Fashion trends 2023 that make you look fat

Regularly studying the fashion trends of the 2023 season, we decided to highlight clothes that make the figure look fuller. Avoid these new products, because they can insidiously create additional volume.

Forbidden prints and colors

Women’s fashion 2023 has focused attention on juicy shades of clothing. But it should be borne in mind that warm and bright colors visually make you fat.

Matte cold colors have a favorable slimming effect – such things should be placed against the background of the problem area. For example, blue trousers will hide full hips, and as a top, you can choose a fashionable contrasting blouse. Accordingly, there is no ban on bright colors for obese women – it is only important not to place shades in those places that are not planned to be accentuated.

Women’s clothing 2023 with large and contrasting patterns is a very insidious trend that visually fills the figure.

Horizontal stripes and plaid with contrasting lines are the next exceptions for plus size women in the 2023 print fashion category.


Bridges that have triumphantly returned to fashion have one unpleasant property – the characteristic length visually shortens and plumps up the legs. The style is acceptable in combination with high-heeled shoes, but even here there is a risk of error – it is better to take a closer look at other plus-size 2023 trends, for example, elegant trousers with tucks in classic length.

Low landing

Along with the high waist, designers have brought low-waisted styles into fashion – a stylish hello from the past. A significant drawback of the cut is the ability to visually shorten the height and legs, as well as increase the hips.

The fashion trends of the 2023 season favor the high waist in the cut of skirts and trousers. This style is not only easy to combine, but also beautifully corrects the figure – hides the tummy and hips, slims and lengthens the silhouette.

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New women’s clothing 2023 with fringes confidently hold a leading position for several seasons, but are not at all suitable for overweight women. The voluminous and dynamic decor insidiously fills the figure, but it is not forbidden in decorating accessories.


It would seem that it is so easy to disguise the imperfections of the figure behind the clothes of the actual oversized style. But stylists warn: the voluminous cut completely hides the silhouette of the figure, making it heavy and indefinite.

The fashion of the 2023 season for obese women welcomes the accents on the attractive features of the figure. For example, clothes with a belt at the waist look better than a shapeless silhouette. Such an accessory will bring the figure closer to the hourglass type – a great advantage!

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Stylists advise overweight women in the 2023 season not to give up fashionable loose items – the success of the images lies in the right combination. So, an oversized cardigan will disguise the tummy and will look advantageous paired with straight trousers. Loose jeans, on the other hand, will require a tight-fitting top and an emphasis on the waist.


Stylists recommend that obese women avoid clothes with patch pockets. They can create additional volume on the legs. So, plus-size fashionistas should not choose cargo pants – such a model will only add centimeters to the figure.


Many women do not suspect that fashionable turtlenecks visually shorten the neck and increase the figure. But jumpers and cardigans with a fashionable V-neck visually lengthen the silhouette – just what you need for extra slimness!


The unconditional trend of women’s clothing in the 2023 season is enchanting sequin decor. However, sparkling glitter accents easily increase the volume of the area in which they are located. But using the trend in the form of accessories is very interesting and harmless to the figure!


Fashion trends 2023 for women presented a wide range of clothes with pleats and draperies. In practice, such excessive decor suits slender ladies, because it visually increases the volume.

Following these tips, you will be able to choose the right clothes for the season, which will emphasize the dignity of the figure and hide the flaws. Fashion trends 2023 are a pleasant surprise, because in a wide variety they present beautiful images for obese women.

Author: Victoria Drozdova

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