Fashion swimwear 2019

On the eve of summer, for many of the fair sex, the question becomes relevant: what swimwear will be fashionable in 2019? Designers offer a variety of models that will favorably emphasize the dignity of the figure and, if necessary, hide the flaws.


Current fashion trends

In the summer of 2019, stylists are focusing on the original design of swimwear. The ability to get a beautiful and uniform tan throughout the body faded into the background. Many styles are made solid or contain inserts that cover one or another part of the body. However, the classics remain unaffected by fashion, so lovers of open separate swimsuits will be able to stop at them.

Models of fashionable swimwear

Especially for you, we have made a photo selection where you can follow the fashion trends used to create swimwear in 2019. The most popular innovations include the following.

  • Sports swimwear. If you have a favorite model designed for training in the pool, you can safely apply it to going to the beach. The indisputable advantage of such products is that they make the figure visually slimmer.

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The trend is sports models containing contrasting inserts. For example, a product can be decorated with bright prints in the middle and be dark solid color on the sides.


  • High Waist Swimsuit. This model is associated with retro style and looks incredibly attractive. Any girl can afford it, both thin and curvaceous. In the latter case, this style will visually correct the waist area and hide the protruding belly.

All kinds of ornaments are popular, for example, a floral print or geometry. The decoration with frills can give femininity.

  • Asymmetrical swimsuit. This style contains a wide strap that is located only on one shoulder, while the second shoulder remains open. This design can have both fashionable one-piece swimsuits and separate models.

  • Swimsuit with frills. Lovers of romantic bows will appreciate this model. Ruffles can be located both in the upper part, for example, on the straps, and below, creating a spectacular peplum.

Stylish Options

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Important! Such decor should be chosen carefully and take into account the features of your figure. Ruffles are able to visually increase the part of the body on which they are located. So, girls with wide hips should refrain from having them at the bottom. At the same time, frills in the neckline will help to make the breasts more magnificent.


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  • Bright colors and prints. Their application will be especially relevant in 2019. Colors such as yellow, orange, hot pink, aquamarine and other options are popular. As for prints, the favorites of this season are animalistic colors, for example, imitating the skin of a leopard or reptile skin, geometry, floral and plant motifs.

  • Laconic swimsuit. Lovers of discreet elegant bows will be able to successfully apply this trend in beach fashion. Especially for them, a solid one-color swimsuit is designed, on which there are absolutely no decorative elements. This trend can be applied to the creation of both fused and separate models.

Simple but very pretty

  • Shiny swimsuit. If a girl wants to attract everyone’s attention to herself on the beach, then a swimsuit made of shiny fabric, which is one of the trends of this season, is ideal for her.

This model will look great on the owners of slender fit figures. If you need to hide problem areas, then it is recommended to turn to the combined version, which contains dark solid-color inserts in the corresponding area.

  • Swimsuit with lacing. This decorative element is able to draw attention to the part of the body on which it is located, and act as a highlight of the image. Lacing can be present in the front, back or side. Such a detail located in the neckline area looks spectacular. This technique gives the image a mystery and emphasizes femininity.

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Important! If lacing is used, then it is necessary to refrain from having prints so as not to overload the image. Such a detail is allowed only on monophonic models.


  • White swimsuit. If the product is made in this color, then it is an ornament in itself. In addition, a snow-white swimsuit is able to favorably set off a beautiful even tan.

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  • Swimwear with a bandeau bodice. If you look at the photos that show the separate swimsuits of 2019, you can see that the bandeau bodice is one of the fashion trends. It often does not contain straps and is fixed on the chest with a special cut.

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It is worth noting that such a model will look good on girls with small breasts, making it visually larger.


  • Swimsuit with halter bodice. This option is suitable for owners of lush breasts. It contains a wide strap that is fixed around the neck and securely supports the chest.

Swimwear for obese women

Owners of magnificent forms also want to look irresistible on the beach. Having picked up a successful swimsuit model, they will be able to favorably emphasize seductive forms and at the same time hide existing flaws. In our photo selection, you can see what fashion trends are used to create 2019 swimwear for the full.

  • Model with a high waistline. This is a very successful design technique designed to visually correct this area.

  • Sport fit one-piece swimsuit. This is the perfect solution for overweight women. It is recommended to pay attention to solid dark colors. Let’s say a variant with contrasting dark inserts on the sides.

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  • Leaf halter. The upper part, made in such a cut, perfectly emphasizes the magnificent chest. Ideal combination with the lower part containing the high waist. An alternative option would be a swimsuit with a top made in the form of a T-shirt.

  • Swimsuit with a skirt. If such a detail is present at the bottom, it will help cover wide hips and visually reduce the volume in this area.

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Fat women should refrain from overly bright colors, the presence of all kinds of prints, an abundance of decorative elements, especially ruffles and frills.


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