Fashion tops for summer 2021

In 2021, trendy tops for the summer will be a must-have for every girl who follows the latest trends. When you look at how many different models of tops were presented by designers at fashion shows, you are surprised at their number. Let’s figure out together which tops are considered the most stylish for next summer.

What women’s tops will be in fashion in the summer of 2021

The most popular tops for summer 2021 are bralettes, bustiers, bandeaus and crop tops. It is fashionable to see any of these fashionable things on the most famous fashion icons, but they wear them not only on the catwalks, but also complement their everyday looks.

Bra Tops broke all possible fashion records of this year. At first glance, it may seem that they are very frank. But, if you correctly compose images with them and choose the right application for them, then you will definitely be in the spotlight. For example, in the collections we can see tops made of satin or leather, which are ideally combined with skirts and trousers of any style. To complete the look with a bra top, you can take a jacket and some accessories.

To create a fashionable summer look, another trendy top called bralette. This option is also quite bold, especially when worn on a naked body as the only thing that acts as a top. But, to make the image more restrained, you can wear a bralette under a blouse or shirt. This year, knitted, lace and sports models are very popular.

Bandeau tops – minimalistic models that fit perfectly into street-style. They are a wide strip of fabric without straps. You can wear it alone or in combination with a jacket or shirt. Bandeau tops can be an appropriate part of both casual and business attire.

Lingerie style this summer is the most frank bustier tops. You can describe them like this – as short as possible, tight-fitting, similar to a bra. Bustiers are also quite diverse, so they can contain lace details, and even be sewn from denim. You can wear them in summer with skirts, shorts or trousers.

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Crop top – the leader of summer 2021

Crop tops have become incredibly popular lately, so they are a must-have for your summer wardrobe. You can wear a crop top with anything – with a short or long skirt, with trousers, shorts, jackets and jackets.

Fashion trends for the summer of 2021 in the world of women’s crop tops are represented by the following models:

  • Classic and concise. As an example, you can see a black total look with a crop top, where the bottom of the image is represented by low-rise trousers. If desired, this top can be easily combined with other things.

  • Halter tops. This is a model with a neck, which is aimed at emphasizing the fragility of its owner. In addition, this top can have either a closed back or an open back.
  • Tops with thin straps. This model has a very interesting name – a top with spaghetti straps (spaghetti strap), because the straps are really as thin as spaghetti. This type of top exposes the neck and collarbone area as much as possible, thanks to which the image is very gentle and feminine.

  • Tops-shirts. A rather unusual top model, which is a cropped shirt. It will look most appropriate on a vacation on the beach, but is also suitable for urban images.

  • With long and wide sleeves. This top resembles a blouse, so it will perfectly fit into a business look for the office. In combination with trousers and shoes with heels, the bow will turn out to be simply stunning.

  • Asymmetrical. They are models with one bare shoulder. This technique always attracts attention and gives the image a certain mystery.

  • With ruffles and bare shoulders. This is probably the cutest top you can think of. It is decorated with ruffles and frills, complemented by sleeves, but it also must have bare shoulders and collarbones.

For an evening or festive look, you can try on a dress with a crop top. In this case, tops are most often sewn using guipure, mesh or lace. The huge popularity of tops makes girls choose options such as an outfit for a wedding or prom.

Crop tops can be safely worn by overweight women. If you combine them correctly with high-waisted skirts or trousers, you will get very impressive.

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Tops for summer 2021: trendy colors and prints

When choosing a thing, you must always consider the appropriateness of its color in your wardrobe. If you want to get versatile tops that will suit your different looks, then stop at fashionable black, white and pastel shades.

Among other colors of tops that will be fashionable to wear in the summer of 2021, the most popular are:

  • blue;
  • red;
  • pale pink;
  • mint;
  • khaki.

Prints most commonly found on tops are stripes, checks, polka dots, and florals. Also, tops can be decorated with another recently popular print – houndstooth.

All the top fashion photos for summer 2021 presented here should inspire you to create your own stylish looks. Look for what works best for you!

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