Fashion sunglasses: trends 2021

Sunglasses are an important part of a fashionable look, and especially with the onset of sunny days, you can’t do without them. So what interesting models of this accessory are waiting for us in 2021? Let’s get to know them right now.

Choosing the right sunglasses

Buying sunglasses today is not a problem at all, because there are simply a huge number of options on the market for every taste and budget. However, it is important to understand here that glasses are not just a beautiful accessory that makes the image spectacular. In fact, it is based on one very important function. Namely: protecting our eyes and eyelids from the negative effects of sunlight.

Moreover, human eyes need protection from SPF exposure not only in summer, but also in winter, since during this period the sun is also quite aggressive. And if you are really worried about the health of your eyes, then choose the right sunglasses. Well, of course, at the same time make sure that they perfectly complement your stylish bow and emphasize the dignity of your appearance.

  • Material. When choosing an accessory, remember one important rule – it does not matter what the frame will be made of, but the lenses themselves must be of high quality. This is necessary both to ensure that the vision does not deteriorate, and for effective protection. And experts recommend giving preference to glass or very good plastic (acrylic and polycarbonate). In both cases, such lenses will perfectly block ultraviolet radiation.

  • The degree of darkening of the lenses. Contrary to popular belief, very dark lenses are not a good choice for protecting your eyes from the sun. After all, they can spoil vision, making the lens even more susceptible to sunlight. But the so-called “chameleon glasses” are much better, because they change their color depending on the lighting. So you can wear them absolutely everywhere and always. Drivers are recommended graduated, half-tinted lenses.

  • By face type. Choosing glasses that will look perfect on you is more of an aesthetic issue. And yet we will pay attention to it. So, for a round face, it is better to choose accessories with right angles, namely with square or rectangular lenses. For an oval face, all sunglasses will be suitable without exception. For a square, choose large, rounded or oblong models that will help smooth out a massive chin. A triangular face will look best when paired with a cat-eye frame.
  • Type of sun protection. All filters that are used when creating sunglasses are divided into five categories. 0 – almost complete lack of protection. In such an accessory, you can look beautiful, but it will not bring any benefit. 1 and 2 are medium defense. It is these lenses that are most often used on inexpensive glasses presented in mass markets. 3 is the ideal option to protect yourself from exposure to ultraviolet rays. 4 – glasses with very high protection, which are acceptable to wear only in southern countries.

In addition to the above factors, you need to choose sunglasses by the color of the lenses. For example, grays and greens are suitable for any weather, as they do not distort shades. Yellows are good for cloudy days as they block out blues. And mirrored ones are ideal for walking in the mountains, because they reflect literally any glare.

Trending sunglasses for 2021

So, we talked about the rules for choosing an accessory. Now let’s explore the fashionable sunglasses that will be considered the most trendy in 2021.

  • Oversize. Voluminous, but not devoid of elegance, glasses today are considered a real trend. They migrated to our collections from last season, but continue to confidently hold their positions. Among the most relevant forms of oversized glasses stand out square and round. Especially often such specimens can be seen in the photo from fashion shows. However, even ordinary women of fashion willingly wear large sunglasses, because in them facial features seem more refined and correct. Yes, and for any chosen image from romantic to business, this model is perfect. However, avoid shapes with sharp corners – they are listed in the anti-trends.

  • Round. Glasses of the correct round shape are considered the most fashionable today. Like oversize, in 2021 they migrated from past seasons, but still remained mega popular. And they are especially loved by young fashionistas who prefer to experiment with different trend directions. However, there is nothing surprising here, because round sunglasses are a universal thing. It perfectly combines with casual, grunge, military, ethnic and other styles. In addition, here you can choose the sizes and variations of frames. After all, round lenses look equally attractive and framed in thin metal, and in organic wood, and in laconic plastic.

  • Hexagons. This is the absolute novelty of 2021 in the sunglasses segment. In fact, this model is a derivative of the above circle. Only instead of an even circle, the lens is framed by a hexagon. These glasses look very unusual. And this means that if you give them preference, you will get a special zest for your image. However, do not choose too dark or completely mirrored glasses – coupled with geometry, they will make the image heavier. Better bet on models with translucent lenses in, for example, pink or yellow. Moreover, both of these shades in the coming season will be incredibly popular.

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  • “Cat’s eye” or butterfly. These sunglasses have, perhaps, the most unusual shape of the entire range. On a woman’s face, they look very playful and seductive, which will allow every fashionista to be guaranteed to attract the attention of the opposite sex. This effect is created due to the raised outer corners of the frame, which from the side really resembles a cat’s eyes or butterfly wings. And the author of this trend is none other than Christian Dior. According to some reports, he came up with this form, looking at one of the employees of his company with Russian-Kazakh roots, who had beautiful slanting eyes.

By the way, cat-eye sunglasses are a great option for obese women. After all, due to their high fit, they visually stretch the face. And the unusual shape attracts attention from any flaws in appearance. The absence of right angles also plays a huge positive role here. However, avoid models with a massive frame, which can emphasize fullness.

  • With decor. Very popular among modern fashionistas and sunglasses, decorated with different types of decor. And in most cases, it is very catchy. Brilliant stones located around the entire perimeter of the frame, voluminous…

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