Fashion sweatshirts – autumn 2020

Great news for stylish fashionistas – fashionable sweaters for autumn 2020 will be bright, interesting and unusual. Creating stylish autumn bows is now so easy. From the variety presented, you can choose several models and be at the peak of popularity every day.

Sport style

And on a warm, dry autumn day, and on a dank and rainy day, there is nothing more comfortable than a comfortable and soft jacket in a sporty style. Zipped hoodies and sweatshirts are the perfect complement to your everyday look. Remember that the trend is layering and loose fit. Sports sweatshirts can be interestingly combined with jeans, sports trousers, sports midi skirts, sneakers, sneakers, boots with rough soles. If it’s really cold outside, throw a quilted vest over the top. Don’t forget the knitted hat. Your sports-casual practical bow is perfect.

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Large knitting is in trend

For a season in a row, hand-knitted and machine-knitted items remain in fashion. But it is worth betting on the invoice. Sweatshirts of large knitting are in special demand. Choose for yourself an interesting model with an original pattern on the front or on the sleeves. Choose a sweater with or without a neck.

A jacket of any style and large knitting can be beautifully combined in an ensemble with high boots with or without heels. Complete the set with a capacious bag and dilute with interesting accessories.

A special feature of the fall season 2020 is the combination of several textures in a coarse knit sweater. Sometimes designers prefer to include a little knitted fabric, jeans, mesh in the products. Look great in this case, satin or silk ribbons, lacing.

Wear a warm chunky-knit sweater with dress pants or jeans, a pleated midi skirt, skinny, dress shorts, and high boots. Such a piece of clothing has unlimited possibilities when creating an image.

Knitted sweaters

Knitwear is in special demand for a season in a row. The material is good to wear, easy to care for, keeps its shape and color for a long time. Interesting knitted sweaters allow you to create a classic, romantic or walking bow. But remember that fitted knitted cardigans are out of fashion. Replace them with loose-fitting sweaters.

It is interesting to look elongated knitted models with a voluminous neck, with loose sleeves or with an asymmetric length. Experiment.

Cardigan is a must-have item for autumn

The cardigan cannot be called a novelty among fashion sweaters for autumn 2020. And yet, it should have its own separate niche in the autumn capsule wardrobe. A cardigan is a complete replacement for a light coat or raincoat. It is always cozy and comfortable. In addition, a properly selected cardigan will beautifully complement a classic, walking or romantic set.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Please note that the cardigan should be slightly loose. Today it is not fashionable to wear too tight things.[/stextbox]

As for the length, it is recommended for girls and women of small stature to choose products up to the middle of the thigh. Fashionistas above average height are allowed to wear both a short cardigan and the longest possible.

Sweater – warm and cozy

Fashion trends for women’s sweaters from the autumn 2020 series indicate that it will be stylish to wear a sweater with a high volume neck and loose sleeves on the cuff. Its bottom can be both free and decorated with a wide cuff. In such a sweater you will be cozy in any autumn weather. It is the perfect complement to a walking autumn look, a beautiful combination with jeans, sports or simple cropped trousers, midi and mini skirts. A loose sweater with a high neck and spacious sleeves is an uncompromising option for those who love comfort.

Free shoulder

If even in cool weather you want to be sexy and with a twist, wear a knitted or knitted sweater on one shoulder. The loose cut of the neck allows you to delicately lower the sweater, thus making your bow especially noticeable.

An elegant off-the-shoulder sweater looks great in an evening or casual ensemble. It is combined with pumps, ballet flats, ankle boots or boots with a wide top.

One sleeve

Autumn fashion is the absence of prohibitions on creativity and romanticism. Choose a sweater with one sleeve. The second bare arm and shoulder is your winning option when creating a stylish bow. Combine such a sweater with a pencil skirt, with a flared midi and maxi skirt, with skinny trousers and even jeans. Your image is exceptionally sophisticated. Do not forget to complement it with massive bracelets on a bare hand.

Attention to … back

You are not mistaken. A beautiful autumn bow can be created by wearing a sweater with a bare back or with lacing at the back. As a result, you create a kind of mystery in the image. In front – you are an impregnable beauty. Turning your back, reveal all your cards. This sweater model is especially suitable for those girls and women who tirelessly work on the state of their body in the gym. Combine a sweater with a bare back with any bottom – trousers, jeans, a flared skirt – everything suits you.

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Short products

Another option for an interesting autumn sweater for the owner of a perfect body or close to it is a short crop sweater. Outwardly, it resembles a cropped top that reveals the tummy. But against the backdrop of fashion for a high fit, such a product will look very stylish in an image.

A crop top is a perfect addition to an evening, romantic or casual look. You are unique in it!

Model with cutouts on the shoulders

Show the world your perfect shoulders. Wear stylish sweaters and cutouts in this area. Wear interesting necklines that will leave a part of your body ajar. This is a tribute to sexuality and some frankness.

A sweater with bare shoulders can have the most loose fit or a tighter fit. But in any case, he is in trend.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Please note that due to the special fashion for layering, such a sweater can even be worn with a blouse or shirt.[/stextbox]

Sweater dress

A knitted or knitted sweater-dress can also be safely attributed to the category of warm autumn sweaters. Such a product, as they say, both in a feast and in the world. It is convenient, comfortable, beautiful. Knitted sweater-dress can have a variety of lengths – from mini to maxi. In any case, such a piece of clothing looks beautiful with high boots or cropped boots, with or without a heel.

This option can rightfully be considered a stylish jacket for overweight women in 2020 fashion. It is only important to highlight the waist with a belt.

fashion trends

To properly wear an autumn sweater, it is important to follow the stylish trends of the 2020 season. Fashion designers and stylists dictate the following rules:

  • Layering. Combine in the image of several things worn one on top of the other. Thus, you create a more sophisticated and fragile image.

  • Belt. Belt your jacket with stylish…

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