Fashion T-shirts and T-shirts – summer 2019

When choosing fashionable women’s t-shirts and t-shirts for the summer of 2019, you should pay attention to trend trends and photos from shows. If you have not yet chosen a comfortable and beautiful model for the summer months, let’s take a look at the main trends together.


Fashionable t-shirts for summer 2019

Actual Options

You need to buy T-shirts for the summer, depending on your type of activity, type of figure and color type. For example, ladies who go to work in the summer with a strict dress code should buy T-shirts with short sleeves or ¾ long, without an open neckline, massive jewelry. For the everyday life of girls, loose, lacy, open options from translucent fabrics are more suitable, in which it will not be hot during the day.

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Particular attention should be paid to the following models:

  • Oversized style is suitable for obese women. The peculiarity of this style is that things are selected as if several sizes larger, they sit freely and do not adhere to the body. At the same time, it is important that the T-shirts do not look baggy, so you need to make sure that the shoulder line sits evenly, the sleeve is not too long. Otherwise, the bow will turn out sloppy.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Long oversized T-shirts can be girdled with a belt to highlight the waist and visually divide the figure into two equal parts.[/stextbox]

  • Crop tops are the exact opposite of the previous T-shirt model. Crop tops look like cropped t-shirts or t-shirts, usually ending at the waist or slightly higher. Fashionistas usually wear this style with shorts or jeans with a high waist. So the bow turns out to be balanced, holistic and logical, while the models can be both with sleeves and without them. Crop tops are perfect for casual or street style, but are not suitable for formal or business.

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  • A T-shirt dress is a good alternative for women’s shirt dresses this summer. The model looks like a loose long T-shirt, usually it comes to the middle of the knee. Low slits on the sides, which make the image more feminine, become relevant this season. The dress is well suited for women over 50 for a sporty and casual style, it can be combined with sneakers, sneakers, ankle boots in bad weather or crocs on the beach. To make the bow more interesting, you should choose dresses with a massive, bright print, fur or lace inserts on the hem.

Stylish T-shirt dress

  • One-shoulder models are a type of asymmetrical t-shirts that look very playful, feminine and gentle. Usually bare shoulder outfits are great for everyday life and for gala evenings, it all depends on the combination, material and shade. The trend today is simple and concise models with straight lines and patterns, thin straps. For a romantic date, styles with voluminous flounces and ruffles are suitable. By the way, they can also visually enlarge the chest by several sizes.

  • Lingerie style is another delicate, feminine and versatile option. Its peculiarity is that the T-shirts really look like night ones: they are on thin straps, very light, lace and openwork inserts are used. Silk or satin is used as the base material – they shimmer interestingly in the light, are very light and pleasant to the body. The most popular colors for the next season are peach, sky blue, purple, apricot, beige. At the same time, lace is usually contrasting – gray, black, brown.

Women’s T-shirts in linen style

  • Tied options are a beachy way to wear T-shirts that are great in the heat. T-shirts do not have to be cropped, they usually have a standard length to the hips, but there is a special cut. The lower hem is not made straight, but with two elongated ends that can be tied into a knot or bow. It is tied both directly and from the side, then the bow becomes asymmetrical, more interesting. You can wear this version of fashionable women’s T-shirts and T-shirts in the summer of 2019 with shorts, trousers with stripes, sweatpants or leggings as in the photo.

  • In T-shirts, asymmetry can be present not only on one of the shoulders, but also in the length of the hem. For example, models in which the back of the T-shirt is longer than the front are gaining popularity. This is not surprising, because such asymmetry was found everywhere in previous seasons: on chiffon dresses with a multi-layered hem, blouses, tunics.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Note! Since the main attention in the image should be drawn to the T-shirt, the bottom should be concise, simple and not massive. Solid shorts, cycling shorts, short leggings will do.[/stextbox]

  • Corsets are a special kind of trendy T-shirts for the summer of 2019. Most often, the model is performed on thin straps, the chest supports a tight corset, there is lacing. At the same time, the model is not long, ending just below the waist. So that the image does not look defiant or vulgar, in combination with corsets, you should choose elongated shorts, skirts or pants. It is worth remembering that the thing is more suitable for everyday life or gala evenings; you should not choose them for work.

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Popular decorations and colors

According to fashion trends, summer t-shirts and t-shirts in 2019 should have the following details:

  • Animal print has been known for several seasons in a row and is found everywhere: on bags, accessories, shoes. T-shirts with a leopard pattern, fake giraffe or zebra skin have been worn by fashionistas for a long time, but “cow” patterns are gaining more popularity. This is a pretty good choice, since the monochrome black and white pattern is combined with most of the shades from the color palette, it looks contrasting and interesting.

Stylish animal print

  • T-shirts with sequins look very bright, suitable for parties, beach holidays and meetings with friends. But such models are also ideal for everyday life, if you combine them with basic trousers, plain shorts, leggings, skirts. For sea onions, you should choose models in which sequins resemble fish scales. For evening bows, it is necessary to apply makeup to match the color of the T-shirt, use glitter or shimmer shadows on the eyes for the integrity of the image.

Fashion sequins

  • Volumetric decor in the bows of this season looks very organic. Fashion does not set strict limits, so you can safely choose massive jewelry, styles with bright inscriptions, volumetric elements. Particular attention should be paid to accessories made of thin metal chains in the form of a fringe, decor made of tulle, metal, lace. With the help of correctly placed accents, you can make the image more holistic and logical.

  • Lace inserts are not new for fashionistas this year. They are quite popular lately, as they make the bow very feminine, lightweight, weightless. Especially good…

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