Fashion sweatshirts – autumn 2019

What will be the most fashionable sweaters for autumn 2019? Our review, as always, will tell and show everything in detail!


Colors and prints

  • This fall, designers are advised to give preference to unexpectedly bright colors – coral, blue, cornflower blue, yellow, red and orange.

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  • Designers have not canceled soft tones. In the off-season, white, brown, blue, caramel, soft pink and taupe colors will be popular.

  • Sweatshirts in neon colors are, although quite bold, but at the same time very cool. Designers especially highlight light green shades of neon.

  • Perhaps the most relevant print for stylish sweaters in the 2019-2020 season is the stripe. Narrow or wide, monochrome or multi-colored – it is in fashion in any of its manifestations.

  • All kinds of rhombuses and squares are trying to compete with striped knitwear. The main feature of this print is bright contrast.

  • Scandinavian patterns on warm knitwear are still in trend. A more cozy and cute trend simply cannot be imagined.

  • Animalism this autumn takes on a completely unexpected performance – predatory patterns are painted in bright and original shades, and also become large appliqués in the form of animals. For example, a jacket with a pink leopard or blue zebra print will be a 100% hit. It will not be boring!


The trend for oversize did not even think of leaving the fashion catwalks! On the contrary, it storms everything in its path: from knitwear to accessories and headwear.

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But it is in autumn that fashionistas do not resist this cozy trend. What could be better in the cold season than a voluminous knitted sweater? Designers like to give it the effect of stretching both in width and in length, which makes the product especially comfortable.

Crop sweaters

The trend that is completely opposite to the oversized style is crop sweaters. They are short, waist-length pieces.

In autumn, it is not customary to show bare parts of the body (besides, it is impractical), so stylists recommend combining cropped sweaters with high-rise items – jeans, trousers and a skirt. The main trump card of this image is that it wonderfully slims and stretches the silhouette.

Open back

Continuing the theme of seductive and sensual trends, we highlight elegant sweatshirts with an open back.

Such topical models are ideal for warm September days, when the weather still allows you to wear open things.

Open shoulders

Trendy off-the-shoulder sweaters promise to be in trend throughout the fall season.

If a fashionista does not want to fully open her shoulders, current trends will offer her delicate cuts in this area.

Volumetric patterns

The fashion trends of autumn 2019 also highlight women’s sweaters with textured volumetric patterns. Various plaits, bumps, braids, embossed ornaments and classic braids look stylish. Needleworkers, your way out!

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[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! An unusual mix of textures is in trend, and such sweaters look very interesting in this way. Pair them with silk or satin tops for a stylish look.[/stextbox]

Great couple

The combination of a pullover and a cardigan is one of the most interesting novelties among fashionable sweaters for the fall of 2019. To match the trends as much as possible, purchase the set, and not just similar items. Such deuces look very original in both monochrome and printed versions.


Turtlenecks in their numerous manifestations are one of the key trends of this fall. We advise you to get several options at once in current colors, and you will always have something to wear. Turtlenecks are perfectly combined with casual bows and fit into office sets no less easily.

Neon turtleneck and jeans – a fashionable autumn look

Fashion trends suggest looking at velvet and wool turtlenecks, as well as cozy knit knee-highs that suit both young girls and women over 50. The choice of the most advanced fashionistas is neon turtlenecks, whose popularity has skyrocketed this summer.

Wrap style

Stylish sweaters for overweight women are mostly represented by elegant wrap models. This graceful style perfectly corrects the female figure: it stretches the silhouette, adds harmony, beautifully highlights the neckline and waist.

The only thing that lush fashionistas should ignore is wrap sweaters with voluminous textured knitting. Similar models are best left for slender girls.

Fashion details

  • Decorative embroidery on the autumn jacket gives a lot of room for imagination when creating sophisticated and feminine images. Embroidered floral motifs look especially wonderful.
  • Fringe decor is also in great demand among designers. On knitwear, you can most often find suede fringe, but some models are decorated with thread decor.,

  • Lantern sleeves, frills and flounces are stylish details that will be responsible for the femininity and romance of the image. Such elements are appropriate even with a problematic figure, because they perfectly transfer attention from shortcomings.

  • Designers have prepared something else interesting – fashionable sweaters this fall are decorated with fur inserts. They can repeat the color of the product or be unexpectedly contrasting.

  • Volumetric sleeves are another fashionable sign of an actual sweater.

Perfect autumn look

  • A fashionable jacket is a truly universal thing, because it is perfectly combined with various images. The autumn-winter season is enough to try out all the combinations with jeans, trousers and skirts.

  • If the jacket is presented in an oversized style, you can, for the sake of variety, complement it with a wide bright belt with a fashionable rectangular plastic buckle.
  • In the 2019 season, various prints rule the fashion ball, with which it is so interesting to create stylish looks. A win-win option would be to add a printed item that is plain and neutral. For example, a gray sweater looks great with a flirty polka dot skirt, while a turtleneck with a snake print goes well with black jeans or leather pants.

  • Autumn fashion in 2019 season is the perfect embodiment of comfort and coziness. The trend is not just knitted sweaters, but their stylish combination with the same pants. At the top shows, melange yarn suits were seen, in the oversized style, as well as with fringe decor. Such knitted sets instantly won recognition from fashionistas.
  • In the 2019 season, you can look back at the time when the combination of a knitted sweater and skirt was popular. Today, such images are again on the fashion wave.
  • Another fashion trick, seen at key shows, is the combination of sweaters with scarves of the same material and color. Designers in the new season clearly care about fashionistas and their comfort!

  • Layering will also allow you to fight back the cold and wind….

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