Fashion trends 2019 in clothes and shoes

Modern fashion is so changeable that the ultra-stylish things bought last year will lose their relevance, and therefore it’s time to get acquainted with the new clothes and shoes that the fashion trends of 2019 have prepared for us.

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It should be noted right away that this season every fashionista will be able to find something of her own, unique and unusual. After all, world designers have done their best and presented us with many interesting trends. And to make it easier for you to deal with them, we have collected the best ideas in one article.

Fashion trends in clothes

In 2019, collections were presented on the catwalks, in which there was both luxury, femininity, comfort, and even some futurism at the same time.

The first thing you notice is, of course, the fabric. This year, almost every stylist offers to get hold of a thing made of holographic fabric.

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It will be especially relevant in the summer of 2019.


Fashion trends in 2019 in outerwear are advised to pay attention to light, but at the same time waterproof and very warm bombers and jackets.

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And in order to feel not only stylish, but also comfortable in cold weather, you should buy thermal clothes made of metallic threads.


In modern clothes, for the most part, holography and embossed texture will be present. It will be interesting to look ombre from rich pink to metallic, prints in the form of a liquid that has spilled or melting metals.

In the same season, images in the form of scales remain relevant.

For the warm season, designers have offered a variety of capes, ponchos and cardigans made of iridescent and iridescent organza, which resembles the beautiful wings of butterflies and dragonflies.

For looks for every day, you can use a combination of fabrics and transparent elements, which can act as stripes on pants, hoods or vests.

What fabrics will be relevant in 2019?

When choosing clothes, you must first pay attention to its quality, it must be pleasant to the touch, so that it is a pleasure to wear it.

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Important! Poor fabric quality can cause a variety of discomforts, from skin irritation to allergies.


This year, satin and silk are on the podium, so be sure to pay attention to blouses or dresses made from this material.

Such light and flowing fabrics are the best suited for light and romantic summer dresses. Also, the satin goes well with lace and creates an incredibly elegant set. But trouser suits are better to buy from cotton viscose.

Knitwear remains as popular as last year. Especially worth highlighting:

  • Dresses.
  • Turtlenecks.

  • Skirts.

These are great options that can become elements of a capsule wardrobe. After all, with their help you can create stylish sets for every day and at the same time without spending a lot of time and effort. By adding simple accessories, you can get completely different looks.

The photo below shows some interesting and fashionable bows with knitwear.

Not inferior to him and chiffon. He is still popular. This material is perfect for airy summer dresses and tiered skirts.

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Chiffon is also suitable for creating an office outfit. A simple chiffon shirt will look great with a classic pencil skirt.


Do not give up their positions and natural materials. So, for example, all office blouses will be made of organic cotton. This fabric is the basis of business style this year.

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fashion prints

This year is rich in various prints and drawings. True, it is worth noting that an enviable part of the world’s fashion houses in their collections used the strip in all its diversity. You can also find outfits in animal print, cage, floral patterns.

In addition, the following will be relevant:

  • Lettering in black and white.
  • Flowers.
  • Rock theme.
  • Kant of bright and juicy shades.

To create a cheerful spring mood, you can use peas of different sizes.

In the winter season, stylists advise paying attention to the cage. It can be present on outerwear, sweaters, shirts and even trousers.

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This season, special emphasis is placed on ethnic and national patterns, and therefore a thing with a similar print is must have 2019.


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What color scheme to pay attention to?

This year, bright, toxic colors have faded into the background. Now more calm, neutral shades are in fashion. But this does not mean at all that the outfit will be boring and gray. For lovers, it stands out from the general background, designers suggest paying attention to the following colors:

  • Scarlet.
  • Burgundy.

  • Beet.
  • Chocolate.
  • Orange.

  • Coral.
  • All shades of green and blue.

White and black are timeless classics, and therefore they are always in trend. True, this year high fashion meters are advised to combine them with brighter colors, play on contrasts.

Fashion trends in shoes

Picking up a new pair of shoes that would not only meet all fashion requirements, but also our preferences, is much more difficult than clothes. After all, it puts forward much more requirements. It should be durable, beautiful, versatile in style and color.

And to make your long shopping trips a little easier in search of that very pair of shoes, we will look at the best ideas that 2019 fashion trends offer in shoes.

Option for brave girls

Trend #1 Eternal Metallic

It was also relevant last year, and therefore, if you still have a pair of shoes or boots made of similar material, then do not rush to hide them. After all, this season he gained even more popularity.

The Chanel fashion house offered modern fashionistas not only the color of silver, but also gold, which has recently been considered slightly forgotten.

Such shoes look interesting and truly luxurious. Especially in autumn.

Metallic boots are in perfect harmony with a classic gray coat or a suede raincoat.

The Albert Feretti fashion house proposed a silver total look, but this is already an option for brave girls.

Trend No. 2 Eternal classic – leather and suede

For winter, it is better to give preference to proven materials. Especially if we take into account the fact that such shoes were present in the collections of all designers.

Don’t buy black boots. Look for more interesting and vibrant colors. For example, it will look good:

  • Cream shades.
  • Violet.

  • Smoky blue.
  • Brown, as well as brick shades.

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When choosing shoes, pay special attention to the heel, it should be comfortable and stable.


In addition, these shoes are suitable for any outfit. An interesting tandem is obtained with suede boots and leather pants, as well as with blue jeans.

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Trend #3 Transparent Shoes

These shoes are top notch…

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