Fashion tips from designer Lena Litvinova for summer 2020

In this article, we have collected fashion tips for you from designer Lena Litvinova for the summer of 2020. Using this cheat sheet, you can safely master the key trends and create the most stylish wardrobe for this summer.


Whatever trends modern fashion offers, many girls will still remain faithful to feminine and elegant dresses. Moreover, the criteria of fashionistas are not underestimated in any way – they prefer summer dresses to be comfortable, beautiful and stylish at the same time. Lena Litvinova knows what trends should be adopted in order to combine all these qualities in summer bows.

The ideal summer dress should be wide and free – all designers agreed on this opinion in the 2020 season. This is how the trendy “parachutes” models appeared, as well as spacious oversized styles. Frills or frills can act as a trendy decor for such dresses – the effect of layering with the use of these jewelry will look doubly fashionable.

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An accent cut of puff sleeves can also become a stylish feature of a fashionable outfit. Such an outfit will be indispensable in creating especially unforgettable outfits. As practice shows, extraordinary sleeves are best combined with a mini length and a plain design.

Lena Litvinova also recommends not to ignore the relevance of bright dresses. Usually, designers present such outfits in a laconic cut without additional decor, because the main feature is a juicy color. So, in the summer of the 2020 season, yellow, orange, red, azure and neon shades were in trend.

An unconditional summer must-have is also a dress in light colors – white or beige.

Bicycle shorts

If we talk about fashionable shorts for the summer season, then Bermuda shorts triumphantly returned to the list of trends. Such models do not have strict age restrictions and, due to the conservative and adaptive design, can fit into almost any bow. For example, this summer you should definitely try to put into practice a combination with a T-shirt, T-shirt, jacket and shirt for men.

But fashion expert Lena Litvinova is sure that it is too early to discount last season’s undisputed favorite – cycling shorts. True, this model is ideal only for tall and slender women of fashion. Such girls can adapt this trend to a wide variety of looks. So, among the most relevant combinations, duets with loose jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts and various trendy tops are noticed. As you can see, trendy cycling shorts can appear in a wide variety of images for everyday life and not only.

[tds_warning]Girls with a slim figure can try on a combination with a cropped top – it is advisable to supplement it with some kind of loose upper layer.[/tds_warning]

Other shorts

Of course, designers in their fashion collections are not limited to Bermuda shorts and cycling shorts. Loose shorts have also appeared in the fashion assortment, which vary in length from the mark to the middle of the thigh to the level of the knees. Current models are presented mainly in a stylish free cut with a trendy oversized fit.

Lena Litvinova also draws her attention to suit sets of shorts and elongated jackets. If this understated elegance is not to your liking, you can prefer a knitted ensemble of sweatshirts and shorts – perhaps this is the perfect option for everyday life!

Leather models have also become a real hit of the 2020 season, which will serve faithfully not only in the summer season. This novelty looks quite extraordinary, so it looks most advantageous in a duet with a laconic top. But you can also play big and opt for a monochrome set of leather items.

Loose jackets

An oversized jacket with a characteristic loose fit is definitely worthy of being in a capsule summer wardrobe. The most current models will be associated with masculine style – an offset shoulder seam is often responsible for this similarity.

Such a jacket is able to serve faithfully for at least several seasons in a row. There is also no doubt about its versatility – it will fit perfectly into almost any bow. From fashionable examples, Lena Litvinova gives a combination with a shirt and Bermuda shorts, favorite dresses, skirts, jeans and overalls.

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The method of forming an emphasis on the waist does not give up its positions, which can be done with any free jacket or cardigan. All you need for this is a belt or belt. The designer recommends not being limited to the standard ways of using the accessory and coming up with new stylish tricks as in the photo.

More sports

Designer Lena Litvinova also suggests making a choice in favor of comfortable looks with the active participation of sports items in the summer. So, among the unconditional summer trends, casual suits stand out, which usually include joggers or knitted shorts. If you like the hit of street style – the direction of sporty – you can try to complement the tracksuit with the above-mentioned oversized jacket or stilettos. Get mega cool!

Loose trousers with sandals

If you are looking for the most fashionable pair of shoes for the summer of 2020, you can take the advice of Lena Litvinova and bet on heeled sandals with long straps that wrap around the ankles several times. With them, you can embody the hottest trend – the combination of dressings with the hem of wide, loose trousers. This trick will instantly turn you into the main fashionista!

Layered Games

The onset of the summer season is not a reason to stop stylish experiments. On the contrary, it is a great motivation for creating fresh and extraordinary combinations. So, you can take basic t-shirts and tops as a basis and include them in trendy layered ensembles. Of the most trendy sets, you can bring a combination with basic t-shirts, shirts, turtlenecks and dresses. Such a simple trick with an increased efficiency indicator will allow you to create the most trendy bows from laconic things that many fashionistas probably already have in their wardrobes.

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We invite you to look at inspiring examples of layered ensembles – perhaps they motivate you to create your own extraordinary combinations.


If in the summer you are unbearably eager to increase the level of showiness and brightness of the images, you can dilute them with neon accents. The easiest way to incorporate this trend into your outfit is to add accessories or shoes in marker shades. In the conditions of summer combinations, such rich colors are best combined with light-colored clothes – white or beige. The resulting bow will be fresh and modern.

A very stylish and expressive image will turn out if you make a monochrome ensemble in a neon palette. You can take an example…

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