Fashion swimwear 2020

Fashionable swimwear in the 2020 season pleases with a variety of colors and styles. In this article, we talk about the key trends!

fashion color guide

The color scheme of beach fashion 2020 is very diverse. You may be attracted to calm colors – nude, olive, pastel, chocolate, beige and earth shades. If you want to be the main queen of the beach, choose your favorite among a bright palette – tangerine, metallic, yellow, azure and red tones are in the top.

A classic of the genre to emphasize a spectacular tan – a black and white swimsuit – is also invariably at the peak of popularity. Creative combinations of these basic colors will also allow you to stand out on any beach in the world. The dark color can be located on an area that would not hurt to visually reduce, and the light part will transfer all attention to itself. Such a contrast will look simply stunning!

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Many readers will surely be pleased to know that striped swimwear is once again returning to the list of leading trends. It is noteworthy that designers do not limit fashionistas in choosing this print. You can choose your personal favorite among striped colors of any direction, thickness and color.

Floral print in summer collections? Of course, such a trend cannot be called a novelty, but this does not prevent her from having many fans. The combination of a plain and printed element of a separate swimsuit looks very interesting. Beautiful and feminine flowers can also be used in the design of a one-piece model, which looks especially impressive.

The popularity of the tie-dye print is an echo of retro fashion. A similar motif dominated the 70s, and now it is rapidly returning to the fashion catwalks. This trend will especially appeal to girls who cannot decide on a single color of a swimsuit – a tie-dye pattern often combines many beautiful shades.

Predictably, cute polka dots stand out among the current geometric motifs. This coloring is always able to emphasize the charm of the girl and add a flirty touch to her beach look.

Among fashionable prints, animalistic drawings have a special privileged position. A similar motif loudly declared itself in both separate and fused models. Fashionistas are captivated by the fact that any animal print looks unusual and bold, and also distinguishes the girl from the crowd.

[stextbox id=’info’]But there is a downside to the coin, which is the visual property to increase the figure.[/stextbox]

To be in line with fashion trends, the animalistic pattern does not have to be kept in natural colors. The most creative and unusual tones are also welcome!



Classic one-piece swimsuits did not even think of leaving Fashion Olympus in the 2020 season. A girl may prefer a laconic model in neutral colors and accentuate the look with stylish beach accessories. A one-piece swimsuit can also be very extraordinary – for the desired effect, designers complement such models with frills, lacing, asymmetry, transparent inserts, a deep neckline, bold inscriptions or a mesh. The style itself may have an overestimated hip line – this makes the figure incredibly seductive.

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Sport style

Fashionable one-piece swimsuits in the 2020 season may belong to the sports direction. Moreover, such models are now suitable not only for girls who are keen on surfing or other sports. If you prefer to relax on the beach, then you can also try on such a model. Usually, designers make sports swimwear in a fairly closed style, so they can be the best solution for women over 50.


All designers unanimously decided that a little asymmetry would not hurt a fashionable swimsuit. It is worth noting that among such models you can choose an option for any figure. Asymmetry is a very effective technique when you need to divert attention from the shortcomings and focus it on the merits. It is also the best choice for a rectangular body type.

The most stylish manifestation of asymmetry lies in one open shoulder. This style looks quite extraordinary and favorably emphasizes the chest. What it takes to be the queen of the beach!

high waist

Swimwear with a high-cut bottom line is also coming to the forefront of stylish and in-demand options in 2020. There is some kind of retro charm in such a model, so it has not lost its popularity for many years. There is another weighty argument for this trend – high swimming trunks create an additional emphasis on the waist, visually lengthen the legs and make the hip line more seductive. Real super power!

Such fashionable swimwear for the summer of 2020 is ideal for overweight women. The high waistline in combination with a fairly dense texture perfectly masks figure flaws and at the same time creates a stylish and feminine look.


Among the most unusual trends are knitted swimsuits that look very original. You can choose among such an assortment a model in a single or separate version. The color of the product will play a special role when choosing – knitted bathing suits are good in delicate beige and pastel colors. Stylish designs with multi-coloured stripes are also a bright trend – these models will suit your taste if you like to be the center of attention on the beach.

With strings

Among the novelties of the 2020 season, fashionable swimwear with various ties is also presented in a wide variety. Such a stylish chip can appear on the sides of the trunks or in the center of the bodice. Fashionable ties can be expressed in ribbons and lacing – such details can visually slim the figure or draw attention to its merits. In any case, choosing a model from this range will allow you to declare your impeccable knowledge of current trends.

With rings

Do you want your bathing look to be glamorous and trendy? Then you should definitely get acquainted with the key novelty of the season – a swimsuit with rings of various diameters. Such elements can be successfully located on swimming trunks or on the bodice. We do not undertake to judge the convenience of metal decor, but we can certainly say that this is one of the main trends in the summer of 2020.

With cutouts

Swimsuits with different cutouts are a great idea when you need to make your figure visually thinner and generally adjust it. Worried that your waist is not thin enough? We are sure you are wonderful! But still, if you want to make this area more prominent and slender, you can call for help with a topical swimsuit with cutouts on the sides. So you will fall into trends and make your figure perfect!

It should be noted that the cutouts on…

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