Fashion trends – autumn 2022

To look fashionable in the fall of 2022, you need to adhere to the main trends of the season. Leading brands in their collections focus on non-standard cut, spectacular decor, as well as the convenience of stylish clothes.

Fashion autumn trends 2022

Let’s look at the main fashion trends this fall:

Trend number 1 – sweater dress

In the fall of 2022, knitwear will take the leading position among fashion trends in clothing. This season, elegant and feminine sweater dresses will move from casual and comfortable to the category of evening and holiday attire. Such a universal model is perfect for women with any type of figure.

Trend number 2 – velvet

This noble and refined fabric will become the favorite of the season. In 2022, different velvet clothes (dresses, skirts, trousers, trench coats) will be in fashion. Designers paid special attention to jackets and business suits, offering women many interesting options.

Trend #3 – Fringe

With fall 2022 fashion, this charming decorative piece is going to be a real hit. The trend will be not only clothes, accessories, but even shoes with fringes. Thanks to this decor, the cowboy style of clothing that was popular in the past will return to fashion.

Trend number 4 – quilted jacket

Outerwear in 2022 has undergone significant changes. So in the top will be a comfortable and stylish quilted jacket. The collections of designers present original models of various shades. Both short and long jackets will be in fashion.

Trend No. 5 – catsuit

A fashionable novelty of the season, which will interest many women, will be catsuits. In 2022, bodysuits will no longer be just yoga wear. In the trend – models of knitwear, leather and lycra. This dress is sure to grab the attention of those around you.

Trend No. 6 – eco-fur

This season, even more leading brands have abandoned outfits made of natural fur. The result was a whole collection of outerwear made of artificial materials. In 2022, elongated parkas, fur coats and eco-fur coats will take the lead.

Trend number 7 – bright colors

Stylists pay special attention to the colors of fashionable clothes. The undoubted favorite will be the lilac tone – the main trendy shade of 2022, determined by the specialists of the Pantone Institute. Other bright colors will be popular this season: purple, orange, crimson, red, blue, yellow.

Trend #8 – Raw Denim

Denim clothing has not gone out of fashion over the past few years. In 2022, designers are using the so-called raw denim to create their collections – unprocessed jeans. Fashionistas are offered original overalls, dresses, trousers, jackets, skirts and shirts made from this versatile fabric.

Trend No. 9 – rhombuses and a cage

In the fall of 2022, fashionistas should pay attention to geometric print clothes. The trend will be both a classic cage and its stylish variation – a spectacular rhombus.

These patterns are actively used by designers not only when creating preppy clothes. Casual jackets and trench coats, business skirts and trousers, evening dresses in an elegant cage and a bright rhombus will be in fashion.

Trend No. 10 – raincoats and coats with a flying yoke

Women’s fashion for 2022 focuses on outerwear with interesting designs. Spectacular details in the form of epaulettes and flying yoke give trench coats and coats a romantic and elegant look. In such clothes, women of fashion will not only not freeze, but will also look beautiful and stylish.

Trend #11 – Puffy Shoulders and Long Sleeves

This year, the opinions of stylists were divided: some preferred voluminous shoulders, others – long sleeves. So in the fall, shirts, jackets, jackets, jackets and coats with an unusual cut and silhouette will come into fashion. Such clothes look impressive and stylish.

Trend number 12 – clothes with a high waist

The fashion trend of 2022 will be high-waisted trousers and skirts. This style will help hide the flaws of the figure and emphasize its dignity. Elegant banana trousers will be in special demand among fashionistas. This beautiful and stylish model will appeal to both young girls and women of fashion of venerable age.

Trend #13 – Unisex Style

In 2022, there will be a gradual erasure of gender boundaries. Free-cut women’s suits, reminiscent of men’s clothing, will come into fashion. Stylists believe that such discreet models will further emphasize the sophistication of fashionistas.

Trend No. 14 – shoes with metallic decor

According to the fashion trends of 2022, autumn shoes decorated with massive decor will be in trend. Designers’ collections include ankle boots, boots and berets, decorated with gold and silver metal studs and chains that look very impressive.

Trend No. 15 – silk scarves

In the fall of 2022, elegant silk scarves will return to fashion. Stylists suggest wearing them not only on the head, but also around the neck as a bright accessory. The trend will be both monophonic models, and with a bright print.

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Photos of stylish images posted on our website will help women learn to understand the fashion trends of autumn 2022 and look beautiful and spectacular this season.

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