Fashion sunglasses for summer 2020

In this article, you will learn everything about fashionable women’s sunglasses for the summer 2020 season. Choose which novelty you write down as your personal favorites!


Modern fashionistas are very fond of when accessories, in addition to their functional value, delight with their stylish potential – this cannot be taken away from them. For their self-expression, summer fashion offers them interesting novelties – for example, oversized sunglasses. This trend fell in love with the girls last year, and now he plans to only strengthen the position of popularity.

In order for any bow to immediately turn into trendy, it is worth paying special attention to glasses in large hypersize frames when shopping. At the same time, the form itself can be almost any – the choice directly depends on the individual characteristics of the appearance.

The main feature of this trend lies in its extraordinary design. Definitely, a fashionista in oversized glasses can be seen from afar, and then it will certainly be difficult to forget her. If you suddenly found a lot of laconic things in your summer wardrobe, you can easily transform the combinations with them with the help of these cool glasses.

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The hallmark of the 70s era – the famous aviator glasses – have become iconic in the fashion of the 2020 season. Many brands, as if by agreement, decided to give a fresh breath to all the familiar trend and show how cool it transforms various summer ensembles.

First of all, those fashionistas who do not like to throw money away on fleeting trends can take a closer look at aviators. Such a frame is a real classic that will obediently make friends with any outfit and is unlikely to ever go out of fashion.

The classic aviator model is traditionally characterized by dark lenses and metal frames. However, this is not the only stylish solution for summer 2020. If you want to add a fashionable twist to your looks, you can prefer glasses with rainbow colored or mirrored lenses. Such a move will make any bow perky and laid-back.


Fashion trends for the summer of 2020 also emphasize the relevance of sunglasses without highlighting the jumper between the glasses. This style was nicknamed “frame” and fell in love with fashionistas a few seasons ago. Designers often combine this trend with oversized fashion, but more classic frame variations are also approved by summer trends.

Despite the fact that round glasses are not suitable for all fashionistas, they are invariably popular in the 2020 season. Stylists advise first of all such a model to girls who have an oval or triangular face shape.

As for the dimensions and color scheme of round glasses, here brands offer fashionistas a complete variety of variations. Absolutely all models are in trend – from trendy oversized to more discreet accessories.

[stextbox id=’info’]If you want any of your summer looks to acquire a certain charm, aesthetics and mystery, you can choose a round frame with an additional decor that imitates cat ears.[/stextbox]


A very creative novelty of the summer season was overall glasses in a bright plastic frame. In order to tune in to the summer mood from the very first days, you can choose a model with blue, orange, pink, yellow or green frames – all these colors perfectly match the fashion trends of the 2020 season. If you see difficulties with the combination of colored frames, then you can bet on its colorless version. This model looks very cool in oversized format with rectangular glasses.



The ombre technique has long established itself as a leading trend in women’s fashion. Surely, you are familiar with this technique in fashion design, hair coloring and nail art. Now the gradient effect has reached the sunglasses. Models with the embodiment of this trend suggest the presence of colored lenses in which one shade flows into another. Perhaps it will be bright contrasting tones. But the classic tandem of black and brown is also in trend.

cat eye

A touch of charm and coquetry in any summer look can be glasses in a trendy variation of the “cat’s eye”. This model perfectly creates a stylish and modern mood in the outfit. Many fashionistas will surely like the fact that this form has a real rejuvenating effect – it visually tightens the corners of the eyes, and also makes any bow more feminine and elegant.

Another feature is the versatility of such glasses. Stylists assure that such an accessory will fit perfectly into a casual, business or romantic look and at the same time make it stylistically complete.

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Square frames

A stylish hello from the 70s in 2020, these are square glasses that look very extraordinary and creative. In fairness, it can be noted that such models only at first glance may seem bulky and heavy. Many designers have complemented the square frame with accentuated thin and elegant frames, which made it more concise and light.


A very accurate hit in the current trends will be glasses with oval glasses with a hint of vintage style. Most often, such models are presented in a combination of elegant frames and translucent glasses – this design technique makes the accessory more sophisticated and easily fits it into almost any outfit.

Brightness and creativity

Surely, they will find their fans in the new season and extraordinary colored glasses, which were presented in many current collections. Moreover, most designers took the maximum from this trend and combined colored stele and an unusual futuristic frame. As a result – stylish glasses that are the best suited for creating bright and daring images for this summer.

Among such an extraordinary assortment, lenses in pink are especially distinguished. Let them not get rid of problems in life, but at the same time they will certainly cheer you up and increase the level of positive in summer days. Many girls especially like to take rose-colored glasses with them on vacation when their images become brighter and more colorful.


A real sensation in the world of street styling was made by glasses without an actual frame, which began to flicker suspiciously often in current collections. Such an accent looks most impressive in the images of the sportswear direction and adds an unusual zest to them.

thick frame

If rimless models are not to your liking, you can take advantage of the relevance of emphasized thick plastic frames, which are quite often presented in color. Such a novelty may be preferred by those girls who like to effectively stand out from the crowd.

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In the assortment of fashionable women’s sunglasses for the summer 2020 season, not only female fans will be able to choose their favorite…

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