves for any chosen style and for any occasion. The trend is classic black, and glasses with glasses of different shapes, and colored frames, and even models with decorative elements that were previously found only in women’s collections.


Even guys who are prone to outrageous will be able to easily choose for themselves trendy model with an original eye-catching frame.

Sunglasses models for the 2023 season

Sunglasses for men in 2023 are, as always, not only an accessory for the summer, but also a necessary thing in the winter. Their main purpose is to protect the eyes not only from the sun, but also from bright light as such, because winter natural lighting can be no less aggressive due to the rays reflected from white snow. Therefore, tinted glasses are constant companions for every modern person. And it is important that at hand there are always several relevant models for different life situations. We recommend that you pay attention to the options listed below.


  • tinted glasses. Classic variant. Made with proper quality, they do not transmit light and it is almost impossible to see the eyes in them. Therefore, they are often used to hide and divert attention from themselves as much as possible. On the other hand, a man with dark glasses seems mysterious and attractive. This accessory invariably gives the image of masculinity, elegance and at the same time solidity. A good addition to a business outfit.


  • Semi-dark glasses. A model of glasses in which the intensity of the dimming of the glasses is uneven. Most often it is a gradient from a darker top to a darker bottom. This model is not so impenetrable, and behind the glasses you can already see the eyes. However, many people like the gradient look of blackout much more than the total, as is the case in the classics.

  • Wayfarers. One of the most popular sunglasses. As a rule, they are made with a plastic frame, and the glasses have a semicircular shape. Some design details may vary. For example, both the overall style of glasses and the frame itself can be different in thickness and color. Wayfarers are universal, so they will suit both a business suit and jeans, shorts, shirts and T-shirts.


  • Glasses with colored lenses. Fashion 2023 dictates its own rules, and one of them is a variety of colors. Glasses with colored glasses are a daring youth trend that will add brightness and personality to the image. Blue, green, brown, yellow and orange lenses will be popular. Another fashionable option for guys: not only glasses, but also frames can be colored.

  • Mirror glasses. This option can be added to the previous paragraph. On the one hand, behind the mirror lenses you can’t see the look of the interlocutor, but on the other hand, the shine of such lenses attracts attention and adds a little chic and attractiveness to the image. An interesting option for the summer, which can be combined with cheerful bright shirts, t-shirts, shorts and polos.


  • Aviator glasses. Among the models of sunglasses, these are one of the most trendy. They are notable for their versatility, as this form is suitable for any man, regardless of style, age and type of appearance. Aviator glasses will look equally appropriate and stylish in both business and informal bows.


  • Round glasses. Sunglasses for men in 2023 can come in many shapes, but the round one is one of the most enduring trends of the season. Such models look very stylish and even elegant. Often they are made in a thin frame, and due to this they attract attention so much. Round glasses are a reference to vintage, as this shape was popular in Europe during the Victorian era. They give the image some mystery.


  • Glasses in a wooden frame. The most creative fashion solution for the season. The trend is unusual materials and boho style, which has become one of the most popular. Therefore, glasses framed in natural wood will be a noticeable and stylish addition to your everyday look. A man wearing glasses with such a frame will definitely not go unnoticed.

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A variety of styles and trends will allow any man to find the right accessory for himself, both for summer holidays and for winter driving trips. In the photo you could see examples of interesting, attractive looks with fashionable men’s sunglasses that will look stylish in 2023.

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