Fashion trends – autumn 2021

The fashion weeks in Milan and Paris have passed, and now we are ready to name the new trends of the fall 2021 season with confidence. The only thing that upsets is that the protective mask will remain the main accessory throughout the year, which means the number of places where you can feel free to walk fresh outfits, with the advent of autumn, it may again be limited.

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But do not be upset! And let us sometimes combine business blouses with pajama pants (for online conferences, that’s it). Life goes on – and you should definitely please yourself with new items in your wardrobe!

The main thing that can be traced in the latest collections is a bet on comfort and “natural” trends. Even among the masterpieces of Prada, which preferred bright extravagant looks for more than 10 years, this year we see very laconic oversized dresses, soft coats that you want to wrap your head in and simple cut suits. And now let’s take a closer look at the rating of fashion trends in clothing for the fall of 2021:

Pleated skirts. Lightweight and flowing pleated skirts are back from the 80s. Ami and Philip Lim showed them in their collections. You can combine such models with a multi-layered top: golfs, vests, jackets.

Fitted, fitted overalls. Have you watched science fiction films for a long time? It’s time to feel like the main character and put on a bright jumpsuit that fits snugly all over the body. But for this option, of course, you need to have an impeccable figure.

Jeans-varenki. And in general, denim is very popular in the coming fall. Wide and narrow, high and low – the choice is large. Most importantly, no holes. The fashion for them has sunk into oblivion. Victoria Beckham suggests dressing in jeans from head to toe.

Vests, originally from the 80s. Another piece of clothing that can be taken out of the grandmother’s chest is vests, preferably with a V-neck. Giorgio Armani suggests using them in a strict style, while Jason Wu prefers looser knitted models.

Small black dress. This is exactly what should always be in your wardrobe! Tom Ford shows us that there is a “small” dress: its hem barely covers what needs to be covered. We see longer models at Valentino: he plays with details and fabrics.

Blouses with ruffles and flounces. Strange and voluminous, strict and bright. Again – not a novelty, but an original update of an old idea.

Skirt suits. They are clearly replacing trouser this season. Combinations with jackets, shirts and even golfs – this season the skirt has become the queen of the podium.

As for the trends in the choice of material, knitwear has become a clear favorite here. Sweaters, skirts, dresses, cardigans, scarves and berets – and everything is preferably large knit. Sports style is not inferior to popularity: knitwear is boldly combined with sports jackets, leggings and voluminous boots.

Colours, patterns and prints

This season is going to be truly “outrageous”. World designers offer to use bright colors in their images despite the fact that cold weather is approaching. Dolce & Gabanna were pleased with especially colorful outfits. But the rest of the stylists also did not graze the back. So, the fashion trends of this season are:

  • Pink and fuchsia. Don’t forget that you are girls! Pink can be both in outerwear and in a variety of countless accessories: scarves, bags, wraps.
  • Violet – an alternative for those who do not like pink. It’s also very feminine and deep.
  • Cell. Best of all – large and contrasting. Yes, looking like a chessboard is a tribute to the fall 2021 fashion.

  • Strip. Horizontal and contrast. Before buying such a stylish bow, think carefully about how it will look on your figure.
  • Animal prints. We meet their abundance on vests, shirts and even business suits. Dogs, cats and even goats are becoming part of women’s fashion.
  • Logos. Real “logomania” reigned on the catwalks of this year! A variety of inscriptions, large and small, bright and barely noticeable, are found in the collections of almost all fashion stylists.

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Accessories and shoes: be on top

Particular attention this year is paid to novelties in the world of footwear and fashion for accessories. Donatella Versace proposes to return to shoes and boots on a massive platform. Moreover, it may differ in color from the top of the shoe. Well, at least such a fashion trend is quite practical for the upcoming autumn slush!

Another trend of this season is high boots. Are fashion designers predicting severe frosts for us? And regardless of the weather, high boots with fur on the outside will still be in fashion!

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As for headwear, this year it is worth paying attention to scarves. Versace and Dior introduced them to their collections to replace hats. Scarves are most often tied at the back according to the bandana principle, and combined with voluminous coats, fur coats and quilted jackets.

Envelope bags. In this area, designers were extremely concise, giving their preference to thin and strict models without straps.

Indeed, the fall 2021 fashion trends presented in the photo inspire and shock at the same time. But do not forget that the main thing this season is to feel comfortable!

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