Fashion trends – autumn 2019

Autumn 2019 is already “on the threshold” and it’s time to start preparing for the upcoming season by studying the latest trends and innovations that are presented in our article.

Fashion trends

Leading designers have prepared for modern girls a lot of new products and interesting trends in the women’s fashion segment, among which the following options are the most relevant and wearable.

  • Leopard print. Predatory spotted coloring is in no hurry to leave the catwalks. However, in their latest collections, the couturiers embellished it somewhat, modifying the shape of the spots and adding bright colors to them.

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  • “Woman in black”. 2019 was the year of total bows. The only difference is that their color changes from season to season. This coming fall it will be jet black. But there are no restrictions on the style of clothing. Sets in classic style, as well as in casual or punk are welcome.

  • Cell. Another trend that has migrated to us from the past. In fashion, everything also remains “chess”, “tartan” and “goose foot”. As for coloring, the combination of black with red or white will continue to be in demand.

“Houndstooth” and cage

  • Focus on the shoulders. Narrow shoulders are not in trend these days. Women’s clothing is considered fashionable, which visually deforms the line of the shoulders, increasing them in size. And in order to make them look even more massive, in addition to the cut, the designers also decorated such things with voluminous flounces.

  • Leather. Products made from leather of natural or artificial origin will be extremely popular in the upcoming golden season. Moreover, there should be as many of them as possible in the image, up to the total bow.

  • Artificial fur. The era of natural fur will sink into oblivion. For several years in a row, fashion catwalks have been filled with things made of exclusively artificial fur. As for colors, this year it is better to give up bright colors and give your preference to products aged in light natural shades.

Dress with fur

  • Maxi length. Short dresses and skirts are gradually going out of fashion, giving way to midi and maxi lengths. You can wear such clothes not only for special occasions, but also in everyday life, combining with basic things.

[stextbox id=’info’]Interesting! This autumn, stylists recommend combining flared trousers with a long dress, creating both a practical and elegant look.[/stextbox]

Complex styles

  • Bows. The perfect solution for a boring autumn wardrobe. As before, the classic pretty bow adorning a shirt or blouse remains relevant. However, do not give up on spectacular lush accessories.

  • Massive shoes. Rough boots or boots with voluminous tractor soles, decorated with large patch pockets and chains, have become a real hit of the upcoming season.
  • Psychedelic coloring. 3D prints that create an optical illusion will definitely appeal to determined and extraordinary personalities.

  • Feathers. If earlier clothes with a small trim of feathers were in fashion, today they should decorate the entire product. On this, the designers did not calm down and additionally decorated such outfits with air flounces.

  • Comics. Quite a fun novelty, which, according to forecasts, promises to gain extraordinary popularity among fashionistas of all ages. Therefore, the latest collections have included not only sweatshirts and shirts with comic book prints, but even evening dresses and elegant suits.

[stextbox id=’info’] Interesting! Opposite comedianWithTo this print, the designers also presented clothes decorated with all sorts of landscapes.[/stextbox]

  • Light shades. Feminine nude and soft pastels are timeless classics. In this regard, not only pullovers and shirts familiar to everyone, but also trousers, skirts, and shoes should be kept in light colors.

  • Barbie style. Fans of this famous doll are incredibly lucky, as they can now dress up in all pink, take along accessories in the form of toys, and still follow the latest fashion trends.
  • “Two Pockets” There have also been changes in the accessories segment. For example, ordinary belts today are no longer as in demand as those that are decorated with two voluminous pockets. In addition, it is also very convenient, since you can always have everything you need at hand.

What things will be in trend?

If we talk about the trends of 2019, I would also like to mention the clothes that will be fashionable in the upcoming autumn season.

  • Beret. This headdress has been at the height of fashion for several years now. You should choose a classic French black color. The material can be anything from warm cashmere to eccentric patent leather.

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  • Bomber. Volumetric jackets of bright colors, according to stylists, will successfully fit into any image and emphasize the femininity and elegance of their owner in the best possible way.
  • Cape. This year, the tent jacket can be said to have been reborn again. In fashion, in addition to the classic ones, there will be women’s capes that resemble the outerwear of monarchs with their pretentiousness, as well as simpler casual products.

  • Trousers. They must be black, flared from the hip and practically touch the floor in length.

  • Down jacket. The designers made sure not only that the girls looked stylish in the fall, but also felt comfortable, offering them long, somewhat similar to blankets, down jackets. The coloring can be different, ranging from “pull out the eyes” colors and ending with light shades.

  • Corset. Previously, they were representatives of underwear, but today they are recommended to be worn in everyday life, putting on both a T-shirt or top on a naked body, and over a shirt or blouse.

  • Pantsuit. A basic piece that every fashionista should have in her wardrobe. As for the style, it is better to give your preference to hypertrophied models, with broad shoulders and a highlighted waistline.

  • Sheepskin coat. Stylish aviators, oversized models, as well as options imitating coats will come in handy in frosty weather. In this case, it is advisable to choose basic colors, for example, black, brown or beige.

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  • Sweater. A voluminous elongated sweater with a triangular neckline in the neckline will not only warm, but also emphasize the originality of the image. This product should be worn in a duet with a shirt worn underneath.

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As you can see in the photo in the article, the fashion trends of the autumn season in the women’s clothing segment are quite diverse and unusual. In addition, in 2019, in addition to the appearance, the designers also worried about comfort, which is very important in the cold season.

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