Fashion Tips for Summer 2020

Here are some fashion tips for summer 2020.



Fashion trends of the current season dictate the relevance of a juicy and cheerful range. This summer promises to be not only hot, but also extremely stylish! To tune in to the right wave, choose your personal favorites from the fashion palette!

For the basic basis of the summer wardrobe, you can safely take concise and practical things in brown and beige. Such tones are easy to combine with other colors. In addition, it is a classic that will not lose its relevance for a long time. As fashionable accents in summer outfits, you can use things in gold, carrot or red colors. Also this summer you can feel the freshness and energy of representatives of the azure and turquoise palette.

We offer to adopt another stylish concept of a summer outfit. Its essence lies in the combination of comfortable light-colored clothing with metal decorations. As universal accessories for various bows, you can use a leather belt and fairly massive beads.

A stylish completion of the outfit will also be details in the style of minimalism. The laconic, but not at all boring design is great for women over 50. Such jewelry harmoniously fits into any outfit and makes it more interesting and expressive.

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Fashion experts recommend in the summer of 2020 not to discount jeans, which look especially stylish in light colors. Moreover, fashion connoisseurs believe that current models simply do not exist – it is important to choose jeans that delight you with a perfect fit for you.

By the summer season, stylists advise not to give up their principles, and still choose smooth jeans without scuffs and unnecessary decor. This is literally an indispensable investment in a basic wardrobe, which fashion experts liken to plastic surgery – with the right choice, jeans can really transform the figure beyond recognition.


Loose-fitting trouser suits have become a real hit of the 2020 season. It is in summer that sets in a luxurious snow-white design will be at the peak of popularity. Such an ensemble is a great solution for both everyday life and special occasions. You can use the components of the costume separately and use accessories and shoes to control the mood of the image.


A lot of the style advice boils down to telling women not to ignore high heels. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with discomfort. According to the TV presenter, among the modern assortment it is easy to find a pair on a steady rise, in which you can walk all day.

Current models with heels should certainly be adopted by overweight women – such a choice will visually make them taller and slimmer. You can choose your favorite pair among summer mules, sandals or shoes. For greater effectiveness of the image, you should combine shoes with a skin tone or with a color of the bottom in a bow – this technique always works flawlessly.


In the summer of 2020, we advise you to replenish your wardrobe with at least one stylish dress. Experts believe that such a novelty for a woman has an effect comparable to consulting a psychologist or taking antidepressants. A beautiful dress will be safer and cheaper to raise the level of mood and self-esteem.

If you don’t have to give up work in the summer, then it makes sense to buy a classic sheath dress. According to the expert, this model suits every woman and never goes out of fashion.

Also in the new season, it is advised not to deny yourself the pleasure of buying a romantic dress in a floral print. Modern women prove that there are no age limits for such a motive. The only criterion is the recommendation of not too contrasting and large patterns for women over 50. A floral dress will be a stylish choice for any occasion, whether it is a walk with friends, a date, a trip to the beach, a meeting with relatives or an evening out.

Romantic polka-dot dresses with frills have migrated from the fashion of past years to the new season – this is a great solution for a romantic mood!

In the summer of 2020, you can also replenish your arsenal of fashionable clothes with dresses in bright colors. Such models look stylish both in a laconic straight cut and in a universal wrap style. Young girls can take a closer look at the relevance of bright dresses with charming ruffles or frills.

For this summer, you can pick up a light sundress made of comfortable and cool fabric. The universal length is the midi mark below the knee – such a model looks advantageous both with shoes with heels and with flat pairs.

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To all readers who are worried that culottes have left the list of current trends, we assure you that they are still on horseback. As part of the summer wardrobe, we suggest using practical culottes as a worthy alternative to the boring midi skirt.

Referring to current collections, the fashion expert suggests using cropped trousers in monochrome ensembles. Of course, in the summer, kits in a light palette proved to be the most successful. As for winning combinations, we recommend teaming with shirts, T-shirts, silk blouses, light cardigans and pullovers.

[stextbox id=’warning’]So that culottes do not visually shorten the silhouette, they should be mixed with high-rise shoes. This recommendation can be ignored only by stately girls.[/stextbox]


The main criterion for the current skirts of the summer 2020 season is the lack of a tight cut – such a model can unfavorably show underwear lines. Your favorite summer skirt for the summer will easily turn into an actual pencil cut with a slit, a wraparound cut, as well as flared variations of the sun and half sun. The pleated skirt, which can add elegance and chic to any summer bow, does not lose its relevance.

[stextbox id=’warning’]If you want to present your figure in a favorable light and create an up-to-date look, pick up a skirt with an oversized fit. This model beautifully highlights the waist and visually lengthens the legs.[/stextbox]


Also in the summer of 2020, we suggest paying attention to another fashion trend – oversized loose fit. This silhouette appears in many summer clothes, including dresses, blouses, shirts and trousers. The key feature of such things is the feeling of comfort and freedom, which are so appreciated in hot weather.


Many designers like to refer to the fashion of the past in their collections, so we suggest using this trend for personal purposes. Choose the trends of the 80s and 90s that are most sympathetic to you and feel free to include them in your outfit. In order not to look like a girl traveling through time, you can dilute things with a touch of retro with trendy accessories….

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