Fashion tips from Evelina Khromtchenko

Tips from the top fashion guru of our time Evelina Khromchenko help women always look stylish and fashionable. In the article, we just presented her main recommendations for 2019, which you can also get acquainted with.


Trends and Trends

Every year, Evelina Khromchenko announces the rating of the most “juicy” fashion trends of the coming season. Today, the list of domestic style icons includes the following trends:

  • leopard color. According to the expert, you need to be extremely careful with a spotted predatory print. You should not wear too tight-fitting things, sustained in this color.

In this case, a semi-fitted dress or shirt is the best fit. As for accessories and shoes, they must be matte, with a simple and unpretentious design;

  • cell. A suit, coat, skirt or trousers decorated with a checkered print is an indisputable must-have that should be present in every woman’s wardrobe;

  • tweed. Products from this material this year can be worn by all the fair sex, regardless of their age and proportions.

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And so that the finished bow does not turn out boring, tweed clothes should be combined with bright accessories, for example, shawls, stoles or scarves that are trendy now;

  • leather. Despite the fact that many fashionistas like to wear tight-fitting items made of leather, Evelina still recommends choosing products with a loose or semi-fitted cut.

They do not emphasize the flaws of the figure so much, and besides, the finished set with them looks elegant and not at all defiant;

  • shine. Dresses decorated with beads, rhinestones, lurex thread or sequins have been in fashion for several seasons in a row.

You can wear them not only at parties, but also in everyday life, combining them with shoes and accessories designed in completely different styles;

  • velvet. Another favorite that no fashion set can do without. Moreover, this year you need to wear such things not for solemn events, but for walks, combining with things in military or casual style;

Velvet is gaining popularity in 2019.

  • pencil skirt. A classic style that will suit both 40-year-old women and younger girls.

This season, such skirts should have bright multi-colored colors. But monochromatic models, except for black, can be hidden in a distant drawer for the time being.

Basic wardrobe secrets

Evelina Khromtchenko advises to treat the filling of the basic wardrobe with special responsibility. Things should be in harmony with each other. That is why, based on the latest trends, the fashion expert has compiled top positions that everyone should have in their closet.

  • Jeans. As for the style, there are no definite recommendations here, since everything depends directly on the features of the figure.

Pants should fit well, visually slim and stretch the silhouette. The color is better to choose dark blue, as it is considered the most versatile. The decor should be minimalistic, without embroidery, rhinestones and other accessories.

  • Black pants. They should not be too wide or tight. The length also has special requirements. Trouser legs should partially cover the heel of the shoe, and not completely, as was previously customary.

  • Shirt. The basic wardrobe should have a classic white cotton shirt with a simple cut and a minimalist design.

  • Jumper. A soft cashmere sweater is truly a long-term investment worth any money.

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Give your preference to monophonic models of universal colors, for example, milky, white, beige or black.

  • Coat. If you rely on advice from Evelina Khromtchenko, today neither young girls nor women over 50 can do without a fashionable double-breasted coat. The color palette can be different. Both juicy shades of burgundy, red or blue, and muted beige are allowed.

  • Handkerchief. A colorful silk scarf or small shawl is the perfect accessory to transform even the simplest outfit.

  • Shoes. It must be black boots. Beige shoes are also welcome.

  • Black golf. A versatile item that can be easily combined with both jeans and a sophisticated sequined pencil skirt.

  • Pearl necklace. This mineral, whether natural or artificial, has been relevant for decades. This is because such decoration has no age restrictions and succinctly fits into an office or evening look.

  • Clutch. Choose options from thin leather on a small strap. And you need to forget about shapeless trunks, because they distort the image.

  • Black dress. Evelina considers this outfit to be the most versatile and functional. It can be worn to work, a walk or a party. The main thing is to choose the right components for the set.

[stextbox id=’warning’]Important! In the basic wardrobe, there is absolutely no place for overly tight-fitting things, products with an open belly area, patent leather over the knee boots and fishnet tights.[/stextbox]

Rules of beauty and style

Finally, we have presented some recommendations from a fashion expert on what to do in order to look stylish and elegant.

  • Minimalism is the key to success. Avoid overly complex solutions by focusing on simple and understandable things.

  • Avoid flat shoes, as this is the first sign of a housewife.
  • If there is not enough time for a make-up, in this case, you can beautifully tie a scarf on your head and put on sunglasses.

  • Shoes should be matched to the color of the trousers, as such a “duet” will help visually lengthen the silhouette.
  • Under bright dresses, it is better to put your hair back.

  • Wrap dresses are ideal for obese women. They focus on the chest and mask the bulging belly.

A wrap dress will help shape your figure.

  • Forget about voluminous shapeless things. They deform the figure and do not look aesthetically pleasing.
  • Avoid excessive multicolor. The presence of 2-3 colors in one outfit will be just right.
  • Choose high-quality jewelry, as cheap jewelry can ruin even the most expensive bow.
  • The classic black suit visually rejuvenates and slims.
  • Wear shapewear that will help transform your figure and make it more chiselled.
  • Spicy forms should be emphasized competently, tastefully and without frills.

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We hope that the tips from Evelina Khromchenko for 2019, as well as the photo examples of fashionable images presented in the article, will help you create many elegant and memorable sets.


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